1. oopsydaisy

    Universal IEM for best midrange(vocals) w/removable cables budget $600

    Title says it all. My Shures just died (crappy cables) and I'd like to replace them with something a little less bright and with replaceable cables. My main concern is the quality of vocals as well as good isolation. I'm going with universals because I can't afford the really good customs...
  2. petervenkman

    AMP/DAC for UERM?

    I was lucky enough to get in on the Massdrop for the UERMs recently. Also, I'm in the Socal area so I got to have my impressions done at UE and they got started on my pair earlier this week! Stoked to try them out..but I'm going to need an AMP/DAC solution to use them at home and possibly for...
  3. b0ol

    Modding the Alessandro ms1

    hi, got my pair of ms1's last friday and i was really suprised about the sound. i was just wondering, how i could just improve that experience due to so many readings through threads about these headphones. is it possible to make them circumaural? what else could i do?
  4. Vicks7

    Portable Rig Upgrade Advice

    Hi All,   I have been very pleased with my current portable rig - an Ipod Classic 160GB, Ray Samuels SR-71B or Pico Slim and Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo using UM Miracle earphones. However, it has been some time since I put this rig together and I would appreciate any recommendations for...
  5. fureshi

    iGrado Teardown

    This is the second pair of iGrado that I’ve gotten as my first pair developed a defect with the right driver where it would cut in and out. In the end, it just gave up and stopped working altogether. Luckily this pair did not have that same problem. Major kudos to TTVJ for getting this second...
  6. DannyB

    Joe Grado's new earpads for the HP1000

    I have had a pair of Joe's "improved" earpads for a couple of weeks. I thought I would post a little information for anyone who may be interested.   As far as how they sound, simply put, consider getting two pair. The HP1000 is soooo dependent upon the earpads. The replacement ones offered...
  7. georgelai57

    Cypher Labs Algorhythm Duet

    As the year draws to a close, we have news of another new portable headphone amp, this time from Cypher Labs.
  8. voodoo do-er

    Portable tube amp from china?

    what are your guys thoughts on this amp I almost want to buy one out of curiosity alone. but I know I probably should...
  9. 3lite

    Best metal / heavy metal headphones?

    I have 580s powered by a PiMeta at the moment, and they sound way too laid back & boring. What are some aggresive & good phones? Thanks!
  10. DarKen23

    Which Portable amp for my IEMs?

    Hey guys, Im new here but Ive been a sound addict for years and a compulsive shopper for expensive audio goodies. I recently purchased the 535s, and I fell in love with a buddy's pico amp. I couldnt believe the thickness it bought to my IEMs. Im ready to pull the trigger on a portable amp and...
  11. 1

    Can the TTVJ Slim power Grado's?

    The TTVJ Slim looks like a great portable amp, but it seems to be mostly directed at powering IEM's. I was reading through some older threads and a couple of people mentioned that they tried plugging the SR60i into it and that it sounded good, but did not go into detail.   In particular, I...
  12. Physther

    Inquiry re: TTVJ Slim and Headstage Arrow 12HE Bass

    I'm a newb to amps in general but have been reading diligently the various posts on TTVJ slim and Headstage Arrow 12HE.  My setup is my iphone 4 -> TTVJ Slim -> Grado se325i 50th anniversary vs. Etymotic ER4P (with "S" cable when listening to jazz/classical).  I've been using primarily apple...
  13. Austin Morrow

    TTVJ Slim + iPod Video (& Other Questions)?

    Hey everyone. So I have a TTVJ Slim coming very soon and I am planning on using it with my iPod Classic (older version, originally called the 'Video'). I have seen a few threads on it but only a couple of pages impressions. I have a quick question of my own.   1. I will use this mainly for...
  14. Austin Morrow

    First Impression: TTVJ Slim Portable Headphone Amplifier....Wow

      Alright, before I begin with my impressions, here is a quick specifications sheet on the Slim:   • Price: $349 • Frequency response: DC to >100kHz, ±1dB; 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.1dB @ 1V out • Maximum output: 3.29V RMS into 150Ω; 2.14V RMS into 33Ω • Output source impedance: Approximately 2Ω...
  15. Austin Morrow

    Amping the Grado SR80i's? (TTVJ Slim, PA2V2, etc.)

    So I got my first pair of Grado's yesterday after deciding it;s time to take a break from listening to high end IEM's and get me a pair of decent cans. I usually amp everything I have but was wondering if the SR80i's will have any benefit whatsoever. My setup is an iPod Nano 2G to LOD to amp. My...
  16. swbf2cheater

    Having a terrible problem with my TTVJ Slim, help me with interconnect options

      I am having a problem.  The input and output jacks on the ttvj slim are on opposite sides of the amp.  This causes it to become unusable for my needs.  I feel i jumped the gun in asking for a return from tod within 5 minutes of opening the box and seeing this.  This is 100% my fault for not...
  17. oopsydaisy

    Belt clip case/holster for iClassic+TTVJ Slim

    Title says it all, but I'll elaborate. I love my current portable setup, except for one thing. I only have 1 hand free because the other is holding my iPod classic and TTVJ Slim amp. I know I could put on a playlist and put them in a pocket of my backpack, but that doesn't suit the way I like to...
  18. digitalsufi

    Any decent cases for ipod classic/TTVJ slim combo

    Just got TTVJ slim and am using it with my ipod classic via line-out. Are there any cases out there that would fit the ipod classic/ttvj combo without looking too ugly and breaking the bank?   Thanks
  19. omerbu1

    Beyerdynamic T5p + TTVJ Slim combo?

    Title says everything. Is it a good combo?   thank you very much.
  20. CareyPrice31

    HELP FAST: TTVJ Slim vs Arrow vs The Shadow

    Which is the best amp for techno, dub-step, pop, hip-hop, rap and other mainstream music.   Which do you think is the best for all genres?
  21. CareyPrice31

    HELP FAST: Player to line out with TTVJ Slim

    Any recommendations on what player I should get? I want to use the TTVJ slim with it.
  22. lxl88

    Slim portable amp: Pico Slim, ttvj slim or Headstage arrow amp?

    I want to get an amp that can last me for a long time so I've already narrow my choices down to these 3.   Which of these 3 goes best with JH16?
  23. Jason36

    TTVJ Slim Amp Connection Question

    Hi guys, My TTVJ Slim I bought off a Headfier on this site has just arrived and unfortunately there is no USB charging cable with it....wasn't mentioned in the advert. Does anybody know what the connection is on the TTVJ Slim? Is it a Mini USB connection? If so can I just buy any old USB to...
  24. Nulliverse

    iMod 5.5 + ttvj slim vs AK100 vs DX100

    Not normally being one to start threads asking for info that's probably already been divulged, I've gone against my better instincts and asked this: How much of an audible improvement could I expect to hear, particularly in areas such as soundstage, imaging and extension at both ends? I'm not...
  25. Austin Morrow

    ALO Audio The National: The Continental's Younger Sibling (Review & Comparison to Rx MKII & TTVJ Slim)

      ALO Audio has been a long time cable maker and amplifier producer, and is well known for one of the first (and best sounding) portable tube amplifiers to ever come to the market, the Continental. While the Continental was a breathtaking amplifier in its prime, it has run low on production...