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Idiot looking for headphones!

  1. hippie
    Sorry about the post title not sure what to call it, but basically this is my first post to the forum, and I’m looking for the beast ear buds for under 50ish dollar but I'm pretty flexible, honestly I know nothing in the audio world…..
     Right now I’ve got some of skull candy’s head phones (whatever ones cost 70 bucks?) but the right side broke yesterday…  
    I manly lesion to dubstep music , and a lot of Aerosmith and pink Floyd kinda stuff( weird combination I’ll admit.. ), I know a lot of people with beats and at least to me they suck, way to much bass they just shake my ear's,  so what other options are there?
    My dad was in the audio industry for a while and says I need some of Jbud’s J4 or J6 but I’m not sure if he’s right, He’s been out of the field for 10-15 years….
    Thanks a ton of any help……
  2. AstroTurf
    Sony XBA-1 can be had at Best Buy on sale for about that price.
    Might be a good beginner IEM for you.
  3. Xinze
  4. tinyman392
    Sound preference if you have any?  What genres of music do you listen to?  I'm not going to take a stab in the dark with blind suggestions in the dark; so we really can't move on without that critical info: sound preference, if any; music preferences; price.  You've given price, now we have two more criterion that need to be filled :wink:
  5. Danneq
    Are you talking about earbuds with this design:
    Or IEMs/Canal phones with this design:
    For the earbud design, I can recommend Yuin PK2. You can find them on Ebay for around $55. You can also buy them on Amazon, but there they cost $79. I bought my and my wife's pair on Ebay for around $55. Just find a seller with good feedback and there'll be no problems.
    There's less bass and isolation in earbuds than in IEMs/Canal phones, but they can sound pretty damn good. The PK2 sounds very airy and has got pretty good detail. It works great with rock music, but I'm not sure about dubstep.
    Here's an old review from Head fi:
    There's also the Hisoundaudio Paa-1 Pro with the same sort of design. I have not heard that one, but it's supposed to be more bassy than the PK2. However still not bassy in the same way as in IEMs... You can find the Paa-1 Pro on Ebay for around the same price as the Yuin PK2.
  6. Cid78
    Yes, for earbuds i also recommend Hisound PAA-1 Pro or Yuin PK2 for your budget
  7. williamVT
    You might as well take a look on Sony's canalphones, the XB41EX series, MDR EX310SL or maybe you can get the apple in ear if you're an apple user as they sound quite nice with their dual balanced armature drivers in each ear. 
    The apple in ear has a more balanced and detailed sound and i can say it is the cheapest dual balance armature out there.
    If you're listening to Dubstep, maybe Sony XB41EX will be a great choice for you as they have a very good bass response and the bass has a very good shape to it. Bold and warm
    hope this helps :)
  8. hippie
    Thanks for your input guys, still thinkin about what want. as i said I know nothing about this field and I'm trying to learn as musch as i can, but i think i want IEM's not earbuds, about the music i lission to its all of dubstep. So i figure i need a decent amount of base but im not really sure. . .

    thanks again foranyhelp.

    p.s. what about the jbud's i mentsion. nobody comeneted on them so im figureing they're crap.
  9. AstroTurf
    I wouldn't know... But I also wouldn't call em crap either.
    They are after all something that your Dad liked.
    They may be very good?!?
  10. hippie
    Sorry i didn't mean that as bad asit sounded just kinda a expression i supose, before i botherd you guys i did a ton of recerch on jbuds but now that i found this fourm i hear that there's better value for money....
  11. AstroTurf
    Hey no prob...
    But, Yes new technology often trumps old.
    iPhone Vs Startac would be one example.
    Good Luck with your search, Jim
  12. tinyman392
    Dubuque Trident or Brainwavz M4 (you'll have to find a sale with the Brainwavz). If you want more bass, go with the Brainwavz, if you want something more balanced, get the Trident.

    If you need a remote and mic, Brainwavz is the direction to go.

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