1. Koopa989

    Is the Fiio E5 the only portable amp with a clip?

      i miss my E5 for working out and other active stuff while listening so i was thinking about getting another one.   but then...if theres a worthy upgrade out there that has a clip thats similar to the E5 id like to know about it.
  2. gaspir324

    Best bassboost amps in 120$ range?

    I ordered my XB1000s which should arrive in 2 weeks. I want to get the most of it so I would like to know my choices. I've been looking iBasso T3/4 and digiZoid ZO (I'd wait for the 2nd gen). I really like the 32 levels of boost in ZO and I was wondering will iBassos be able to match it/overcome it?
  3. 12345142

    Audinst AMP-HP: impressions and reviews

    You might know Audinst for their HUD-MX1, a good-sounding and affordable DAC/amp. Well, they've recently announced the AMP-HP, a portable headphone amp. It's going to be released on June 17. http://audinst.com/en/bbs/board.php?bo_table=AMPhp&wr_id=5
  4. moodyrn

    Muse Portable Tube Amplifier

    There have been a few portable tube amps to come out recently, and none of them are cheap. Even the one from govibe, who always made cheap solid state portables, is over 600usd. So I was browsing on ebay and came across a muse tube portable that's around 100usd shipping. I tried searching on...
  5. kyledotroberts

    Practical Devices XM6 features and a few queries

    I'm fairly new to Head-fi and whilst I've always enjoyed listening to music on my PC with Sennheiser HD555's more than my iPod I never really thought much about it until stumbling across this site.   Since then, I'm now usually listening to my Beyerdynamic DT1350's with the XM6 which is far...
  6. okachi_1987

    UM3X + E11?

    Hello. I have a pair of UM3X and i'm thinking of getting a portable amp from Fiio. Has anyone tried UM3X with E11? Appreciate your opinion :)
  7. ofsahf

    Headphone amps pick up the radio

    I have two headphone amps, a Total Bithead & a Cmoy I bought on Ebay, and two headphones, an ATH-M50 and ATH A700. All combinations sporadically pick up radio broadcast all around my office & house. The cmoy is in a plastic enclosure, not a mint tin. The Cmoy was boxed and it was just the...
  8. Pantocrator


    In my attempt to choose a portable amp, I am trying to find differences in features. The 2move has crossfeed, which is touted as highly improving the soundstage (you can tell where the instruments are as if you were using speakers instead of headphones.) Does the Predator use this, or does hot...
  9. ColeTrain

    Amp for AKG K271 MKI

    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers, I recently got a pair of K271 and I've been looking around, and have read that sound quite better with an amp, A) Is this true? B) What portable amp would someone recommend for me, or any advice would be appreciated, thanks! Or would a desktop amp be better for these...
  10. Enthusia

    Does anybody know what power adapter connector the Pico Amp/Dac uses?

    I lost the Pico amp/dac power adapter and now I am looking to replace it. I know that they need a 12v dc 500ma power adapter but I am not sure what type of connector. Maybe the people who have Pico's can check for me? 
  11. sennheiserhd485

    Is a DAC necessary?

    To have an audiophile setup, I need an amp, DAC, and headphones, right? Is the DAC only for computer use? I would be using a CD player as my source. Do I need a DAC/amp combo or is seperate best? Does a DAC make a huge difference is SQ?
  12. J

    Portable Amp/Dac w/ Optical (MBP)

    Hey there, I was just wondering what options I have for a Portable Amp/Dac w/ Optical (To use with my Macbook Pro) I'm looking at the iBasso D10/D12 but I wasn't sure if there was anything else that was maybe a little cheaper/more accessible in the UK? (in the case of the D12). Cheers...
  13. rasmushorn

    GoVibe Porta Tube

    I just had a chance to listen to the GoVibe Porta Tube at Jaben in Hong Kong and I was deeply surprised by its sound. I paired it with my own travel companions my iPhone 4 with ALAC and DT-1350 and a pair of HD650 present in the showroom and specially with the DT-1350 it was a great combination...
  14. jakeddong

    From what impedance and on should you get an amp?

