1. DavePCCH

    Powering my new Beyers (DT 770 80ohm)

    Hello everyone.    I finally decided to jump onto the high quality headphone ship with the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm Pros. They're really really nice so far, and after a bit of wearing them, I think I'll get used to their clamping pressure more as well (but I've already bent them out a bit). ...
  2. jlbrach

    WMA vs MP3,any thoughts on the differences and which is better?

    I have been using WMA for years to burn my CD collection to my computer and ultimately to my DAP which currently is a Cowon X7 and a zune HD....I use the highest bit rate and wonder how people think it compares to the highest bit rate MP3...I do wish I was able to use WMA on apple products but...
  3. Danieldanik

    Looking for MP3 player for sport & home use (~140$)

    Hey guys i'm looking for mp3 player up to 140$ (can also be used or refurbished) Uses: running and home use Size: smaller then ipod touch, bigger then sansa clip Features: touch screen, good looking, marketplace is a bonus! Thanks. (Also give me mp3 players for up to 300$ so I could find...
  4. Danieldanik

    Looking for mp3 / mp4 player [140$]

    Hey guys. Im looking for decent mp3 player. My options so far are: Ipod nano 7th gen Or Zune HD (refurbished in great condition with warranty) Got any other options? (Size: bigger then sansa clip, smaller then ipod touch) *not looking for something proffesional , just a nice mp3 for...
  5. Danieldanik

    Should I buy Zune HD? Or it would be waste of money?

    Hi.   I am thinking about buying the Zune HD (Seller Refurbished)   Should I buy it? Or would it be waste of money?
  6. EnigmaticHipsta

    What to buy since Cowon is not doing so well

    my zune hd is on the fritz and i was looking to buy a cowon j3 32 gb but after a few mins of research  i found they have stopped production and that most cowon products are not doing well, i was almost about to buy an itouch and said f that.   all i need is   32gb+ (maybe an added sd slot...
  7. SikkNazty

    SRH750DJ or Crossfade LP2 (Limited Edition)

    I've been waiting to get myself a pair of full-size headphones for long road trips or plane rides. I've been looking around and it's come down to the final two and I can't decide. I've seen a bunch of reviews for each of them. Both claim they have extensive bass and crisp trebles. I listen to...
  8. Izzy58

    Closed Headphone Recommedation(s) Desired

    Hello. I am new here, and would like your recommendations.   As I've been around since BBS's in the 1980's, I will try my best to provide information and parameters so that I don't sound (no pun intended) completely like a newbie.   I listen in a noisy environment. Also, active noise...
  9. drobswim13

    Best headphone amp for HD-598

      Hey all,   I'm new to the world of "audiophilia" and I was wondering what you guys thought would be a good portable amp to use with my HD-598s? I don't really know anything in terms of power and the science/physics behind the generation of sound that I am looking for so I was wondering...
  10. johnnyw

    Faulty Fiio E7?

    Hey all   Got a new Fiio E7 today and ran it through its paces. The DAC is very clean sounding, but unfortunately, I get the feeling that my unit is faulty. Mainly, the bass boost is totally whack and I get distortion even at level 1, similar to what this person...
  11. Megazine

    Which gives a better sound, iPhone 4 or Zune HD?

    Is their even a difference that we would notice or it's very close? I heard Zune HD gives you a better sound? I'm a iPhone 4 user.
  12. Klesk

    AKG K 701 with Zune HD - Would I need an amp?

    Hey Head-Fi, i'm new here! I've recently ordered a pair of the AKG 701s after my Creative Aurvana Live! broke. I'm wondering if the Zune HD can power the 701s enough to listen, or if I should purchase a portable amp. I've been thinking about getting the FiiO E11, but i'd like some opinions.
  13. superson!c

    Zune HD and headphone amp

    Just purchased a Zune HD refurb for cheap before I realized that it doesn't support LOD  xD   The headphone out does sound pretty **** good as is, but am wondering if it's wise or necessary to add a headphone amp if your cans don't need the extra power? (Denon ADH-2000) If it may sound...
  14. red sky

    Am I getting decent enough sound from my other equipment for my 'phones?

