Best Headphone for Fender Mustang III Guitar AMP ( AUDIO TECHNICA M50 or .... ? )
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Feb 22, 2013
Hi everyone,
Im looking for a pair of good cans to use with my amplifier on my home , i live on a building now so the neighbors are not very happy with my solo's hehehe.
I have a pair of Senheiser HD202 and they get really muddy and quite horrible when i apply even the smallest distortion on my guitar amp.
I heard a LOT about the Audio Technica M50s.
Can someone help me on this one ??
Best regards.
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I have never played through a fender Mustang.  For after hours playing I usually use my Grado SR80i's.  had some 100$ Sony something or others that sounded good to.  I would recommend the Vox amplug.  I have the AC30 but I think they make a twin version for simulating fender cleans.  My fuzz and overdrive sound okay through the model but nothing like the real thing through my amp.  I wouldn't get high expectations for this kind of thing unless you want to invest in axe fx. 

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