1. Kefloxin

    Best headphones under 140$?

    Hi guys, New here, and I wanted to know what the best headphones I could get for under 140$ -150$. I'd like them to be fairly aesthetic (I like how Beats by Dre Solo look like but too many people have them and I've read they're not worth the price). Hopefully something that's not too big. 1)...
  2. mj88

    Durable Headphones

    Hello, I'm currently working in Afghanistan, and I travel around a lot when I'm out here.  I'm currently looking for a set of headphones that have good sound quality and are very durable.  I am somewhat of a klutz, and my stuff gets beat up from traveling.  I was at an airport before I came...
  3. danielos

    Portable Headphones that definitely do not require an amplifier

    Guys, your help will be appreciated to choose a portable headphone that does not require an amplifier, up to $200.   My source of music will be a last generation Ipod Classic (160gb). Now I'm using Koss Porta-Pro's, and I want to move forward.   After a lot of research (including an...
  4. clairyvic

    m80 vs momentum in leakage?

    Which one of this does a better job of keeping your music in for people who've heard both?
  5. Mheat122134

    Headphones Most Suitable For Kpop?

    Hi i'm a newbie here, I was searching through the forum but i cant find anything i want. So i just wanna ask, which headphones would be suitable for listening to kpop (which basically consists of pop, electronic pop (including some rap) and ballads) and a bit of rap? I want something that can...
  6. h1a8

    ath-m50 vs. v-moda m80

    A few questions for the m50 vs. m80:   1. which one has the clearer, more detailed, and more transparent midrange? 2. which one has the larger soundstage? 3. which one is more comfortable? 4. which one has the greater bass?   I have the m80 and think they sound great but they hurt...
  7. Mheat122134

    V-MODA LP2 vs M-80?

    I can't decide whether I want the m-80 or the lp2, the m-80 seem to have better specs, can anyone help me out? I mostly listen to rap and kpop, which basically consists of pop, electronic pop (including some rap) and ballads, I care about sound quality and comfort the most. Open to suggest any...
  8. QU0TE

    Ultrasone HFI-2400 Vs. Audio Technica ATHESW9

    I narrowed it down to these two headphones for my first (higher end) headphones, and I was wondering if anyone who's had experience with these could give me a little advice on which to pick. I listen to alot of Classical and jazz, and also music like Mumford & Sons (not really sure what genre...
  9. AbsoluteZer0

    New to Head-Fi, Have a Few Questions

    First off, I'm relatively new to the headphone world and I have a few questions about buying a new pair. I have a pair of Beats Solo HD's, and honestly they're awful. I've had em for ahwile but I can't stand em anymore. Can't wear em for more than 30 mins-1hr at a time, and the sound just isn't...
  10. Mheat122134

    V-MODA LP2 vs M-80?

    I can't decide whether I want the M-80 or the LP2, the M-80 seem to have better specs and I've tried it before and I love it, but I still don't know much about the LP2's can anyone help me out? I mostly listen to rap and kpop, which basically consists of pop, electronic pop (including some rap)...
  11. Mheat122134

    V-MODA LP2 vs M-80?

    I can't decide whether I want the m-80 or the lp2, the m-80 seem to have better specs, can anyone help me out? I mostly listen to rap and kpop, which basically consists of pop, electronic pop (including some rap) and ballads, I care about sound quality and comfort the most. Open to suggest any...
  12. Aaron94

    V-Moda Crossfade LP2 or Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviators?

    Over the past 2 months I have been looking for a new set of over the ear headphones to purchase for just everyday music use, things such as bass heavy dubstep, metal, and even soft vocal music. Awhile ago I settled on the Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviators for $150 USD because of the promising specs...
  13. lowko

    Can't make my final decision! First headphones ~150 dollar.

    Dear Head Fi community,   I've made a thread before and got loads of good tips for quality headphones. Thanks a lot for that! But I still can't make up my mind.     What I'm looking for: - Quality sound (obviously, I listen mostly to jazz/trance/classic rock/relaxing music); -...
  14. szympog

    V Moda M80s Questions-Sound Isolation

    Hey all,   Im considering selling my monster inspirations I got for $220, and reinvesting them into something less name brandy, better SQ and comfort as theyre just not wide enough for my whole ear)   I would sell for $180, and reinvest. Im wondering if I just skip having the...
  15. Octose

    Beats vs. V-Moda Reviews

    I already know V-Moda are the clear winners, I've owned a pair of M80s and Crossfades for roughly 2 years now. I always get a bunch of sh%t from my friends them saying that Beats are the clear winners. I show them one review and they tell me that "oh man, its just one guy, other people know...
  16. drmrwt

    Best 100-200$ Headphones for laptop, Smartphone (Rap, Hip Hop, Electronic, some Rock and Classic) Best Bang per Buck!!.

    Hi,   Want to take my first step in to the Audiophile world, so In the market for a new pair of headphones moving from IEM's (Atrio Mg7's) Was gonna get the M-80's for 150$ but they just went to 190$. So i am weighing my options, will be happy to pay 150$ but can go to 200$ (fasting for a...
  17. Manyom7

    Vmoda M80 VS AKG Q701

    In terms of sound and value, which would you recommend? I listen mostly to dubstep and rap. I will be using them for gaming as well.
  18. quattro179

    Portable complement to ATH-M50 (similar to HFI-580)

    Alright, so here is my first post. I researched for a while and narrowed my first circumaural headphones down to the ATH-M50 and the HFI-580. I purchased both as the price was very low for each (109 and 119 w/ free shipping). I think I will be keeping the M50's. They are so much more comfortable...
  19. URHYNS

    How do you listen??

    Hey Head-Fi,   We all obviously love music, but what I want to know, is what else do you do while listening to your favourite tunes through your favourite cans? Post a pic demonstrating this and give us a little insight into why you love this passtime.    I like to kick back with a cigar...
  20. leader

    Sony DR-ZX701IP. Truly similar to the Sony ZX700?

    Hello Head-Fi community,   I've been doing research on many headphones during the past week, and I have found that I've turned to this forum more often than not. I've looked at over 20 and narrowed down my selection to a few. As I truly do not have the capacity to discern the differences...
  21. fvaldes

    Best Headphones for Lain Beats: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Latin Jazz, Reggaeton... etc

    I am leaning towards Audio Technica ATH-M50 or V-Moda M80/M100. However, I am wondering if anybody has had a better experience with this specific type of music. Music: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, Latin Jazz.. etc. Budget: Up to $250 (Maybe more if really worth it) Type: Closed...
  22. RaVen8977

    need help getting headphones

    so my old headphones broke and im looking for new ones but just cant find the right one. it should cost around 150Euros. I listen to dubstep, dnb and electro. I mostly listen to the more bass heavy songs so the headphones should be capable of strong bass but also not interfere with the highs and...
  23. h1a8

    Some good headphones with mic?

    Hi I been away awhile. I have good IEMs and good over the ear at home full size cans. Now I'm looking for ON THE EAR (or smaller over the ear) headphones that have a mic for phone use.   So far I see the Monster Ntune and Klipsch image one I heard both and I like them both (ntune a...
  24. hiphopjunkie

    Best headphones for hip hop

    I've bought two other headphones the Beats for $300 and the Sennheiser RS 160. The beats were heavy and had too much bass and this is coming from someone who listens predominantly to hip hop/ rap. The RS 160 was great and i loved the wireless capability(even though I couldn't switch to wired to...