1. 1

    Equivalent sound signature as Hegel H190 + Sonetto 3s

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a headphone (or IEM) + Dac/amp setup which would give me a similar sound signature as my current system. I am using the Hegel H190 to drive the Sonus Faber Sonetto 3. Bass: very dynamic, fast decay Mid: very detailed and articulate, strong presence High: smooth...
  2. G

    Returning to the hobby

    Hello, I used to have a have a setup of FiiO dac/amp and some open backs when I was younger. Now that I have started my career with more disposable income , I am looking to get back into it and have some enjoyable downtime post work. Looking for advice on entire setup , mainly will be streaming...
  3. silvermuse

    Exploring options in a $500-1000 system, fairly new to mid-fi

    Hi there! Been reading Head-Fi and following classifieds for a while, but never made an account (well, I had an old one under another email that I never used). I thought I'd test the waters and see if anyone had good advice for me! Thank you SO MUCH in advance if you read this and offer...
  4. Y

    Closed-back over-ears for EDM - sub £100

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a new set of cans. I'll be listening primarily to EDM (Chemical Brothers) at home, so portability and leakage are not important. I already have a good daily driver for media and gaming (PC38X) but I want something more fun with an abundance of bass (v-shaped...
  5. G

    IEM recommendation primarily for EDM - max. 2000 EUR

    Hi everyone, I'd like to step up with my mobile audio lineup, looking for recommendations, below the details, 1 important thing, I live in the EU, preferably buying form EU shop, easier to deal with warranty if needed. Currently I have these AKG N40, RHA T20, JVC HA-FW01 Wood Series, only using...
  6. N

    Do I need an AMP/DAC for the Focal Clear MG?

    Hi all, I'm new here and I don't want to come off as ignorant so ignore me if I say anything stupid. I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to AMPs & DACs but I have received some suggestions from a reputable person at the Podcastage Discord who knows about this stuff. I'm looking to get some...
  7. zukem

    Burson Soloist 3X or HeadAmp GS-X Mini

    Hey everyone new member here, I've lurked for a while but decided to join to get some help on my upgrade path. I'm really considering the 2 amps in the title but I'm not sure which one to pull the trigger on. I've listened to the GSX before but it was several years ago when I first got into the...
  8. P

    IEM recommendations - 200€ budget

    Hey everyone, I need some help chosing the right IEM for my use case. I mostly listen to electronic music, some rap and some classic rock/metal. I'll also use them for voice calls and other voice related content (podcasts, narrated videos). I'll generally wear them for very long periods of time...
  9. nublet554

    Help with my next IEM

    Hello all, Was looking for some recommendations for my next iem in my audio journey, and would love some recommendations. I currently have two IEM being the EE Legend X and the Jomo Audio Trinity Brass (and a custim noble audio kaiser I don't use due to all BA). I like them both, I'm a ass...
  10. DelayedEnd

    Poll - New Headphones VS New Speakers

    Hello, So I have been thinking for a while that I would like something new. Now, I am trying to decide what I want to do. My current thoughts are either, buy a new pair of headphones (Probably HiFiMAN HE1000 V1), or finally, properly get into the speaker space. Currently have HiFiMAN XS +...
  11. Saadat01

    Kbear Dumpling or Moondrop Quarks?

    I want to buy an iem for the first time. I'll mostly watch anime so the voices needs to be clear and not hurt my ears. So which one will be better for me? Moondrop Quarks or Kbear Dumpling? I can't go above this budget so please don't suggest anything more expensive.... Thanks!
  12. M

    Help a fellow competitive FPS gamer decide which headphone to buy

    I've done extensive research and the general consensus is to avoid "gaming" headsets and go for actual headphones. I read lots of posts on r/HeadphoneAdvice, r/headphone, crinacle's guide,, MadLust list, MajorHiFi and used the headphone assistant mk II. Main usage is competitive FPS...
  13. H

    1More EVO TWS vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2?

