1. bruce671

    help finding new headphones

    Hi everyone, a few days ago i was at costco and they had the bose ae2 on display. I tried them on and they sounded a lot better than my 10$ earbuds, but im guessing anything sounds better than them. They were also extremely comfortable (i found that style of headphone to be uncomfortable and...
  2. AbbaTab

    Best Bass Heavy Over Ear Headphones Around $100

    I am pretty much a noob when it comes to headphones and I need some advice from some of you experienced audiophiles!  As the title says I am looking for headphones around 100 USD that have good bass for mainly electronic music (house, DnB, etc.)  I am currently thinking about the V-MODA...
  3. razer0

    Advice needed, portable on-ears

    Hello head-fi forums, I'm new at the forums and from looking at the grammer you could spot that English isn't my primary language. So please excuse me grammer Nazi's .   Unfortunately my trusted portables(akg k518le 's ) broke last week. The where only a few problems with the akg k518...
  4. DJHoro

    [Review] Monster Nokia Purity HD (First Look)

    Since my Pioneer HDJ-500s broke I was in the market for some new portable on ears and so I decided to give the Monster Nokia Purity HDs a chance. I had the Beats Solo HDs before but I sold them because I really didnt like the way they sounded. These didnt have many reviews so I wasnt sure what...
  5. cizzley89

    looking for amazing sound headphones under 300.00

    Im looking to buy a nice pair of headphones under $300.00. I had beats solo hd's. Which sounded ok to good. I mostly listen to rock hip hop and rap. Im really looking for something loud and that sounds good. Most headphones ive come across, the cheaper ones just dont sound good. Any models or...
  6. BalaVerde

    SONY MDR-V55 vs. SHURE SRH 240 vs. HD439 vs. MDR-XB600 vs. Pioneer HDJ-500

    Hello,   so I am looking for some headphones under 100$, I've been studying this forum, dozen of reviews, unboxings etc etc. and still I have no idea what to pick.   Currently I am using Creative Aurvana Live!, they offer good sound, but the build quality is terrible and as for now they...
  7. GaNi

    Best BassHead Headphone <150$ ?

    Hello, I'm new here(but searched and read few headphones thread over here) Basically looking for a DJ style headphone. I am really into the thumps and I always tune to Dubstep, Dn'B, Electronic, Progressive House and my Equalizers low frequencies are always higher than the mids. I was...
  8. three4me

    Best headphones for a 13 year old?

    I want to get my son headphones for Christmas for under $100. He will use them pretty much for his ipod to listen to music and ipad to watch movies. The ones I have looked at are Sony MDR-V6, Sennheiser HD-280 pro headphones and Sony MDR-XB500. Which one of those would be the best fit for him...
  9. Ansem

    pioneer HDj500 or sennheiser 439?

    hi,i need a suggestion about my headphone: one my parents can give his HDJ 500,but i have just bought the seenheiser 439 at 60€. i don't know if turn back the sennheiser or if the HDJ 500 is very worse then the HD439. I listen rock,metal,gothic,punk and a little of rap.   P.S. sorry...
  10. marky2299

    Headphones for Dubstep/House?

    Hey, im new here, just a heads-up lol. Anyway, im looking for a pair of headphones, not earbuds, that have great bass and look stylish too. I also ask that they be no more then $150. Right now, i have a pair of skullcandy hesh, and they suit my needs, but im looking to step it up a notch...
  11. segal

    Another "what headphones should I get" thread...

    So I've done a fair amount of research online and as expected there are a variety of recommendations. I mainly listen to house, trance and techno music. Budget isn't really an issue, I'm prepared to pay for top quality if necessary.   Initially I'll only be using them for casual listening...
  12. smitmat11

    Bought Pioneer HDJ-2000's, are they right for me?

    Bought these on the back of hearing good things about them from my brother's friend (who's a DJ) and from the reviews I'd read online, but now beginning to think I may have jumped the gun a bit...   While I've always been interested in DJing and intend to eventually get into it once I have...
  13. ekko

    Buying new DJ headphones, need advice!

