1. IntensityX

    Headphones 80$ Music/gaming

    EDIT: I would also like to point out that these are going to be my first "audiophile" headphones, and not being an "audiophile" myself I probably won't notice the small faults in some products.     Hello and thank you for taking your time to read this first of all.   Well the past...
  2. xiaoyuanxp

    Are there any comfortable Over-ear Headphones under $150???

    I am a newbie and searching for a pair of over-ear headphones.   Where: 95% Home 5% Elsewhere   Genre: RNB, Rap 45%  Pop 40% Other 15%   Use: 40% Music 20% Movies 40% Games   Price: <$150, but would go for more   Key: Comfort is the biggest issue here. I...
  3. Bkord123

    News Flash: Today I learned that I am a basshead

    Hi folks.   I just bought the Sony XB-500s. I posted a few messages asking people for advice, and I always said I wasn't a basshead. I went to the Sony store and tried these on in addition to the V6 (Felt flimsy to me! and I hate the way they so readily collapse) and the ZX-700 (These were...
  4. yoyogross

    sony mdr v6 and fiio e6

    will I hear An Improvement just purcheased the e6 
  5. JorgenMeathooks

    Stepping up and need some help!

    Hello, Head-Fi folks! So, the last post I made, I was considering stepping things up, but life happened, money was gone and everything sucked. Since then, though, I've toyed around with demo headphones in Best Buy and other stores to find that my love of heavy bass was fading. I found myself...
  6. Bkord123

    Any suggestions on my weird headphone dilemma?

    Hi everyone.   For the first time in my life, I'm about to spend more than $15 on headphones! But there's a catch: I have to buy them at Amazon because I just got a gift card. Here's the problem:   After researching for weeks, I settled on the Sony MDR-ZX700, but Amazon is out of stock...
  7. popandlockit

    Best Sub-$100 Headphone?

    Ok all you head-fi'ers, I have a challenge for you. I want the BEST headphones for under $100, though I'm not really an "audiophile". Right now I have a pair of Sony XB-500s ($70), but they feel cheap, aren't good at keeping in sound, and are pretty bulky. Also I have found that the bass and...
  8. Artie17

    $100 Headphones for work

    I'm currently using my D7000's at work and they are not working out too well. First of all, I'm always scared to scratch the wood and then the FiiO E7 doesn't really make them sound so well.    My company just started to offer $100 grant to get any headphone so I need your expert advice. I...
  9. Stryker412

    Need suggestions: headphones for gaming/movies

    Here's what I'm looking for and perhaps you all can steer me in the right direction. 1) If I'm watching movies/games I would like some form of surround (virtual/real). So that if I'm gaming, I'd like to be able to tell if someone is behind me. 2) I need them to be portable. I plan on using...
  10. wolfetan44

    Need some help

    So I am looking for a headphone for $600(I have a FiiO E11 for an amp but if I need them with a amp then add that into the $600 because I can't really go a tick over $600 and I dont have a DAC either.) So I have Grado SR80's right now and I went to the Sony Store a couple of hours ago and tried...
  11. henrygb

    AD 900 vs. DT 880 vs. AKG 550...which would you put on your head (and mine)?

    Could someone please give me some guidance on how these models compare soundwise and which you think would best suit my needs?    DT 880 32 ohms AD 900 AKG 550 Q701 (I've heard these are difficult to drive)   I'll be driving the headphones primarily through my iphone 4 and macbook...
  12. boy1234

    Philip Citiscapes for $40

    I missed out on the deal by 3 days. Why does life have to be so cruel...?   I may have to postpone the search for a pair of headphones under $130. </3
  13. Rocko1

    Do the Panasonic HTF-600's and Audio Technica ATH-M50 have a similar sound signature?

    I currently have the Panasonic HTF-600 and have been eyeballing the M50's for a while but wanted to know if they are in the same ballpark as far as sound signature goes. I can't do really bright piercing highs-like the treble tone of the the Pannies but maybe just a tad more clarity- and would...
  14. NewbieKiddo

    Headset for a Budget ~US$70?

    Hi,       I am looking for a headset that is around US$70. I used to get gaming headsets but, I just feel that it isn't just as nice for music.     My uses:    -Music of course!(classical,lil rock n pop)  -Movies  -Games    What should I choose for headset that has clarity? I...
  15. TwoEars

    Your Crossroads Experience - What Made You A Head-Fier?

    This is pretty personal, or at least it can be.   The Question Is Simple: ################   What made you a Head-Fier?   What made you listen to what you listen to? What made you buy what you bought?   What was the Game-Changer?   It is not a closed topic - go ahead and...
  16. mms6

    Most POPULAR Headphones for Professional Recording Studios

    I would like to get some input of the most popular headphones used in professional recording studios. (Both the headphones used by the singer for tracking, and the headphone for monitor, mixing)       Thanks...
  17. farhan

    How is the ASTRO Mixamp Pro with Sony MDR-V6 and XB500 for gaming?

    Hi. Right now I use Sony MDR-V6 and XB500 with a Fiio E5 amp for gaming on my Xbox 360. How well would these two of my headphones work with the ASTRO Mixamp Pro for gaming? Any thoughts on this setup? Thanks.   Talking about this:
  18. zokster

    Final decision. (Sony MDR-V6, Audio-Technica ATH-M30, Superlux HD668B, Sony XB-500)

    Hey, I've been visiting these forums occasionally for over a year now, but have never really had any gear that would allow me to experience very good sound quality. I'm hoping to change that now.   I'm looking for closed, circumaural headphones, below 70$, and I'm of course, speaking of...
  19. Huntersluch


  20. sml1226

    Need something new again... AKG, Beyer, Grado? What should I do?

    I'm looking for something new now that my plans to eventually snag a set of orthos has fallen through. I definitely want a new set of open cans if I'm getting something full sized. I'm looking for some mids similar to what Grado gave me, not necessarily the same mids tonally, just somewhat...
  21. kreashion

    Need help buying my first pair of good headphones.

    Alright, so I've been looking around and I've had trouble finding anything that is specific enough for my problem. I've a old ass iPod Classic and a 4th gen iPod Touch, both of which I listen to a silly amount of electronica and alt rock and indie rap on. It's is almost all electronica though...
  22. farhan

    Story of a noob (me) going from mainstream headphones to ones of actual quality.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I just wanted to share my story. For years I had been going through headphones, and being a bass head, I always went for the ones like Skullcandy Hesh and Skullcrushers and Beats etc., etc. But all my headphones were either too uncomfortable or would...
  23. Azof

    Headphones for gaming and DnB?

    Hi I am looking to buy a decent set of headphones for gaming and drum and bass. My budget is probably max £100 for them and would prefer to buy of because they don't shaft me as much on delivery for living in Northern Ireland.   Thanks in advance for any help. 
  24. Rush1184

    Case for Sony MDR-7506/MDR-V6 Headphones?

    I have been looking for a decent case for my Sony MDR-7506 headphones, but have turned up really nothing in my searches.  I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any good cases?  Thanks again!
  25. Blopah

    Searching for full-size headphone below $100

    Hello guys, I would like to get a new pair of full-size headphones under $100 mostly for home use (but even better if they are portable anyway, foldable, low impedance, etc ).   I am going to used them with my PC replacing the not so good MDR-XD200 and I will use them mostly for listening...