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  1. cossix

    Balanced Jotunheim w/ HD800?

    Is the Jotunheim a terrible pairing with the HD800? I'm looking for a more analytical headphone with good soundstage to round out my HD650/Jotunheim setup. I don't really want to buy another amp just to use with my next and final pair. I have a budget of $1000 or less for the headphone. I'm...

    DC Area Head-Fi Meet and End-of-Summer SchiitStorm! - August 12, 2017 - Gaithersburg, Maryland!

    In accordance with Head-Fi forum protocol, the below event was held (with great success!) and comments and impressions will now be open in a new thread here -...
  3. FitzChivalry

    How to setup a Schiit Stack

    Hey guys, So I just received my Schiit stack (Modi 2 Uber and Magni 2 uber). I'm pretty sure I forgot to purchase an additional cable. I did buy the PSYT RCA cable to connect the Amp to the Dac. But I didn't buy a cable to connect the stack to my PC. Which cable do I need to purchase to actually...
  4. Frank161

    Connecting studio monitors to unbalanced source

    Hi everyone, I am planning on upgrading my current speakers to some studio monitors (probably Focal CMS 40, because of their build and compact form factor) and this will be my setup: Schiit Modi Multibit > Schiit PYST RCA > Schiit Sys > Schiit PYST RCA > Schiit Vali 2 (How do I put the...
  5. Jimmi232

    Schiit Magni to Behringer HA400 (double amping)?

    **Forgive me if this is a dumb question** I have a behringer HA400, I've run my Schiit Magni into it to provide multiple outs, albeit with some quality loss. Before I start using this set up regularly (for testing headphones and for listening with friends), I want to make sure nothing's going...
  6. Frank161

    What sound card or DAC/headphone amp to buy?

    Hi everyone, I have asked this before, but after selling the headphones I was using back then (I didn't like them), I didn't use headphones anymore that much. A month ago however I bought a Philips Fidelio X2HR headphone and I am just in love with them. However, I don't have the equipment to...
  7. D

    Schiit stack + DAW question

    Hi guys, Thanks to the plethora of useful information on the forum I was able to narrow my search for quality headphones and the necessary electronics. I have a PC with a mediocre onboard audio. Striving for higher quality audio I've decided to buy a Magni + Modi combo bypassing the integrated...
  8. radeon2k8

    Should I turn off my amp?

    Welcome HF members! I just got my new Modi 2 and Magni 2, my question is should I turn off the Magni 2 amp when I leave for 30-45mins (about 4-5 times a day), or just leave it on? (Ofc I'll turn it off when I got to sleep). Thanks in advance.
  9. Blaaze

    [Help] Schiit Modi 2 Uber Issue

    When plugging the Modi 2 into a USB 2.0 port on my laptop, the device continually connects and disconnects and does not appear in "Sound" properties in Windows 10 Control Panel. Upon installing the Windows 10 driver, the Modi appears in Control Panel. However, it still disconnects and reconnects...
  10. Nicholas Seltzer

    Who has used the Peachtree Nova 300 as a headphone amp?

    I'm in the process of upgrading some stuff and I'm really, really tempted to go for the Nova 300 because it just seems to do a great job at so many things. But my alternative is to the route of separate components, including a Schiit Gungnir MB and Mjolnir 2 stack. I want both an excellent...
  11. T

    Amp recomendation for ZMF Eikons

    First, I own the Chord Mojo but heard it may be underpowered for the Eikons but couldn't really confirm this elsewhere; So, I'm currious if anyone has experience with the pairing and not just power wise but sound wise too. Second if it is underpowered, what amp would ya'll recomend for the...
  12. John Aiello

    Schiit Jotenheim and mrSpeakers Ether Flow

    I have been in and out of the headphone thing for about two years. I get in and then lose interest and sell everything and move on. Then I buy all new stuff get excited and then sell it and start all over. This latest iteration is the Schiit Jotenheim and MrSpeakers Ether Flow. What a great...
  13. cossix