    So I decided to buy new headphones for music, and only for music (no video games or movies). I am looking forward to use them while mixing and playing music (doing some DJ stuff), and listen to music like I do casual on daily basis... My budget will be somewhere around 100e. And I found some...
  14. Hyudryu

    Need help finding good headphones under 100$ Clarity Matters

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a good pair of headphones for listening to music at home. I found a Pioneer HDJ500 headphone that looks good, but some people say the quality isn't that good. What I want is crystal clear mids and highs, and decent amount of bass and under 100$ if possible. It's hard...
  15. Skordeath

    Need Helping choosing headphones

    I have never bought any actual headphones before, only cheap earbuds. I am looking for something durable and very portable. An over the ear design so it isn't bulky. I want it to look good too. I really like the look of these headphones, Pioneer HDJ500. If it came with a case, that would be...
  16. AL-8

    The final 3 !

    Hi everyone, Need your help for the last time.I need to make very hard decision:   Pioneer HDJ-500   Audio Technica ATH-WS55   Panasonic RP-HTF600S I'm hearing Dubstep mostly-need the phones for the outside life :)   Thank you very much for your help !
  17. HiFiGuy528

    "First Look" at the NEW revised Beats by Dr Dre BeatsPro headphones unboxing video & impressions to come.

    What's new is that this one comes with TWO cables.  One new Apple Mic/Remote cable and one studio cable.  No more Monster branding on the packaging and headphones.  Take a look.    
  18. pichu

    Best headphones for bass under $100

    ok, I own the turtlebeach X12's, they are $59. I have listened to the beats and they do sound better than the X12's, but they dont sound $200s better. If I go and buy a $100 pair of headphones, will they sound much worse than the beats, and will they sound much better than the X12's? i just want...
  19. crimsongarth

    Pioneer HDJ-500r after 5 months full in depth review

    BACKROUND: I bought my pioneer hdj 500's from guitar center in march of 2012 and its june 25th now so almost 5 months.   BUILD QUALITY: These headphones have magnificent build quality for under 100 dollars. All very durable hard plastic. The foam on the headband not the earcups is low...
  20. gr4v1ty

    Some Dj Headphone with the quality

    Well yeah the title says it pretty much what I'm searching for!     I've looked around the forum and I've seen thes headphones that seemed interesting  Sony xb 700 M50 Shure 550DJ Gemini DJX-05 STEEZ 808 (Pioneer) Shure SRH750DJ Pioneer HDJ500 Behringer HPX6000  Ultrasone...
  21. greensaw

    Looking for Bass Headphones, Better than Crappy Beats, that "vibrate or rattle" the skull?

    I'm no audiophile by any means, just a Teenager who loves the melodic lines of rock guitar, (70 % of the time). Also Love the modern club/dubstep/thumpy bass type (about 30 % of the time). I would like a headphone that will have deep, punchy, melodic bass  that will "rumble" or "Shake" your ears...
  22. fear123


    I turned the forum upside down. I just can't find the right headphones for me. The price range must be around 130$, further I wouldn't like to go.   I was checking the SOL republic tracks regular and HD, the sennheiser HD25-sp II, Pioneer HDJ500W and more. I'm searching for something...
  23. Jmblue

    New Headphones by Beats by Dr Dre

    Beats By Dr Dre has just recently announced the launch of its new headphone aimed at DJs. Developed in conjunction with two-time Grammy Award winning producer and world-renowned DJ David Guetta   .    Looks pretty interesting eh?  
  24. Dsnuts

    The Portable BASS kings..The Pioneer HDJ500 vs AKG 518 LE vs The first look at the new AT WS55 Solid Bass

    As the saying goes there can only be ONE.!!   The heavy hitters..    The Pioneer HDJ500.     Red/black, Black/chrome, White/chrome .. Cost $85-$100 Specs.. 5hz-28khz 2000mW output 105db  Sensitivity 45 Ohm 40mm Dome type Driver    It is surprising to me that there is not...
  25. Ruckus10

    Did I do the right thing

    I was just wondering if I bought good headphones I just got some pioneer hdj-500s for 89 bucks was it a good buy???