headphones advice
  1. P

    Sennheiser HD580 headphones

    Hi - I'm new here. I have had these headphones for 20 years & love them but the replacement ear pads get worse & worse. Off brands change the sound & the Sennheiser brand is uncomfortable & doesn't last. I would try a different pair like the HD 600 if I thought it would make a difference but I'm...
  2. S

    Old amplifier Dual CV-1400 with new headphones Meza 99 Classics

    Would using this old, recapped amp be a risk to those fairly easy to drive headphones? Im not a loud listener by any margin but Im afraid I might burn them.
  3. L

    Advice/Recommendation required: IEMs and USB C dac

    Hello All, Looking for some advice, currently looking for a portable hifi set up, been a while since I researched for audio equipment and it seems as if there is so much choice I really am not sure where to start ha. Current set up (not portable at all😂) Headphones: Meze Empyreans Dac: Topping...
  4. D

    Would require some help and recommendations upgrading my headphones, headphone amp and DAC.

    Hello! I have started to do some research to update my current headphones and a DAC, and received a recommendation to get a proper headphone amplifier at the same time to get more juice out of the headphones. I would need some recommendations on pairings and understanding what could serve me...
  5. C

    Help for setup watching movies/shows from my laptop

    Hello, i travel a lot for work so i spend a lot of hours in airports, planes and hotel rooms. I often watch movies/shows on my laptop so I'm looking to elevate this experience somewhat. I would like to hear your recommendation for a portable setup with cans that get me close to the "cinema...
  6. O

    When I connect to an audio jack of a stereo set does it go through the internal DAC ?

    My Sony Hi Fi system does not support hi resolution Audio through the usb port. So, when I connect a hi res audio source to the audio input jack of the Sony Hi Fi system does it get further processed in the internal DAC or does it directly go to the Amplifier section ? Does the audio quality...
  7. O

    Can a Sony MHC-GZR5D support 600 ohm headphones in its stereo mini jack?

    I want to purchase an Audiophile Headphone, but I am confused about the right impedance value that would be compatible with my Sony HCD-GZR5D Mini HiFi Component System. The Sony service manual says that Headphones of impedance 8 ohms or higher ( no upper limit mentioned) can be plugged. Can a...
  8. bgpolyhistor

    Balanced vs. Unbalanced?

    Is there a particular type of headphone or IEM that gains audible improvements with a balanced cable and output? I’m looking for a rule of thumb- for example- “High impedance full size headphones benefit more from balanced drive than sensitive IEM’s.” (I don’t actually know if this is true-...
  9. Shabda

    What’s the 4.4 mm cable for?

    Hi all, I recently got the mdr-1am2’s (quite nice, warm yet detailed) and it came with a 4.4 mm cable as well as the 3.5 mm. What’s this usually used for? Thanks!
  10. Nobank

    Best headphones for film scores/movies? Sub-bass/LFE, not recessed bass or mids. Suggestions?

    Need help picking the right headphones for movies and film scores! :L3000: I think I would like the sound to be how the filmmaker intended it to be, with a slightly boosted, deep bass (sub-bass/LFE?). I also dont want the headphones to be very sibilant. Budget is anything under 900$. This...
  11. J

    Audeze LCD-2 Classic at £550 or Audeze LCD-X at £1100?

    I currently use a pair of Sennheiser HD58X headphones and I'm looking to upgrade. In particular I'm looking for something a little airier with a slightly more open soundstage since, although I generally like the 58X sound, they are very intimate and I think they can sound, at times, quite...
  12. foscolo

    Upgrade advice - currently Sennheiser HD380pro + Marantz PM6003 + PC-USB to Cambridge DacMagic

    Hello everybody! I'm a classical musician and I've enjoyed silently reading head-fi forums over the last weeks. I finally thought I would tap into the collective experience and knowledge for some advice... My current setup is: - Sennheiser HD380 pro closed-back over-ear headphones - Marantz...
  13. buencamino

    Any recommendations for a $1000 headphone?

    Hi i'm looking to upgrade from my HE-400 and into $1000 price range, any recommendations? and what dac/amp would be nice paired with it? Thanks in advance.
  14. Kra507tos

    How's the Klipsch HP-3?

    I was looking for a good pair of high grade headphones, and I recently saw two pairs of HP-3 going for $600 (they are used but well cared) https://audioadvisors.com/closeouts/ Is it worth getting it and what does these headphones compare to other similar priced ($600) dynamic headphones?
  15. S

    Need recommendations/help

    Hello I am new to high quality audio so please forgive my ignorance. I am looking to get headphones, dac, and amp. My usage is 90% gaming 10% media consumption(youtube, netflix, twitch, etc). I want headphones that are closed/noise canceling. I also want them to be very good for competitive...
  16. eldus

    ~$250 fullsized Headphone recommendations

    I currently have AKG Q701,K702, K240s. I do love clarity and detail, but am looking for something perhaps a tinge darker, not sloppy in the low end. My amps are Magni 3 and little Dot 1+ with Burson v5i opamp. I listen to 60s 70s classic rock, prog, some 80s rock, some metal, jazz, classical...
  17. T

    Help with "taking headphone sounds quality" to the next level

    Budget - about 350 dollars Source - Samsung Galaxy s 10 plus How the gear will be use - on the go I do need NC and Prefer tonal - I have no idea how to answer it but I can say that I like to listen to any instrument and hear the voice of the singer most cleanly so bass less what I'm...
  18. GregG97

    Headphone + DAC/Amp combo under 1k euros... or not

    Hello everyone. I've been a long time lurker of this forum and found, during the years, a lot of great recommendations. I've been mostly focusing towards pretty cheap gear, since I went to school and was, as most students, totally broke. So, now that I have a job, I wanna blow some money into...
  19. D

    Is it ok to sweat with noise cancelling headphones?

  20. giulioskij

    Music production (mixing, mastering) headphones advice?

    Hi everyone, I've been reading here since a time but I didn't find any useful information about this topic. I know, mixing and mastering on headphones is bad and one should definetively use monitors... but sometimes, for convenience, headphones can be a really useful tool. In partiular I was...
  21. Vilfred

    Build a new pair of headphones?

    Hi I'm in the unfortunate situation that my expensive pair of headphones are broken. But Im almost 100 procent sure that the drivers still works. Is it possible to buy a 50mm inclosure I can put them.
  22. tophilis

    HELP! Need Headphones with great detail and clarity

    hi i am looking for a new set of headphones with a - balanced sound - excellent detail and clarity (not bright) - with good soundstage - fun but non intrusive bass. (i hate over-powering bass) i listen to all kinds of music but i need a very balanced sound reproduction than a bassy one.. i...
  23. R

    DT 1990 Pro noise floor

    Hey everyone. This is my first post here, and I was just wondering if I should consider sending back my DT 1990 Pros and purchase a different pair. I really love them, but they have a noticeable noise floor that none of my other headphones (6xx, 4xx, k7xx) have. I am using an emotiva a100 with a...
  24. Spoonerman

    Help picking headphones that isolate noise, and are good for music and gaming ($150-200)

    Hello Head-Fi community! This is my first post, and with that being said I'm a little scared to post here, but I've been in search of help on other forums and I haven't been able to get much help. To begin: I've owned a pair of HyperX Cloud I's for about 4 years now. They're not premium...