    Hi, newbie here. I found that some headphones need an amp to get most of out it cause they have high impedance. Just wondering from what impedance and on would you need an amp?    Also is a Fiio E7 enough to drive a pair of headphones at 300 ohms?   Would it be a waste of money to spend...
  15. krod3003

    Headphone Match for The SR-71b

    Hey I just got a SR-71b the other day and I love it. I currently use it with my Ultrasone Pro 900 (Balanced). But I'm looking for an open headphone that works wonders with the SR-71b. Budget is 800 dollars and I don't mind buying used. Thanks again :D
  16. Regality

    Can the E7 power the HD 600 at all better than just listening straight through my iPhone?

    Well, my HD 600s are arriving in the mail tomorrow and I don't have an amp. I figure I want to own a portable and a full-size amp at some point. And I'm thinking I will just ask for a full-size one for Christmas since I can't afford that now. But I can afford the E7 right now...and Christmas is...
  17. Justinsane82

    Dac VS Amp or Dac + Amp?

    I'm currently running a set of Sony XB700's with a Fiio E5 and a Toshiba Laptop. I'm new to this world and figured what I was using was enough but I've been bit my the upgrade bug. I'm not sure if it's because I want new headphones or what but from what I've been told in other forums that for...
  18. aznx2high

    how does a Ipod Lineout Dock Cable make the audio output better than a audio to audio cable

    how does a Ipod Lineout Dock Cable output audio better than a audio to audio cable?   i have been looking about portable amps and i see people with their photo posted with Ipod Lineout Dock Cable   and i am wondering if it makes a difference.   please tell me what you think or know...
  19. sennheiserhd485

    Would AD700 benefit from iBasso D4 Mamba?

    Would AD700 benefit from iBasso D4 Mamba?     Is it a waste of money to pay $200 on a D4 to use with the AD700?   I have a Zune 120. How would I bypass the Zune's internal amp and DAC?
  20. akong

    1/4mm input portable headphone amp?

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a portable headphone amp to use with my new Grado 225is. However, all the amps I've looked at so far have a 1/8mm input, which won't work, as the 225is have a 1/4mm jack. The amp must be under $100. Thanks!
  21. Brooko

    REVIEW : Jaben's GoVibe Porta Tube Amp - Review Thread (ex demo)

    Thought I'd kick this off and ask anyone who's involved in the demo circulation to post their impressions.
  22. Dr Claudio

    Headamp Pico or P-51 Mustang? (And LOD problems)

    Hallo everyone!   I,m a new user but I've read Head-Fi for some weeks. I'm looking for perfect for me sounding portable system.   "Perfect for me", so some about me: For over ten years I've been used shady, dusty sounding Technics RP-HT300. It had been sounded great since I try...
  23. ClieOS

    FiiO E6 - story of the tiny amp continues... (w/ review on 1st page)

    Here is the new chapter for the story about FiiO's tiny amps' line-up: E6 has been in development for over a year now and ready to be launched months ago. But due to the respect for Westone, which has decided to bundle the new E6 with some of their IEM, the launch is delayed till 25th of August...
  24. ZzBOG

    Portable amp for MBP

    Greetings Head-Fi!   what's the current favorite in the realms cheaper (<$100) portable amps/DACs to use with laptop (Macbook Pro) only?    Portable = the smaller the better (and weight <= iPhone)?   Something that you don't have to mod or wait in 3 months line for...?   Thanks...
  25. joyog

    fiio e11, e5, or cmoybb

    I have been looking at portable amps under $100.  It would be used with an Ipod touch with audeo pfe 112's or sennheiser HD238's.  First off, do I even need an amp for this set up?  I do have the volume at about 80 to 90% most of the time.  Would I gain any sound quality with an amp?   I...