    Hey guys! I'm really stuck deciding between these two TWS earbuds(both same price), and I'd love your help in this case. What's your opinion on the 1More EVO vs the Galaxy Buds 2? Aside from sound, comfort is also very important to me. My previous earbuds were the Creative Outlier Air V3, but...
  14. J

    Amplifier for AKG K702 Annies

    Hello, A proud owner of a pair of AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition headphones here. So far I've been running my Annies with an Objective 2 as according to many, it should be more than good enough. However, some people claim that the headphones would perform even better if fed more, so I wonder...
  15. Y

    (Recommendation/Help/Discussion?) IEM upgrade from Shortbus Olina / Oxygen

    Hi, I'm new to Hifi IEMs and purchased my Olinas a month ago and am now looking for an upgrade because of the reasons below. First the most important stuff out of the way. I live in Europe, Germany. My budget is 650€ though I wouldn't mind spending less than that. I definitely consider used...
  16. ScruffyLG

    Seeking lower-end DAP Recommendation

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a DAP. I plan to use it in my car to listen to lectures (mostly), but also music. I'm not an audiophile, so I'd imagine that any of the DAPs out there today would have sufficient audio quality. My files are MP3/WMA/FLAC. I require the the DAP have the...
  17. D

    Looking for a solid (used) (planar) open-backs with an emphasis on sub-bass

    UPDATE: edited thread, upped my budget. So recently I've slowly been getting into the game. I picked up the Oppo PM-3 just a few months ago because it seemed very intriguing. A cult-classic closed-back planar. I really needed closed back headphones currently as I'm sharing a loft space with my...
  18. H

    Best sub-$50 IEM for VR Gaming

    Hello There! I'm currently looking to buy a wired IEM to use with a Quest 2 VR Headset, mainly for Beat Saber, so music performance(especially EDM and pop) is important, alongside a secure fit and minimal cable noise. My budget isn't really high, $50 tops, and I'm in Europe, so choices are...
  19. T

    Aftermarket Headphone Cables

    Hello! I don't know much about aftermarket cables for headphones (or IEMs for that matter, but let's focus on headphones for now), I've just heard some brand names such as Periapt and Oidio. What brand do you guys think make the best aftermarket cables? Note: I'm not interested in the...
  20. L

    Headphone (+dac/amp) recommendation for 800 USD

    Hello there! I'm looking to upgrade my 58x, my budget is about 800 USD,and I'm open to buying used equipment. I originally upgraded from Senns HD 559, as I was blown away by the foward mids of the brand, however, I'm ready for the "next level". I would like for an open back headphone with more...
  21. JustCans

    "Legendary" closed backs?

    Hello everyone! After being a headphone enthusiast for many years, primarily focused on open back headphones, I'm looking for some thoughts on "legendary" closed back headphones. Example: My current shopping list and current collection currently includes: AKG K1000, Stax Lambda Anything...
  22. corgifall

    Colorado audiologist that does digital scans

    I was wondering if there were any audiologist that any colorado-fi peeps know of that do digital scans vs physical impressions. Thanks!
  23. C

    Best SS amp money can buy for HD650

    Hello All, I've searched quite a lot and although I see some treads on HD800s I am having a hard time finding a TOTL amp for the HD650 for the type of use I plan for those headphones. My idea is as following. I am planning to go for a Abyss 1266TC and a Formula S/Powerman for music. Favorite...
  24. R

    Why are there no AAC transmitters?

    Just came from the thread on the newly released BTA30 Pro, which supports AAC RX but not AAC TX. I've been looking for a TX alternative for AAC transmission for a while, preferably one that also supports AptX LL. I'm using the AirFly at the moment, which supports both but connects via a...
  25. tlite

    What are three Good 'Schiit-Grade' First IEMs (with Soundstage!) to try?

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm new to everything, wanting to try IEM's to see if I like 'em. I tend to go for the entry to mid-grade stuff that punches above it's weight class initially while I get a feel for stuff. Then if I upgrade to something else or try something else I have a...