    Foobar2000 DSD Playback

    I was messing around with the Foobar settings and noticed the "DSD" tab is set to PCM. When I change it to DSD, I get no sound. My question is this: If I have the foo_input_sacd component and I play a DSD file, am I actually hearing a representation of what DSD sounds like? I'm afraid I'm...
  14. ShoobDaLoob

    Aune x7s vs Schiit Asgard 2 - Need Help Upgrading

    Hello HeadFi-ers, I am currently using my Modi Uber and Magni 2 Uber combo to power a pair of hd600s and hd 598s which will soon be replaced by M1060s (coming on monday, yeet!). I am looking to upgrade my amp to a pure class A amp and I am quite stuck. My price range for a new amp stops at...
  15. squee116

    A question about Hifiman Edition X v2's, and my system in general

    Right now, I'm running HE-560's connected to a MAC 1900 amplifier, which is connected to a Schiit Modi 2 Uber, which then connects to my PC. The first thing I'm curious about is the difference in audio signature from the 560's to the HEX v2. I generally prefer neutral sound signatures and can...
  16. P

    Fostex / Schiit in combination with Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro and Logitech Z-680 5.1

    Plese delete this topic regrads, Phil
  17. W

    Vahalla 2 tubes loose?

    Hi, im new to audiophile world and this website as well, so i am lack with the basic informations on rolling my gears. So i have a question for you guys.. I recently bought second hand vahalla 2 from audiogon and modi2 uber + vali 2 stack for me and my fiance. (so that we can listen to same...
  18. sonic2911

    Audio-gd NFB-11 and Schiit Jotunheim debate!

    Which is best pair with HD650? NFB-11 : $340 Jot: $520 (both are total price include shipping and fee) I don't have balanced cable now, but not sure how much is it better than unbalanced, is it worth it for HD650? Not looking for OTL atm, because I have no DAC/amp now, solid is safe choice now...
  19. Icarus77

    Schiit Fulla 2 Driver Issue [Windows 7]

    I got the Fulla 2 recently and am encounting a problem. I have both Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 10 dual-booted on my desktop PC. I also have a laptop that uses Windows 7. When I plugged in my Fulla 2 for the first time on my Windows 10 OS and my Laptop's Windows 7 OS, it installed the driver...
  20. IndieGradoFan

    Schiit Freya Impressions and Tube Rolling Thread   Freya is a balanced passive/active preamp for use in 2-channel systems, featuring a selectable passive stage, active JFET stage, or active 6SN7 tube stage.   Let's share our impressions of Freya, tubes, and amplifier pairings.
  21. XERO1

    Schiit Fulla 2 Impressions Thread

       Schiit's Fulla 2 is made to fill a niche for those that want a small desktop DAC-amp that does it all and does it well, but is also extremely affordable.  For $99, I don't think there is another DAC-amp on the market that offers what the...
  22. atomicbob

    yggdrasil - gungnir MB - bifrost MB - a terse, ribald comparison

    Having all four of these Schiit multibit DACs is a considerable privilege. Comparing them to other DACs with printed words is challenging at best. These need to be heard, preferably in level matched A/B comparison to other DACs, to fully appreciate the advancements achieved by Mike Moffat and...
  23. Baldr

    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    Here we are at the beginning of a long overdue journal of my audio life since 1967, when I sold my very first audio product. It was a modified Dynaco Stereo 70 amplifier, which I had tweaked to drive my Quad ESL speakers, a tricky deal as they were very revealing of less than ideal amps, not to...
  24. [No title]

    [No title]

    A supero-inferior shot of the Schiit Magni 2 Uber! This is the most "beautiful" radiograph I have produced! There is little image noise, and blackening is consistent all around the amp! This goes to show that a lot of milli-ampere seconds AKA dose creep can really help. (I do not advise using dose c
  25. [No title]

    [No title]

    Black Lyr