1. 1

    Sony MDR-V6 VS. Shure SRH750DJ

    Was looking to get either, and need to make my decision by tonight.   I've spent a little bit of time looking for new headphones to upgrade over my Panasonic DJ-RPS400s as they kept breaking on me, and I came across these two models, but I just cant seem to decide on one over the other.  ...
  2. planx

    SRH750DJ problem?

    hey i was wondering if anyone else owning the 750's found the left side to be "stronger"? i feel that a lot of the bass is coming from the left only. btw it's brand new
  3. Jlox1

    Shure Srh 750DJ vs. Sony MDR-V700DJ

    I have done hours of research and still havent found an answer. Me and my friend have them, me the 750's and him the v700's and I obviously think mine are better than his but he refuses to think so. Lets hear what the headfi community thinks. 
  4. Sal29

    Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 vs Shure SRH750DJ vs Denon DN-HP1000, which sound best, most comfortable, deepest bass?

    I'm looking for some comfortable headphones with great sound quality and slightly exaggerated sub bass and midbass without drowning out the mids and highs. I hate round earpads, and I prefer oval earpads for comfort. I know that they can be swapped out for oval ones on the Audio Technicas, but...
  5. FlobHobNob

    Beats by Dre vs Shure SRH 750Dj's

    I know both have good bass but wich is the overall better headphone
  6. twp8888

    shure SRH750DJ vs grado sr80i

    so im wondering what would be better to buy. i like them both and both would only be for home use. suggestions to help me pick? id type more but on my also planning on using them with a portable amp at sometime
  7. Headphoneboi

    Shure SRH 750dj vs Ultrasone hfi 580 (dj1)

    Which is better in bass, sound stage, treble, vocals, highs mids low, etc. and tell me which ones you prefer please :)
  8. Angsthyrkh

    Anyone have experiences with both the Shure SRH750 DJ and Sennheiser HD 215?

    'Sup everyone,   1st off, I'm terribly sorry if I posted this onto the wrong forum. It's my 1st time here, so cut me some slack, pretty please.   So, I've had a pair of Shure SRH750DJ's for ~1 year now, and have been very happy with them. However, the band has gotten slightly cracked...
  9. iprefermusic

    Sell my Shure SRH840 for SRH750dj?

    When I bought my SRH840's I was more of an all around music listener/musician, so not having crushing low end wasn't much of an issue. Due to a few events though, and my very sudden introduction to djing, I've started listening to a lot more electronic. The past two or three months of listening...
  10. irzekk

    Shure SRH 840 or SRH750DJ?

    So....which would be better for listening to dubstep? I am not a basshead, I am still concerned with overall sound quality, though bass is important when it comes to dubstep regardless. I don't use an amp and I use an lg optimus 2x to listen to my music so im not too fancy when it comes to source.
  11. irzekk

    Shure SRH750DJ or SRH 840

    Hey, I would like to know which of the headphones performs well for dubstep but still maintains good overall sound quality. Note, I am NOT a basshead and still very concerned with the overall sound quality. Seeing as I want them mostly for dubstep, I understand bass is important. Also, is the...
  12. skatingrocker17

    Grado SR 60i or Shure SRH750DJ

    I'm looking for some headphones to use with my iPod and no amp. I've found the above headphones to have good ratings but am open to other suggestions as well. I'm just looking for something better than the Skullacandy earbuds I have now and I don't want to spend a lot of money. I mostly listen...
  13. Pumba

    fiio e10 shure srh750

    what do you say about fiio e10 for my shure srh750dj headphones?  im planning to buy them because they are dac+amp(dac is what i mostly need), and they seem to be the cheapest.   i dont understand much in this though, so what do you guys think?
  14. boonh

    Headphones similar to Shure srh750dj in terms of bass

    Hi, I'm new and want to get some suggestion from here.   I owned Shure srh750dj and really liked its bass response and clarity, but the comfort was terrible so I sold it and got a ATH-M50s instead.  However, the bass and even the clarity of M50s is not really impressive compared with 750dj...
  15. sharkol

    I need help to decide if my headphones are broken - SHURE SRH750DJ

    hi everyone, today i saw somthing which i dont realy like. i bought the SHURE SRH750DJ headphones 4-5 months ago, i realy like them and having fun with them. but today i noticed somthing i never noticed before, maybe its how the headphones build, but i never noticed that part. just to me it...
  16. axizor

    Your thoughts on a few phones

    Hello Head-Fi! After browsing the forums for about a year now, I thought it was time to make an account.   I'm looking for a new set of cans. I bought my first pair, Shure SRH750s, about a year ago. I love them and they sound great with my music (hip hop, electronic, dub step, alternative...
  17. MrDawn

    Sennheiser HD518 or Shure SRH750DJ

    One of them will be mine after the next few days yet I do not know which of them will it be. I would like to have some advice with this decision (while considering my needs, of-course). If anyone has a better suggestion it would be great too.   I will use them outside, at the public so I...
  18. GuitarKingX

    help me find the best headphones (under 150)

    I have a gaming headphone set that looks SUPER goofy, its called afterglow and it lights up, and im looking for some headphones i can actually take out in public, but im also looking for some that have quality sound for electronic, dubstep, rock, metal and stuff like that, i dont need a super...
  19. MattAKramer

    Best Headphones around $100-150?

    Trying to decide the best headphones around $100-150. I've never owned full size head phones but I have had Senn cx300, shure se110 and now have Shure se215 IEMs. I've read a lot of good things on the forum about the m50's and the srh750's. Not really sure which would be better though. Also a...
  20. SoulShocked123

    Need Help for choosing two awesome headphones

    Hi, i am stuck at a a stalemate between the ATH-M50's and the Shure SRH750 DJ i read tons of reviews on both of them and just cant seem to reach a decision. I am not a bass head i want clarity over bass basically i would like headphones that are not muddy i understand that under 200$ is a small...
  21. basshead2015

    Dubstep Headphones!?!

    Hey, I am looking for new headphones and I listen to a lot of... that's right dubstep. Now I have some able planet head phones (most probably don't even know what able planet is) but they just aren't satisfying for bass. Now I've looked a dozens of headphones all with good reviews but nothing...
  22. 007noob007

    Choose between a few head phones

    i live in israel, so we dont have that many headphones... here are my option-   Shure SRH-750-DJ akg q460 akg k181 akg K450 skullcandy aviator akg K451 (what is the difference from akg k450) Shure SRH440-A       music-  I listen to all kinds of music: rock, Irish music...
  23. HyenaPrime

    Need for Comfortable, Good Sounding, Bassy Headphones (Under $150)

    I would like to have some headphones that sound good with rap, dnb, and dubstep. They need to be comfortable and have good build and sound quality. Thanks.
  24. Briant1234

    Alternatives to ATH-M50?

    So i was looking to buy a new pair of headphones, and the ATH m50 are what i am most interested in. The price is around 100-120, so are there any other alternatives that match them in sound and price? thanks
  25. sneaglebob

    Are the VMODA M-100 Bassy? Plus other headphones

    Hello Head-fiers   I have waited until the release of many basshead cans for me to write a question thread and I'm currently interested in the Sennheiser Momentum, the M-100 and the MDR-1. Does anyone have any feedback regarding their sound quality? Since probably everyone in headfi already...