What's a comfortable & foldable circumaural phone with detachable cord on a budget?
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New Head-Fier
Apr 27, 2013
I'm on the lookout for a closed-back circumaural headphone w/ detachable cord. It must be completely over the ear to block out background noise.
Oh, and it must be able to fold up as small as possible for travelling if that's not too much to ask.
I've tried the Shure SRH440 but it's not comfortable enough, I am looking for something more comfortable.. but around the same price range or lower if that is possible as well. I'm not sure what that translates to USD, but in AUD that's around $100 posted. I realise this might be asking a lot, but I'm not that of an audiophile so as long as I get these features the sound doesn't have to be superb. This will be my first pair above a HD202.. which is (was) a good phone, but I just killed the cord.
Short version:
- Closed-back circumaural
- Detachable cord
- Foldable
- More comfortable than Shure SRH440
- USD100 or less

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