1. alanbugsbunny

    Headphone recommendations ($100.00-$120.00)

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy some over ear headphones, with my price range being around $100.00 give or take. I'm thinking about getting the Bose AE2, but I'd appreciate any other recommendations and your input, thanks! :)
  2. zantaff

    Detachable vs Fixed headphone cables

     Detachable seems the way to go it seems. You can easily replace a cable, have options, and it acts like a break-away if you get too excited.  I'm no expert, but the only pro to fixed cables seems that they DON'T pop out, which could be annoying.    Your thoughts?
  3. zantaff

    Is this a brilliant, bad or HORRIBLE idea??!?!

    I'm interested in buying a pair of sub $150 headphones. Now, I'm not really asking for opinions on the headphones, per-se (but you can leave yours).   It's come to these choices.   Audio Technica ATH-M50 ~ $110 KRK KNS-8400 ~ $100 Sony MDR-V6 ~ $60 Sennheiser HD 280 ~ $70  ...
  4. Kafke

    First time Headphone buyer (Ad700, MDR V6, or Something else?)

    So up until now, I've jumped from cheap headphones to cheap earbuds. I currently have the Sennheiser MX580 earbuds. I'm looking to get a $100-150 pair of headphones for home use. So I was wondering what everyone suggests for that price range. Initially I heard great things about the ATH-AD700...
  5. gareim

    Sony MDR V6 Problems?

    I just recently bought the Sony mdr v6 and I noticed that if I touch the jack while plugged in, the sound would crackle or fade on one side. Now, I've never had a silver plated connector and that could just be it. Or is that not supposed to happen and I got a faulty pair? EDIT: Actually, I just...
  6. zantaff

    Have I found the best Monitor headphones for $100 or less?!

    I've been searching many hours for top notch Monitor headphones for around $100. I've narrowed it down to 3 models:   Audio Technica ATH-M50 ~$100 Sony MDR-7506 ~ $90 Sennheiser HD 280 ~$70   I've heard really good things about all of them, and am very torn on which ones should come...
  7. zantaff

    Dr. Dre Trade - The adventure of bad Headphones

    My mother, being the wonderful person she is, gave me a pair of Dre Beat Studo's for my 23rd this year.  While I do appreciate her thought, they just.... fail. I've had them waaay past the return date, (trying to give them a chance) so I can't return them.... So I got the idea to sell them...
  8. charlie875578

    Merry Christmas me!....Help me out.

    So I had some Denon 5000's a couple years ago. Hard times forced me to sell them and my Fiio E11. Downgraded to some Grado 80i's, which I thought would be fine. Hated them. didn't seem like anything to me. But now come christmas, I want to get a good set-up going again. This is where I need...
  9. Sunken Treasure

    Amazon Deals - V-MODA Crossfade LP($75 now - $200 retail) vs Sony MDR-V6 ($50 now - $110 retail)

    Hey guys. I am looking for help on what to buy. Amazon currently has an amazing deal on the V-Moda Crossfade. They are $200 regularly and are on sale for $75.   However I am also looking at the classic MDR-V6s.   The question is: Which one is better for the casual "rock" listener. (i.e...
  10. SeaLion

    I need recomemdations for a new pair of headphones

    I have a pair of Sony mdr xb 500 and i use them in a daily vasos for watching vídeos and music and for hearing music like alt rock, indie rock, electronic music, metal,etc After 3 years of use they accidentally broke and I dont know if i should glue-it or buy a new pair The only pair I have read...
  11. Snarff

    Wife is looking to buy her sister a pair of headphones, help please

    My wife wants to buy her sister a pair of headphones and Amazon has the V-Moda LP for $75, will these need a amp if they are used with Iphone, Ipod, Ipad. I don't think her siser will invest in a amp.   Next up is the Sony mdr-v6 for $50 on Amazon.   Thanks
  12. Gnarkill283

    The best bass headphones IMO - dt770 vs Vmoda vs hd 280 pro vs mdr-v6 vs beats

    I just wanted to share my opinion about these 5 headphones - all around 75-150 bucks except for the beats. I personally own or tried out all of them and I have to say by far the best bass headphones out of all of them are the Vmoda crossfade lps. The bass is crisp and undistorted unlike what I...
  13. SeaLion

    I need sugestion to buy a pair of headphones

    I have a pair of Sony mdr xb500 and I love them for my regular use watching vídeos and movie and hearing Music like indie rock and alt rock. After 3 years they accidentally broke and I dont know if i should glue-it or buy a new pair The only ones im considering are the sony mdr v6 and my price...
  14. Password123456

    [POLL] Sony MDR-V6 vs Creative Aurvana Live!

