1. O

    Advice for portable headphone---vmoda m80, hd25 or audio technica es10?

    m80 or hd25 or es10 is better? Or any other better headphones? I usually listen to electronic music, soundtrack and pop. I love clear, punchy bass, and warm sound.
  2. sofastreamer

    portable onear that hits harder than m80 and s500? maybe vektr or dna?

    come on guys, there must be an onear design out there, that has microphone cable and is able to dig as hard as lets say an mh1c. what about the new monster line (not beats!) ? can any of them compete with m80 and s500 but give some more rumble?
  3. Slatexx

    Possible portabe amp./ headphone upgrade for M-80´s.

    Hello!   I am new on this forum, I have been reading it for a long time tho. Almost 1 year ago I bought a pair of M80´s (I took the advice from the review post at this forum) and  I consider those are the first pair of headphones I bought caring about sound, I am very very happy with them. I...
  4. Neijii

    ON Ear Headphones

    Hey, I'm in the market for a pair of ON Ear Headphones. I've been using IEMs for ages and just want a chance. Nothing too bulky...Any recommendations?
  5. TheMecca

    Vmoda m80s failure

    I bought a pair of M-80 truebloods on amazon recently, where I was impressed with the sound across multiple genres, I wasn't impressed with the excessive creaking of metal and loosening of the screws attached to my right cup. Would these be warning signs that my headphones coul break?   If...
  6. rocMcBan

    Bombproof headphones with good bass recommendation.

    Could someone please recommend some headphones for my 13yo son. They should have good bass, and above all, be bombproof as he is quite rough on his gear.  Sound quality (outside of bass) is relatively important but comes second to sturdiness, he already broke a few pairs by sitting on them...
  7. Slatexx

    Upgrade for M80s

    Hello!     I wrote a post about the same topic but anybody answered yet . I bought a pair of M80s about a year ago, I am very happy with these but since I am starting to learn about audio I would like to experience better sound if possible. Any ideas for an upgrade for the M80s? I listen...
  8. Christo4

    Portable, comfy, on-ear recommendation. Maybe over-ear

    Hello guys. I want to get a pair of headphones, preferably on-ear(i wear glasses, works better with them), but they have to be really comfy. I have tried only 2 pairs of on-ear headphones, but they both hurt after half an hour, the ATH SJ-33 and Sennheiser Momentum. With over-ear headphones...
  9. goleg

    Assistance needed in choosing a portable headphone

    Hi everyone, I've been spending the past few months "lurking" on Head-fi trying to pick out some new headphones and decided to make an account so I could actually ask the experts!    I am by no means and audio-phile (yet) and my standards for listening quality aren't the highest due to...
  10. The Heavy

    What's the best portable headphone out there that you tried?

    Hello, i'm trying to draw some conclusions here, and i don't want to rely on reviews other stuff.... I want to ask all of you on what do you think is the best portable headphone... from an average consumer's perspective...   Just to make myself clear here, i am not asking for any buying...
  11. Mcoollin

    Want to buy good looking and sounding for ~200 $

    For about 6 months, I have had Audio Technica ATH-PRO700 Mk2s. What I wanted was pretty much M50s with a removable cord. I ended up getting dj headphones that hurt my ears a lot, leave much to be desired in the looks department, but sound good. I am thinking of selling these on Craigslist for...
  12. K3Ls0

    Need advice on buying new headphones

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I desperately need help.   Today my mate broke the only pair of headphones I ever head: my Beats Solo. Yes I know, not the best headphones ever but they were a present 3 years ago I didn't feel like throwing them in the bin to buy something else. They were not too...
  13. Mike96

    Boomphones worth it?

    Thinking of starting a headphone collection slowly, but surely. They seem interesting in terms of the external speakers. I hear they are not bad, but i wanted some more opinions and i thought i might find a review here after using this website previously before i bought V-Moda's Crossfade M-80s...
  14. TLYFE01

    In Need of Assistance Please!! OCD Has Kicked In & My Headphone Collection Is Getting Out of Control!!

