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Good $200 Headphones with no sound leaking?

  1. nOoneNL
    Well hello there,
    I'm in the market for some good cans with very little to NO sound leaking, since I will be using them on the bus, train and at school.
    I currently using in-ear NuForce NE6, but I'm really bothered by the lack of a great soundstage.
    My home equipment contains a Beyer DT 880 and a Sennheiser HD 595 which I am powering with a Little Dot MK III.
    I love the Beyer for the wide soundstage, but sometimes it's just a bit too bright.
    The HD 595 is just too **** blurry and lacks clarity.
    So what I'm looking for is a headphone with a touch of warm sound (but not as much as the Sennheiser) and a nice soundstage.
    My budget is about $ 200. I will be using them in combination with my discman.
    I've always got my messenger bag with me, so they don't need to be small and portable.
    I am aware that all good cans become great cans when used with an amp, so I will buy me a portable amp in the future.
    It would be nice if the headphones sound good without them aswell.
    I've read some stuff around the forum and found some options; Audio Technica A500, Beyer dt 770 or DT250.
    Do any of these fit my liking or are there better options?
  2. nOoneNL
    Whoops, I think I posted this in the wrong forum section [​IMG] although I will be using them for portable use I am looking for full-size headphones...
    Can (and should) this thread be moved or should I just post a new one in the Full Size forum??

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