1. Polar1s

    Best full size headphones for <$30

    Hi so im not much of audiophile but I know how to distinguish sound and all of that. I am currently looking for some over the ear headphones around $30 (I can stretch it up to $35) Ill be using them for music such as alternative some electronic not too much and gaming. I have seen the superlux...
  2. klost

    Help choosing a new headphone

    Hi guys, hope I'm posting this in the correct category.   I'm using a LX-3000 from Microsoft, but I want to buy something better. I usually listen to Classic and POP music, and also use it while gaming, I do not live in the US so the prices are a bit high here (Ex: Sennheiser HD650 for...
  3. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  4. TwilightBeach43

    Looking for realistic sounding, comfortable headphones $100 or less

    Hello. :)   I'm looking for suggestions on headphones with realistic sound. I know that's a very vague term, but I'm hoping I can explain a little further:   I want a pair of headphones I can wear, close my eyes, and just drift and get lost in my music. Bass isn't important, but need to...
  5. fdl1987

    Looking for closed hearphones with screw-on 6,3mm adaptor

    Hi everyone! Hope you're doing good in the beginning of this year! I am new on this forum so do not hesitate to move my thread somewhere else if needed. I tried to look at various old threads but none could answer clearly my question so I hope you'll be able to help me! I'm looking for...
  6. jezmoulton

    Buy new headphones or USB DAC first?

    Hi there,   I listen to a lot of music from my computer at home. I have recently got a new HiFi (second hand Technics from ebay) and I have been using the Sennhesier HD 202's for a couple of yerars now. I use a very cheap "Creative X-Fi Go Pro!" USB soundcard, but I would like to make some...
  7. culture

    Koss QZ900

    Hi, I did a search of this forum and found not much information about the Koss QZ900. Also, there do not exist really good reviews of this product online. Does anybody have them and can compare them to other full size noise cancellation headphones in this price range (100-150$)? If it...
  8. durden

    Budget cans, need help

    Hey guys. I've been a fan of IEM's for quite some time now. My first major purchase was the hi-fi man RE0s, which are still amazing for how long I've had them. Now I am working from home and am looking for a budget pair of headphones to enjoy without needed the isolation of IEM's. I've been...
  9. jjj666

    Best Headphone for Fender Mustang III Guitar AMP ( AUDIO TECHNICA M50 or .... ? )

    Hi everyone, Im looking for a pair of good cans to use with my amplifier on my home , i live on a building now so the neighbors are not very happy with my solo's hehehe.   I have a pair of Senheiser HD202 and they get really muddy and quite horrible when i apply even the smallest...
  10. BluePhase

    Headphones for gardening

    I often spend the weekends working in my parents' garden (a mix of forest, meadows and English style garden) and usually listen to music while doing this. Up till now I have been using an old set of Sennheiser HD 202's. They are sturdy and block a decent amount of noise, but I'm looking for...
  11. headphobe

    What's a comfortable & foldable circumaural phone with detachable cord on a budget?

    I'm on the lookout for a closed-back circumaural headphone w/ detachable cord. It must be completely over the ear to block out background noise. Oh, and it must be able to fold up as small as possible for travelling if that's not too much to ask.   I've tried the Shure SRH440 but it's not...
  12. RodgerM

    [solved] $24 budget, need some headphones.

    I'm willing to stretch it to $32, and get these:   The Sennheiser HD419   However , the ones at monoprice are in budget too.  Which ones would be better ? The HD419 or the monoprice 8324 , or monoprice 8323 ?
  13. Uppertaker

    Does anyone know any good inexpensive headphones for gaming/movies

    I have some HP700 which sound great with music, but not having an amp of any kind makes them not that good to use with my pc, and the short coiled cable isn't the best to plug, not to say they aren't exactly the most comfortable headphones I've wore, that being said, can anyone tip me about some...
  14. analkundu

    [help] Want suggestion for buying headphone within 50$

    Hello sir, I'm from india. I want to buy headphone for my galaxy s duos within 50$. I want to buy from this site. Please suggest me from this site...
  15. maniakk

    Porta pro vs HD 201, 202, 218 vs RP-HTX7 or maybe something other :)

    Hi. As I said in the topic, I want to buy some good headphones. The maximum prize is 32$. I will be using the headphones for gaming (League of Legends only) and for music, I am listening to all the songs. Can I get a good Razer in this price? They has to be portable, and have a good isolation I...
  16. packboy5

    Good entry level audiophile full cups

    Hey everyone,   I am a new audiophile and am new to this site. I'm looking for a good pair of headphones, preferably full bass cups, for under $50. I've looked at the Superlux HD668B but with shipping it was a little over my price range. Here are some I've also looked at:   Superlux...
  17. astroboy907

    [Review] Noontec Zoro

    Got these cans from my parents for christmas. Its been a few weeks and I've gotten about 100hrs of burn in on them (mostly vocal/spoken voice tracks), so its about time for a review.   First of all, the look       These things look a LOT like Beats headphones, but I assure you...
  18. Kalookakoo

    Help buying a new pair of headphones? ($40 max)

    I bought a JVC HA-S700 2 years ago and the wire finally died on me. I loved them. Bought them for 30 bucks or so at the time. Now I'm shopping for new headphones similar to those, but I don't want the same headphones again. I liked the fact that they were very flexible (folded in for travel...
  19. zoenphlux

    Best headphones under 200$ for father's day gift

    Hello all,    Long time lurker, but I decided to ask some questions.  As the title says I am in need of a father’s day gift(yeah i know...belated).  Headphones would be perfect.  I will provide a little bit of info that will help the more educated offer appropriate options.   My dad records...

    Help! What headphone should I get?

    Hello guys, I want to buy a headphone (up to $300ish). Here are my criteria   - I want to here every little bit of detail - I don't want my music to be over powered by bass (looking at you beats and sony) - looks are not important - durable, I have Senn HD 202 and when I fall asleep with...
  21. Maciek1988

    I can get brand-new Denon AH-D340 for about $114. Should I go for it?

    The title is self-explanatory.
  22. TWerk

    Immersive Feeling In Headphones

    Hey Head-fi!   Anyways, occasionally when listening to some of my headphones, I get a euphoric feeling of being surrounded and immersed in a song. You all have probably experienced the feeling before, perhaps accompanied with some nice goosebumps to go along with it. Throw away perfect...
  23. Dutchy18

    KOSS portaPro or sannheiser hd 201/202/205

    Hey. Im looking for headphones for work (im a programmer). looking for some thing which will prevent as much distraction from the outside as possible. And, i need to be able to wear it for hours with as much comfort.   Music i hear : country, classic rock, classical. i dont hear any hip-hop...
  24. Rukeith

    The Bassiest out of These Sennheiser Headphones?

    So if I had to choose between: HD202, HD219, HD419, HD429, HD439 which of those would have the more powerful bass? I'm use to using turtle beaches (Not necessarily headphones I know) primarily for music with a bass boost of 12dB@150Hz turned all the way up, so how would that compare?
  25. op16

    Bought new headphones (Sennheiser hd 600), ears got damaged instantly (Tinnitus).

    So yea, I had previously used my sennheiser hd 202 phones for 1-2 years without problems, I get hearing fatigue fairly easily, even with low volumes, so I tough't that open backed headphones would be more delicate for my ears.   I bought sennheiser hd 600 + fiio e17 combo. I listened at the...