1. BQEYZ Spring II

    BQEYZ Spring II

    BQEYZ Spring 2 1BA + Piezoelectric Ceramic + Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-Ear Earphones Description Structural analysis Balanced armature, 13mm bionic diaphragm dynamic driver, 9 layers of nano piezoelectric ceramics. Coaxial dual-cavity patent dynamic ceramic horn...
  2. T

    Best Flat/Neutral Closed Back Recording/Tracking/Reference headphones under $1000?

    I've been researching many hours so far and haven't found anything that stands out. I know everyone's ear is different and is looking for different qualities. I'm looking for something that is closed back, so I can track, but also for referencing while I listen back to a track. I want the...
  3. foscolo

    Upgrade advice - currently Sennheiser HD380pro + Marantz PM6003 + PC-USB to Cambridge DacMagic

    Hello everybody! I'm a classical musician and I've enjoyed silently reading head-fi forums over the last weeks. I finally thought I would tap into the collective experience and knowledge for some advice... My current setup is: - Sennheiser HD380 pro closed-back over-ear headphones - Marantz...
  4. U


    I am new in head fi , so i don't know if this is the right place to post this thread. If not , my apologies in advance. I'm somewhat new too in the field of audio equipment , so i don't know many things or get often confused between audio terms. recently i got confused about neutral and flat...
  5. U


    Most of the budget iems have V-shaped or bass heavy sound signature. so i wanted to know , is there any iem in this price range that has neutral and flat or balanced sound or is the most neutral /balanced sounding iem comparing to other iems?
  6. cageman

    WTB: neutral sounding mid/high-tier IEM

    Hi.. Looking to get a pair of neutral sounding IEM (not too bassy). Budget is around $3 ~ 400. Hope to get a better deal than eBay. If you have one to sell, please shoot me an offer. Thanks!
  7. M

    HELP: Suggestions for a budget Neutral DAP

    Neutral sounding DAPs in this price range (<$200) ? I'm doing a little research about budget neutral sounding DAPs and so far, I've found Benjie T6, Aune M1s (secondhand), FiiO M3K, Cowon Plenue D, and xDuoo X3ii. I've also been told that Hidizs AP80, Cowon Plenue M2 (secondhand), and FiiO M6...
  8. B

    neutral bluetooth over-ears ?

    Hi all, new to this forum and did some searching but couldn't find a thread with suggestions targeting my needs (if this is due to my ineptitude with the search functionality, feel free to point me to existing threads). Trying to find the right wireless cans for me. I bought the Sony...
  9. OmniscientNihilist

    Best NEUTRAL IEM (cord over ear) 150-700$ ?

    i want high quality IN EAR MONITOR (rubber ear tips) cord goes up and over the ear to remove the MICROPHONICS with NEUTRAL sound signature (with no extra bass enhancement) best if they are available on amazon .ca (canada) anything under 700$ would be helpful im having trouble finding...
  10. Zero Walker

    Buying new headphones, looking for suggestions

    Hi! TLDR: Looking for full size headphones that goes over-ear and have realistic/neutral sound. ----Info---- So i made a topic about this before, but it was more into trying to fix my older one i guess so never got any feedback. So i have given up on repairing the ones i have as it's falling...
  11. Cryus Soundkey

    Cryus Soundkey

    SOUNDKEY DESIGN PHILOSOPHY You think the sound is ok when you plug your expensive headphones into your phone? Wait until you hear this! To explain a bit more scientifically, music is stored on your phone in various types of digital files. The DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) in most...
  12. JCRG

    Closed back, neutral, large soundstage

    Heya, I want to try something more dense than my current SRH1540, something with better isolation, sub bass extension and low distortion. My current DAC is the Opus#11 (awesome dac for the size). Budget is around 500-ish USD, could go a little higher if it's really worth it. Thanks in advance! :)
  13. Schwibbles

    FS: Toneking T4 IEM

    Like new. Used less than 30 hours. I bought them new from Massdrop for $170 back in March. Tips are unused as I used my own SpinFit tips. Will come with original accessories and original box. Selling because they don't get much use with how many IEMs I have. Asking $100 USD including...
  14. Flare PRO 2HD

