Another "what headphones should I get" thread...
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Sep 25, 2012
So I've done a fair amount of research online and as expected there are a variety of recommendations. I mainly listen to house, trance and techno music. Budget isn't really an issue, I'm prepared to pay for top quality if necessary.
Initially I'll only be using them for casual listening such as while travelling on the bus or train, at home and even possibly in the gym. However I do eventually intend to get into DJing once I have the time and equipment, so ideally I'm after a pair which would be good in both ways.
From what I've seen the one's which are most commonly suggested are the Pioneer HDJ-2000's, Senn HD 25's, Audio Technica ATH-M50's and Shure SRH750DJ's. The Pioneer's were also suggested to me by my cousin who DJ's in various clubs around my local town, but the impression I got from reading about them was that they're for use in the studio and professionally rather than leisurely. 
So are those the kind of ones I should be looking at? An advantage for the Pioneer's is that my local music shop stocks them so I'd have the chance to give them a run in store, as opposed to the others. I've also looked at the HDJ-500's and HDJ-1000's, both obviously a fair whack cheaper than the 2000's. How do you rate them? More appropriate for one in my situation?
Any suggestions on those I mentioned or any others would be much appreciated.
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