Upgrade advice - currently Sennheiser HD380pro + Marantz PM6003 + PC-USB to Cambridge DacMagic
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Nov 15, 2011
Hello everybody!
I'm a classical musician and I've enjoyed silently reading head-fi forums over the last weeks. I finally thought I would tap into the collective experience and knowledge for some advice...

My current setup is:
- Sennheiser HD380 pro closed-back over-ear headphones
- Marantz PM6003 amplifier, phones output
- PC-USB to Cambridge DacMagic DAC to amp
- Spotify premium 90% of the time
- occasionally Project debut esprit turntable with audio Technica 440la mm cartridge
- occasionally PS3 as cd-player through optical to DAC

I was considering an upgrade and was wondering what might make the most difference. I'm guessing the bottleneck might be the headphones and that's also where the most value for money might be found, but I'm open to reconsider any other component...

My upgrade budget is 200-400 Euros.

Open-back or closed-back headphones would both be fine, although closed-back might be marginally more practical. Noise cancellation is not necessary, but I wouldn't scoff at some noise isolation.

I listen mostly to classical music (everything from chamber music to large orchestral works and opera) and jazz.

I'm interested in a rather flat frequency response (no bass boost or overtly colored profile), clear and transparent instrument separation, avoiding overly tinny highs. Neutral or neutral-warm would be ideal, but of course I would like the listening experience to be enjoyable and not overly clinical.

I'm aware I might be setting high standards for a relatively low budget, but would really appreciate your knowledge and experience, thank you!

P.S. the same system is hooked up to monitor audio bronze 2 speakers on stands - but the room is not highly controlled acoustically, so I thought upgrading towards the headphone experience might be the best bet...
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Sep 1, 2011
Sennheiser HD600/HD650.

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