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Feb 6, 2013
Hi there! Here just recently, a friend of mine got a pair of Beats headphones, and let me listen to them - and they sounded amazing, compared to the $5-$10 earbuds I usually wear...

So this kicked a fire under my keester, I want to get a better sounding headphone. But I don't want a cheap piece of crap if I'm going to be spending more than my normal $10 each pair...

I've done some research, and from what I can tell, beats are overpriced and are not really that good - I'm not very concerned about style, but there are a few things I can't go without:

I need a removable cable, so that I can change from short/long cables if needed
I need to be able to use a cable with a mic, all my earbuds have this, I can't live without it
It hass to sound good! I'm not experienced with what sounds the best, but if I'm going to invest, I want a good quality set, I want it to be clear, and I do like base a lot, I listen to a lot of R&B, dubstep, rap, rock, just about everything

My price range would be about $100-$150, though a little lower or higher is perfectly acceptable

Any/all advice on what headphones have this... would be greatly appreciated. Again, aside from the cable/sound, I'm not really worried about how they look

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You're actually asking for quite a lot when you want a removable cable, inline microphone, and "good" sound in the $150 price range. There are a few headphones, many that are basically junk with the features you want. But if you want really good sounding headphones, they typically will not have the microphone bit in their cable stock. And most of them simply don't have detachable cables (which is annoying). That limits you mostly to portable marketed headphones, mobile media marketed headphones, and basically the typical flashy stuff that only just popped up the past few years with the apple craze that spurred the market. I actually can't think of something with in-line microphone. There are several with inline volume controls, Vmoda is really pushing that, as is Philips, that are decent. But I'm not sure about microphone controls. Someone else hopefully knows more about that (inline microphone with a headphone that is worth while is the least of my criteria so I wouldn't know).
I'm thinking so far, Philips Uptowns or a Vmoda LP2 or M100. The Uptowns sound great, but don't have detachable cable and the cable frankly sucks (it's thin & flimsy). The LP2 sounds meh to me, treble is harsh and grainy, bass is bloated, but it has the features you want. And the M100 I think is out of your price range probably.
Headphones to look at might include the Ultrasone DJ1 or DJ PRO, or HFI 580 or PRO 550. Also the HFI 780. You could also look into the Brainwavz HM5.  Beyer Custom One Pro also comes to mind. Maybe the Shure SRH750 DJ.
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