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Amp recomendation for ZMF Eikons

  1. TheJudge1
    First, I own the Chord Mojo but heard it may be underpowered for the Eikons but couldn't really confirm this elsewhere; So, I'm currious if anyone has experience with the pairing and not just power wise but sound wise too.

    Second if it is underpowered, what amp would ya'll recomend for the Eikons? I heard otl tube amps pair well with them and am considering the Valhalla 2 but heard it's not the most versitile amp and think it won't pair well with cans I get in the future. I also heard good things about the Jotenheim but am not sure if it will pair well with the Eikons.

    My budget is about $400-500 and I will probably use my mojo as a dac, unless that is for some reason not advised. Thanks for any advise.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    OTL tube amplifiers produce more power at 300ohms than at 32ohms, so depending on what the impedance of the Eikon is (which seems to be some kind of trade secret - the website has nothing but flowery language and promises of performance, kind of like if Lamborghini claims their cars are fast but no engine output specs and no Nurburgring lap times), you might end up not pushing any more power than what you're getting out of the Mojo. If not less.

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