Buying new DJ headphones, need advice!
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New Head-Fier
Sep 9, 2012
So I decided to buy new headphones for music, and only for music (no video games or movies). I am looking forward to use them while mixing and playing music (doing some DJ stuff), and listen to music like I do casual on daily basis... My budget will be somewhere around 100e. And I found some models that look good, fit perfectly in term of money and I think that they could do the job. So the models are:
  1. Denon DN-HP500
  2. Allen & Heath XD 40
  3. SHURE SRH440
  5. Pioneer HDJ500
I am not some expert, and I won't do anything serious with them, just playing music for me and my friends, having fun after all... I like headphones that will sound natural, clear, something that will allow me to enjoy music 100%, hear everything, but still not sound too flat or boring. In terms of bass i would like to hear it but there is no need for that big umpht or shaking or whatever, so I look for headphones that is good all around. I listen and play mostly electronic music (trance, D'n'B (all kinds), house)(Daft Punk, Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, Netsky, etc etc). From my point of view I think that SHURE SRH750DJ would do the job nicely. They are the most expensive ones but I think that it fits my needs nicely. Tell me your opinion, what is good, what isn't, is there anything I should be aware of? But in the end I will have to try all and decide, so just help me to make this list smaller (eliminate some if possible)! Thank you very much on your time! 


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