    I would appreciate anyone who can assist me with weeding out my headphone collection.   I currently own:   Beyer Dynamic DT 1350 Sennheiser HD 25 ii  Parrot Zik Beats By Dr Dre Pro (Detox Limited Edition) Bose Q15 2  Beats By Dr Dre Studio (1 in white & 1 blk) 2  Bower &...
  15. vinmeister

    headphone help

    I really need some advice from all head fiers, im a newbie to this headphones and i really want to have one. Im listening to alternatives, rocks, rnb, hiphop/rap, classic rocks, metals, and backround music from movies, now im looking for a headphone that will makes me feel completely satisfied...
  16. kobetastic

    Open headphones - $150-$200

    Hey everyone, I am looking for new headphones that open and between $150-$200. I have the Koss Pro DJ100 and V-Moda m80, but there are a couple problems with both that I would like to alleviate with my a new set of headphones. My criteria's would be: -Very comfortable!!!!!!! (I am not able to...
  17. 2pocketdeuces

    Recommendations for a $300 headphone? Help a Beats owner change his ways

    Can be $200-300 give or take I don't mind.    I mainly listen to Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop. So good bass is a plus. I have a pair of Beats Mixrs and while I think they sound great I am going into a career soon and I am getting older. I don't see myself wearing these around the office and I still...
  18. Chrontius

    $300 Gift Certificate

    I just got $300 to spend at the Apple store.  I think I want headphones, and they sell what have been my Holy Grail, the B&W P5.  But I'm going to open this up to anything the Apple store sells in the same price range.  Audio source is an iPhone 4, and I have no interest in keeping an amp...
  19. sempersyko

    V-Moda Crossfade... Did I get a bad pair?

    So my wifey bought me the Crossfades for xmas and I have been trying to decide if I have a bad pair or not... You see the bass is real nice, but damn, it's at the expense of pretty much everything else. Thye sound really "dark and muffled" to me. I had to download an music EQ app just to make...
  20. furryhead

    New to high end headphones...

    Hi there! Here just recently, a friend of mine got a pair of Beats headphones, and let me listen to them - and they sounded amazing, compared to the $5-$10 earbuds I usually wear... So this kicked a fire under my keester, I want to get a better sounding headphone. But I don't want a cheap piece...
  21. jenriquenunez

    looking for good look and good quality

    Hey everyone, i been looking for almost two weeks for some closed good looking portable headphones but that look stylish, my price range is 150-200 bucks is mainly for on tge go and listen dubstep r&b hip hop thanks for any advice
  22. ScaryFatKidGT

    Need some smaller/portable great headphones

    So I love my D5000's and I also have some SRH840's (not enough bass) and DT770 Pro's but for on the go cans all I have are my Klipsch Image One's and sense I lost my SE215's theres just my SE535's which I don't feel safe taking every where.   So I'm looking at a "used" but new pair of $250...
  23. jasonrk

    Best headphones for Hip-Hop & Rap for around £150/$250.

    Hey guys, I'm new to this site and am pretty much a noob when it comes to Headphones. I'm looking to get my moneys worth so I'd be grateful for any advice from a few people who have actually tried various headphones and know what's best. My budget is around £150 ($250). It will mainly be...
  24. BluePhase

    Headphones for gardening

    I often spend the weekends working in my parents' garden (a mix of forest, meadows and English style garden) and usually listen to music while doing this. Up till now I have been using an old set of Sennheiser HD 202's. They are sturdy and block a decent amount of noise, but I'm looking for...
  25. MadPawel

    Durable headphones

    Hi, I'm working on construction and I need pair of headphones that can stand a beating. Now I'm using in ear Bose IE2 headphones. I would like some kind of headphones that wont fall out everytime I move and that will be able to stand the sweat and dirt. Preferably with some good bass and maybe...