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What to buy since Cowon is not doing so well

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by enigmatichipsta, Nov 26, 2013.
  1. EnigmaticHipsta
    my zune hd is on the fritz and i was looking to buy a cowon j3 32 gb but after a few mins of research  i found they have stopped production and that most cowon products are not doing well, i was almost about to buy an itouch and said f that.
    all i need is
    32gb+ (maybe an added sd slot for expansion)
    touch screen to make it easy to navigate
    nice music playback quality 
  2. Retrias
    do you need that much internal? since most of the time sd cards is cheap enough now to not care about the internal memory
    the only player that I think fulfill your requirement is the ak100
  3. EnigmaticHipsta
    well 32gb with some sort of expansion slot would nice
  4. Retrias
    then your option is pretty much limited to the ak100 or the ak200
  5. Darknet
    *ak120 :wink:
    The AK daps are pretty costly though. Unless you're sure you want a $600+ dap ($690 for ak100 and $1300 for ak120)  it might be more practical to get something like an ibasso dx50 then buy a separate 64gb (or 32gb) micro sd card to add on. The dx50 soundwise is supposed to be pretty good and has a touch screen so the only thing it lacks is the 32 gb of onboard storage since it only has 8gb.  Not really too sure about how it compares to the astell and kern stuff though.
  6. NZtechfreak
    Personally I think you're better off getting an external DAC/amp and using your smartphone as a transport.
  7. Retrias

    the ak stuff have clarity , the dx50 have a better "fun factor" though
    thanks for the correction
    (there is actually the ipods, but I don't think it have a nice SQ for its price , thats my opinion though
  8. EnigmaticHipsta
    yah not really looking to spend $250+ on a portable source gear
    smartphone only carries 8gb
  9. Retrias
    errrr my note 3 is more than 8 gb , so is my note 2 and my iphone 4s, I don't think most smartphone now only carries 8 gb of storage within it nowadays
  10. EnigmaticHipsta
    i'm using a nexus 4
  11. roadrat

    What's wrong with Cowon?

    Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
  12. tmann
    What about a Clip Zip for around $30 and a 64 GB micro SD card (on sale now for $35, convert to FAT32)? Not touch screen but easy to navigate, and Rockboxable.
    I like buttons a lot more than touchscreens personally.
  13. Achmedisdead
    My smartphone has 32GB plus a card slot.
  14. Aevum
    Isnt the xperia Z/Z1 currently the golden boy of Smartphone sound ? i´ve heard reports that it beats the iphone in sound quality.
  15. Retrias
    I have heard the iphone and the Z1 , I don't think the iphone is that hard to beat on smartphone sound quality. However I have to say that the Z1 have an actual walkman sound, as in the actual walkman mp3 player sound , around somewhere on the walkman Z series level but not exactly that of a high end dap level

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