Cypher Labs Algorhythm Duet
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 5, 2012

As the year draws to a close, we have news of another new portable headphone amp, this time from Cypher Labs.
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I'll be getting one as well. Should be interesting!
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  My only question is: Does hiss occur when we pair this amp with high sensitive iems?

Yeah I was wondering about this too, especially with 16-32ohm and less IEMs that have a high sensitivity. Can anyone clarify?
The product says it has a "deep and clean background" I think, but does it apply for sensitive IEMs too? If it doesn't hiss w/ low impedance sensitive IEMs, I guess I might save up for it, heh.
Only thing is that it seems the USB charging plug is a bit close to the balanced/single-ended inputs, which might make charging (or keeping the amp plugged in) kinda difficult with shorter "portable" interconnects? I hope that it'd be less of an issue with the ALO Rx Mk3-B+ in that regard, so I could use the amp at my desk without having to unplug it from the charger every time (since the Rx Mk3-B+ in balanced back-end mode has some weird grounding hum/hissing issues when plugged into the charger, at least on my model which I haven't sent in yet to ALO to check if a fix is possible.)
Very interested in this though.
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Ooh fully balanced. Have been put off mk3+ due to noise reports with iem. This product makes sense given the divorce with alo. What does not make sense is lack of balanced input on theorem

On a side note the pace of product announcements in portable audio needs to slow down :p
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  I don't think anyone has one yet, next week will be better for answers I think

I have proudly been beta testing the Duet for a month and can report no hissing with my JH16's on medium gain. This amplifier is truly a revelation in combination with my Cypherlab-db.
Highly recommended.
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I am ssooo tempted to sidegrade itis? but I need another amp like a hole in the head, I will await some reviews I suppose, I almsot hit the pay button at TTVJ, ssooo close, ggrrr I hate conflict,

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