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headphone help

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vinmeister, Jan 30, 2013.
  1. vinmeister
    I really need some advice from all head fiers, im a newbie to this headphones and i really want to have one. Im listening to alternatives, rocks, rnb, hiphop/rap, classic rocks, metals, and backround music from movies, now im looking for a headphone that will makes me feel completely satisfied with bass and treble, and the quality of the headphone that lasts. And i dont want to get an amp for headphone, im going to use this for my ipod and computer. I know that many threads like this are already made before, and im sorry for reposting this thread. My budget is $100-$150 and closed back much preferred.. thanks for your help.
  2. bcd127
    Welcome to headfi! There is really a huge world of headphones out there and it can be very overwhelming at times. Personally, I'm not all that experienced myself. However, reading your post i could only think of one pair of headphones. The ones i am currently wearing. they are the shure srh840's. They are closed back and very durable. they also fall into your price range Personally i love how they sound. They are very neutral. I am very satisfied with how much bass it has and where the trebles are. I noticed you listen to mostly bass loving music and also some classical im guessing (thats usually what movies use, right?) so its kind of the two ends of the spectrum. Which is exactly where i am. I love everything from Dubstep to the classical ballads. I personally reccomend the shure srh840's. They even have a detachable cable! so if it breaks, just buy a new cable, not a new set of phones. i think the isolation is great also. However, the only downside is that they are not super portable. Yea, you can pull it off. but its kinda cumbersome. I highly reccomend them. But of course, do plenty of research. Read reviews, and if at all possible, try some headphones our personally. I didnt have this luxury, but maybe you will. If there is anything i can do, feel free and ask, i can always do some research and try and find out if i dont know the answer to your question!
  3. vinmeister
    thanks bcd127, the shure srh840 is cool and im going to put this on my list.
  4. viralcow
    AKG K167
    Ultrasone HFI-780
    V-Moda M80
  5. vinmeister
    thanks viralcrow..
  6. dasoundman
    Can't really go wrong with the Audio Technica ath m50. I just was just in the same situation as you and ordered a pair for $140 off Amazon.They are closed and tend to have a very balanced sound. Good bass, mids and highs.  
  7. J Bones
    I have a friend who has the m50 and rave's about them especially when it comes to their price (which is obviously within your budget). Though, I have heard, the M-80's (and if you go with V-moda I would say just get the M-100's, they should be more comfortable and over-the-ear) have a bit more power in the lower frequencies and still respond decently to a wide range of frequencies. I'm not too sure about the V-moda's but the m50's do have some audible spikes/dips in the treble frequencies as well, all though over all, they aren't that bothersome.
  8. DutchGFX

    K167 seconded. Great can! I use it from my Cowon unamped. I also recommend my personal favorite can, the AKG K240 MKii. For $120 on Amazon, it's a steal.
  9. vinmeister
    wow, i like the looks of the AKG K167 and K240, thanks you so much for giving me an idea..
  10. vinmeister
    and now im confused, i really like the ULTRASONE 780 (which i saw for $100 used), AKG K240 MKii ($110 amazon), AKG K167 ($151 amazon) and ATH M50 (for $140).. if i only can buy this 4 headphones, i will but i need to choose one.. 
  11. DutchGFX

    While we all recommend headphpnes, there is no "Best" headphone. It is the best for you. And that is what's important, I personally, as stated before, highly recommend the K167 and K240 MKii. I find AKG to have superior sound quality, and I really support their products. If you plan on listening on subways or buses, you should get a closed can, like the M50 or K167. If at home, I would go with the semi open K240. But this is all an opinion. I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed with any of those 4 cans. At this point, you need to choose what you want: you want soundstage, K240 or K167, you want Style, maybe the M50 or K167, you want to back a certain company, buy their can :)

    It's best to make your own decision. Once they arrive, and they sound great, you will know you made the right choice, because they will all sound good in their own way (going from reviews, as I have not tested the Ultra or AT).

    Read some reviews, look at some pictures, and then flip a coin if you want :), you will be happy, and of not, return them, and repeat the process :D. Hope that helped! Sorry I rambled on for a while there haha
  12. vinmeister
    thanks for the reply DutchGFX, but one final question, if i directly connect the K240 MKii into the ipod unamped, does the driver (which 55ohm) of this headphones will do their job to rumble my ears? i mean if it will be sounds good unamped. thanks..
  13. DutchGFX

    I believe so. I will test with my sisters iPhone to be sure, as my iPod is broken. I believe they are fine unamped :) but I will test this morning and post my findings:)
  14. DutchGFX
    The K240 MKii perform well from an iPod Jack. They will not shake your head so much, but they have a great overall sound. They are very laid back, and just generally relaxing. You really get to kind of "know" your music with them. If you want more "fun" headphones, the K167 are fun. Very fun actually. The bass shakes your head, but is not sonically overpowering. So i'd say either of these would be a fine choice [​IMG]
    my favorite emoticon on here lol ^
  15. Amarphael
    DutchGFX you're meaning well but you're handing a rather misguided advice tbh. K240mk2 efficieny is rather mediocre and an iphone max ~1.5Vmax/16ohms will treat it only adequately at best with loud recordings with compessed dynamic range, When underpowered they also tend to have cogested presentation due to lack of speration of notes. These are studio monitor cans, They need a good amount more power than that to actually open-up. And i'd rather go for somehong truly portable and closed-back for outdooe usage. I'd do some reading about AT ATH-ES7, Sony MDR-ZX700, ATH-M50, Beyerdynamic DT770LE.

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