    Hello everyone.  I was just pondering whether or not my equipment is producing a decent enough signal to get almost the most from my headphones.  I have a pair of Grado SR80is. Presently, I use my DROID X, Zune HD/120, and my Dell Studio 1747 to play media.  The only headphone amp I have is the...
  15. Quote

    Closed rock/metal headphones

    I've been looking for some for so long, but the only thing I've found is Grados, but Grados won't work as the design is 100% open. My house is somewhat noisy, so me having open phones is nearly impossible for it to be enjoyable at all. M50's are the only real headphones I have, but the bass...
  16. monoblocks

    Low cost amp w/ auto shutoff?

    It's been a while since I've shopped for a portable headphone amp so I'm not really versed on what's available these days. I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive amp that has auto shutdown capability. Ultra thin would be nice but not mandatory. Really like the form factor of the Headstage(?)...
  17. Spaghettaboutit

    Hey there, I need some help picking an amp

    Hey people, I’m pretty new to the world of high quality headphones and this is my first post. This hobby is expensive by the way! Well I need some help on picking between two choices to amp my headphones. I’m looking at the (very nice) Little Dot MKII and this Onkyo receiver...
  18. AudioDwebe

    Zune HD or Zune 120 gig?

    Hello.   Anyone out there have any opinion on the sound quality of these two Zune items?   I had the HD (gave it to my daughter) and was thinking about getting a larger HD, then thought that I might want to go for the 120 gig one, instead.   On purely sound quality alone without an...
  19. Das Mookid

    IEM Recomendation (Isolation and comfort)

    Hello,   I'm in the market for a new pair of IEMs for use while I travel. My work requires that I do a lot of flying, so I am looking for something with solid audio performance, comfortable for use a few hours at a time, and - most importantly - with a high degree of isolation. I am aware...
  20. thebigham

    ATH M50 + uDAc-2 = Sibilance?

    Hi, I just recently purchased the ATH-M50 and the uDac-2. The ATH-M50 sounded really good with my Zune HD and my computer onboard sound card. For some reason it sounded really bad with the uDAC-2. There's a huge amount of sibilance, it's just unbearable. I'm just wondering if there's something...
  21. jglatt

    DAP shopping---HiFiMAN HM-700

    I am currently using a ZuneHD for my portable audio needs and while I am very happy with it, It is clearly on its last legs after frequent use,drops,etc. I am currently looking for a new player with 30ish gb of space and not a crazy price tag. I saw the HM-700 and it seemed good to me but I am...
  22. TheLaw

    iPod Touch 4G + Line Out? (And iPod Touch vs Zune HD)

    So you might have remembered my thread asking about good portable players. It was suggested that I get a Clip + and as much as I like the idea of a cheap high capacity player, I do appreciate the iPod Touch's UI and functionality.    I have quite a few questions. If you can answer just one...
  23. AudioDwebe

    Small Amp Recommendation

    Firstly, I can't believe I'm actually considering a portable amp again.  This might be my third go-around with a portable amp set-up.   Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for an amp that is the similar size to the Zune HD; something that will allow me to put into my shirt pocket, with the...
  24. batphink

    BARGAIN ALERT: Zune HD 32gb half price at Wal-Mart

    Wal-Mart is selling the Zune HD 32gb for $179   http://www.walmart.com/ip/15137493?wmlspartner=r4B3kA9h4zM&sourceid=20160152052537560970   and it comes with a free Zune HD Premium Car Pack!
  25. soviet911

    Portable Amp with adjustable bass boost as well as treble?

    Hi. I have been thinking about upgrading my portable amp, I have built my Cmoy and while it provides plenty of power I want to have more adjustablity in my portable amp, contrlloing the bass and trebble is what Im looking for, I have several options, first is to rebuild my Cmoy and incorporate...