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Portable tube amp from china?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by voodoo do-er, Sep 6, 2012.
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  1. voodoo do-er
    what are your guys thoughts on this amp


    I almost want to buy one out of curiosity alone. but I know I probably should not

    BTW don't go telling me what to buy or link a good amp
    I just want to know about this one.
  2. Swimsonny
    If you could get it and let us know thatd be great!
  3. Spriggs
    first i would like to say this is basicly a remake of the muse portable tube amp you can find another head fi post about that and I have just purchased this little bear and a ttvj millet hybrid tube amp and will be making a review and comparison 
  4. voodoo do-er
    I thought it looked like a muse amp

    btw aren't muse stuff copy's, so it would be a copy of a copy ?
  5. Spriggs
    Yea, but i dont think ive seen this kinda amp before.
  6. DogMeat
    Reminds me a little of the Altoids box....
  7. Spriggs
    So the amp arrived today in the mail which took allmost 4 week shipping. and my first impressions werent great the little bear has a a horid pot and when ever you touch the thing it makes noise but as long as you dont change volume much during a song its fine. The sq at first was pretty murky and warmed up a little later (burn in/the tubes warming up) but all in all the sq isnt anything special. Now the build quality isnt amazing but it works, the tube heats up so much the whole amp feels like it will melt after like an hour or so. If you want a fun toy to mod this will be nice if you want a tube amp to listen to music with and have it sound a amazing go find a TTVJ portable hybrid tube amp.
    voodoo do-er likes this.
  8. voodoo do-er
  9. supracuhz

    Do you regret your purchase??
  10. reddragon
    what is the name of the ttvj portable hybrid tube amp? cant seem to find it...
  11. Spriggs
    the amp has promtly broken in its first night of use (tube blew due to bad circut design to much filiment voltage)and though i can say i regret my purchase but there are better things to spend your money on.
  12. Spriggs
    They dont make them anymore and TTVJ Millet portable hybrid is the name you can try finding them on the for sale forum
  13. reddragon

    Thanks, how much is it and do you have it? If you do, hows the sound quality?
  14. Spriggs
    i do have it and i have to say it sounds quite amazing better than the new ttvj's i say cause its warmer sounding much more tube like(probabbly cause there are real tubes) its also better than the alo audio continental also cause the alo does the tube part wrong(they did it in such a way the tube is rather usless and dosnt affect sound) now some one is going to disagree with me but that is my personal opinion. now on price not sure how much it goes for now. just patienly look on amplification for sale forum im sure one will come up eventually. Cheers
  15. goodvibes
    It's going to basically be something like this simple phase inverting ne5532 circuit with those electrolytic caps (c4, c8) coupling the output and a tube thrown in before the opamp. The tube serves no function other than giving you more coloration, complexity and neat factor.
    If you look at the battery, there's a single voltage rail which is why it will be this or a very similar circuit. There's no rail-splitter etc. The tube voltage will be too low while still getting too hot for that arrangement and besides the discomfort, imagine what the heat will do to the battery.
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