    Hi.   I'm trying to buy my FIRST headphone (:D yay!) but I'm having difficulty choosing what to buy.   The two choices I've come down to is : MDR - V6 ($49.99) and CAL ($60) in amazon at the moment.   So which do you think is better?? or is there a better one within $60 other than...
  15. sprucemaple

    Searching for headphones under $150USD for home use!

    Hello all, I'm looking for a pair of headphones to be used at home mostly out of a MacBook Pro (2010), occasionally with an iPod Classic (80GB). I don't have much experience with headphones, but I'm using a pair of Westone UM3x. I'd like these headphones to be a complement to my UM3x if...
  16. fuzzybaffy

    Good, neutral headphones?

    Hello...   I'm currently in the market for a good pair of headphones, in the ~$300 - $500 range.   I actually used to own a pair of Grado HP-1's back in high school, which was 10 years ago, and I have no idea if they are still respected today as they were back then, but with college, and...
  17. geoelectric

    Recommendations for amplified setup for V-Moda M-100s

    Hi, all. I was hoping for some input on improving my work audio setup. My question is largely about amps, and I have some degree of loyalty to JDS's portable units, so I'm putting it here. FWIW, I have done a lot of searching and have read a lot of audio comparisons and reviews here and...
  18. Phayzon

    Sony MDR-V6 - Did I make the right choice?

    I just ordered the v6 off amazon, after a lot of contemplating, I've been deciding between the Sony xb500, the koss pro dj100 (probs should have gotten this) and of course the v6, I listen to mainly metal/rock, some pop, some rap, and some dubstep, and sometimes other genres too. Did i make the...
  19. HiQualiT

    Black Friday deals?

    Didn't want to make a thread if i didn't have to but i couldn't find anything when i searched.    Who is offering good black friday deals? Im pretty new to the audiophile headphone world, first and only pair of cans are my ath-m50s and I've been looking to get my first "open" pair for a...
  20. headphone man07

    flat response roundup (under $250 closed circumaural)

    flat response roundup, speaks for itself really, just a note, they have to be good quality and reasonable build quality, doesn't have to be v-moda style build, also must be able to use them on portable (home as well) decent isolation though (sorry denon fans)
  21. maxlice

    Need some help to narrow down my choices

    Hey all,   I'm quite new to the headphone world and just decided to start looking for a good quality headphone after listening with my friend's Grado SR60i back in July of this year. I know for sure that I will get an open can sooner or later, but as of now, I've been looking for a good...
  22. ixnayspyder

    Looking for advice on $150 and under

    First things first, i'd like to keep the cost below $150, and from the options i've found its more than possible I think. I used to have the Sennheiser PC350 headphones and absolutely loved them after they got burned in. The bass was nice, while still having nice clear higher tones. I prefer the...
  23. Synaptic Flow

    Noob needing help as I move up the headphone food chain.

    So this is my first post on here.  I love reading reviews on this site, but it seems like the more I read, the harder it is for me to make a decision.   I've never spent much on headphones.  Honestly the Monoprice 8323 is probably the nicest thing I have.  So that gives you an idea about...
  24. leoniedelt

    Picky customer in the UK - sony MDR-V6 help thread, plus recommendations?

    Picky Customer in the UK, that's me.   I know i went on and on about the Bose AE2, cos they were comfortable. I've had them for over a year, no complaints.   Well i bought my husband a pair of Sony MDR-V6 for Xmas - but he ain't getting them!!!!!!!!!!   Omg what the flipping 'eck...
  25. Xdflames

    Any comfy, long lasting closed headphones for gaming recommendations?

    Hey guys, I ended up here on my search for a couple headphones that meet my requirements, and I would be grateful to any help you guys could give me.   The things I want are: -Comfort (a must, for gaming sessions from 2 hours to 6 hours at a time) -Long lasting (I don't want to have to...