1. bhagu

    In ear headphone for my lg nexus 4

    Hi friends,   I fed up with searching for an in ear headphone for my new lg nexus requirements are  requirements are:- 1)in ear type 2)good bass and clarity 3)with in max $45 4)it should have in built mic for calling and volume control.     please suggest me one in ear...
  2. DoubleDee

    Recommendations for $40 in ear monitors?

    Hi!   I'm looking for a new pair of earphones to replace my senheiser cx215. My budget is around $40-$50. I listen to mostly rock/pop/metal. I also listen to electro and club mixes, so I guess I need one which can play a variety of different music. I'm looking for earphones with good but not...
  3. Zeppo

    Headphones for techno music?

    Hey guys i need a new pair of headphones and i need some help. My budget is 50-100. I listen mostly to techno music so i'd like something that makes me feel like i'm at rave party. Got any suggestions? Also i don't need others to hear my music.. Thankss
  4. Rush-n-crush

    Help me choose. DN -1000, Gro7 BE, TDK 200, Sony XBA-H1, jvc fxt90, yamaha eph 100

    Or other. I love bass, listen to all genres but mostly hip hop. Also would be using the iem for heavy gaming/movies. So a big soundstage is ideal as well as good 3d imaging. I own a pair of vsd1 that sound great for $50 also a fiio e17. Any of these iems would be a biggish uograde over the vsd1?
  5. a-nnabelle

    Looking For Earbuds

    I really need a new set of earbuds. I use my iPod touch 5th generation for music and listen to rock/metal and I really need some good quality earbuds that will leak as little as possible. Can you suggest some good ones available in the UK that fit these requests? Thank you.
  6. Single Entendre

    Best IEM for Gym with Remote, Sweatproof

    I have searched this site and haven't found a conclusive answer. I need a great sounding rugged IEM for workout use. Price really isnt an option and I don't want to use a beater pair. Working out is VERY important to me and having a great sounding pair of IEMs makes the difference between...
  7. Im4s14n

    Please help Recommend me a new pair of IEMs

    Please help me find a new great set of iems, my sound magic e10s recently lost sound in both speakers so please I really wanna find some new earphones that are below $30 I listen to hip hop, edm, pop, kpop, n etc. I like my earphones well balanced with like amazing bass and trebles but don't...
  8. JK1

    Sony XBA-1 reviews?

    Everyone wants to take preorders for this at full price, yet it is hard to find any decent reviews of it. I guess I might want to buy it at some point if the reviews are good, and it is discounted to $50 or less. I won't chase after it at $80.
  9. 1

    Pictures of disassembled Sony XBA-1

    Just for the poeple that want to recable their XBA-1's. To disassemble them just heat them up with a heatgun then take off the cap on the back with your nail and thats it.            
  10. vhobhstr

    Sony XBA-C10IP

    These are new (at least on Sony's US store). The remote has rounded corners, so it probably won't get caught on stuff as easily as the remotes of the other XBA series 'phones do. Do you think they share the same balanced armature driver as the Sony XBA-1 and XBA-1iP? If so, why are they 20...
  11. chuasj88

    Shure215 vs Sony XBA1 vs Meelec A161P Which is Better

    Thinking of going to get one of this BA,which is better SQ. Shure215 vs Sony XBA1 vs Meelec A161P
  12. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Sony XBA-1 and XBA-4

    For quite some time after the success of E888 earbud in the late 90’s, Sony seemed to have quitted the serious earphone market and only interested in the consumer level products. It isn’t until 2008 that EX700 marked the return of Sony to the higher end earphone world. But even so, their...
  13. gnarlsagan

    What are the biggest flaws of your favorite iems?

    This is one of the most useful questions imo. I'll start.   DBA-02: Sub-bass roll off   FXT90: Too much mid-bass    FXD80: Recessed mids   GR07 mkII: Slight treble roll off     Also does anyone have any iems they consider to have no flaws? I've never heard one.
  14. tang63

    Panasonic RPHJE120D Thread

    I recently came across Panasonic RPHJE120D IEMs on amazon.             They looked kinda cheap, only USD$6. But they had good reviews.   I tried searching for any info on these IEMs on the forum but to no avail. So here I am asking for any thoughts about it. :D   I'm...
  15. hippie

    Idiot looking for headphones!

    Sorry about the post title not sure what to call it, but basically this is my first post to the forum, and I’m looking for the beast ear buds for under 50ish dollar but I'm pretty flexible, honestly I know nothing in the audio world…..    Right now I’ve got some of skull candy’s head phones...
  16. akaSM

    Are Sony XBA-3 worth a 120-ish price? More details inside! :D

    Hi, I saw some Sony XBA-3 on sale a couple days ago for 120-ish USD (1,550 MXN). There are a some things I've been considering though:   Right now I don't really need a new set of headphones, but, I wouldn't mind getting some nicer sounding ones, compared to what I have right now.   I...
  17. ty1234

    Balanced Armature Questions

    Hi...I have a quick question for you today. Do you recommend the Sony xba-1 headphones for electronic and hip hop music? And also, how do balanced armature headphones work? Thank for and if you reply. I just needed some quick info :o
  18. jayjazmin

    best iem to purchase in stores

    Hi everyone, first post here. Looking to purchase some quality iem's hopefully in store. Just wondering what stores may carry any? Looking to check best buy but I know they carry more of the mainstream brands. The only one I was recommended was the shure 215s. Please help! Looking for good sound...
  19. powerover

    Trying to choose between Shure SE series or the Sony XBA series

    Hi there guys,   I am new to this forum and I stand here humbly asking for your valuable opinion.   My first and only pair of headphones were Skullcandy Skull Crushers (I know, I'm sorry, but I was still a teenager then.. :P), have had them for 6 years, they finally started to crap out...
  20. DFXLuna

    IEMs for laying in bed

    Does anyone have any recommendations for IEMs that fit really well when laying side ways? I love my current headphones, AD700s, but they're impossible to lay sideways with. I was thinking of going with the AT CKM500s because they'd have that AT house sound but I was also looking at the Hifiman...
  21. k923

    Need suggestions for Stylish headphones for Wife?

    Can you fine people in this forum give me some more suggestions of stylish in ear headphones for my wife.  Needs to be on the smaller side, pretty durable, and have iphone controls.  I don't want to get her any of the normal rapper ones, (beats, 50's, souls, etc.).  So far all have come up with...
  22. Raggor

    Signature for performer use (IEM)

    Hi,     I'd be really grateful if anyone could advise not on specific models but on the general sound signature which is likely to suit my situation. I hope that you will forgive that although I have a rough and ready audio knowledge, I'm aware I lack the technical expertise of posters...
  23. jschwartz393

    Am I the only one who still loves Asymetrical Earphones?

    I've been using asymetrical earbuds for years and I love em, but it looks like the audio world doesn't. :( My fave have been the Sennheiser  Sennheiser CX300B and its predecessor the CX300B II. 2days ago my CX300B II pair broke and desparate to get my hands on another pair of asymetrical...
  24. hawk1410

    A question about a few IEMs

    So I am currently in India for the next month or so and my main set of IEMs(the Image S4) broke and I am looking for a replacement IEM. Nothing too fancy, just something that does the job. I have been checking out some websited and the only IEMs in my price range(around 100$) that are available...
  25. Double-A

    Are there any CIEMs with the inline buttons and mic for use with Apple products? EDIT: SOLVED

    ^^^ I just had a family member ask me if I could do some research on some high quality earphones for their husband who is a construction worker and needs earphones that provide a lot of isolation (so as to protect his hearing) and also have the three inline buttons and mic (he has an iPhone) so...