    Flare PRO 2HD

    This in-ear monitors are made from rhodium coated brass and based around 5.5mm beryllium drivers. They use gold plated MMCX terminated at splitter level. They're shipped with 3.5mm jack cable and a balanced bluetooth modul with aptX support. More information...
  15. AthenaZephyrian

    Review of Hifiman HE400I's with linear EQ--I'd put down double money

    I found a supposedly linear EQ for the 400i's. It was terribly compressed sounding, but sounded better than un-EQ'd on one or two tracks, so I posted over here, saying it was awesome. Then I put it through it's paces. It was terrible. BUT I'M BACK! FOR REAL THIS TIME! I TESTED IT...
  16. laradark

    Neutral sounding ear buds, not IEMs?

    Hello. I need help finding neutral sounding ear buds. I don't like IEMs because my ear canals are small and even when they do fit, they give me a massive headache every time. I know there are studio over the ear headphones, but I want something I can carry around. I don't think my expectations...
  17. audiogama

    Neutrality-neutral sound.

    There is no such thing as a neutral sound in reproduced sound and I am afraid there is no such thing as neutral sound in produced music either. I read a lot of reviews because I simply like to read reviews to see how other peoples perceive the sound of different audio gear and to see how they...
  18. Zenrap518

    Neutral, wide, detailed open headphone ~$600

    I am planning to eventually get a pair of open backed headphones to compliment my Meze 99 Classics. I'm looking for something more detailed, airy, and wide, with a neutral sound signature. I was looking at the Beyerdynamic DT - 1990 Pro and he HiFiMan Sundara, but I could use some help on...
  19. A

    Shure se425 still relevant? Looking for a neutral IEM under 300

    Hello. Being dead tired of heavy, shweaty overon-ear headphones (my last ones are akg q701), I have finally decided to join the IEM game. And while q701 is adequate - their fatiguing highs and weak bass (personally not a bass-head, though) is something I would like to get away from to something...
  20. Cloudtastrophe


    Engineered by the legendary Aurisonics for Fender, These are fantastic monitors. I bought them to monitor with on stage, but subsequently got customs so i hardly use them anymore. They are the most balanced sounding of the entire FX lineup and have superb vocal texture and timbre. I lost the...
  21. C

    Neutral IEM decision needed.

    Hi, I am looking for sub 120 $ IEM that are fairly neutral or just a little v-shaped (wide range of popular music, some jazz). After much reading in several forums and of reviews my latest short list is: Final E2000 (Inexpensive but perhaps on par with the others?) Final Heaven II (Too...
  22. jegarn

    Advice on comfortable, well isolating neutral IEM ~$300

    Hi everyone I am looking for a new IEM for traveling, commuting and open office environment. I tried Bosse and Sonys different ANC headphones after reading good reviews but was turned off by the SQ which I found to lack detail and precision and they had way too much bass. This turned my...
  23. WilsonT90

    SOLD Etymotic Research ER4SR

    Hi, I have purchased both the er4sr and have the invoice as proof. ER4SR has very little use and will have all accessories still. 99% unused as original tips and filters still on iem. Graph etc all provided. Looking for $250 for ER4SR. I'm located in Canada but will ship anywhere. You pay pp...
  24. Kukuster

    Looking for not in-ear earphones with neutral sound

    Greetings. So, my question is simple :). Can somebody please suggest a good model? I currently looking for something like for $25-150, but it would be interesting to know about more expensive models. To make this thread hotter, lets have some nerd talks about this. :ksc75smile: Although I...
  25. Bubblejuice

    SOLD - Modded T40rp Mk3 w/ leather suspension headstrap (w) Paypal

    Modded T40rp mk3. I modded them myself. They bring all cables and box. I used them for under 5 hours, just for testing the sound when modding. They are in like new condition. Mods include: - Made them semi-open (like T50rp) *I can make them closed back again if you prefer* - Added felt...