1. introvert

    Beyerdynamic 990 Pro X vs Apple Airpods Max

    Will be posting a side-by-side comparison review very soon on this site as well as on my Youtube Channel. I already compared the Rhode Wireless Pro vs the DJI Mic 2 and will post more honest opinion about all things related to ear, voice, music, listening, synaesthesia and what not. Thanks!
  2. Kinera Celest Ruyi - Kinera Gramr

    Kinera Celest Ruyi - Kinera Gramr

  3. H

    Can Microphone Clipping/Distortion damage Headphones?

    So. I am playing video games with my friend but his microphone is pretty bad and distorts or clips when he is talking. Especially when he is rasing his voice. It's like a buzzing sound that can be quite piercing in my ear as well. Could this damage my headphones? I got the TYGR 300 R. I am...
  4. murz

    Wireless headset with good microphone noise cancellation for side voices

    Could anyone please give me models of wireless headsets with a really good noise-canceling microphone? Precisely the microphone's. I have a Jabra Evolve2 65 headset and its microphone noise cancellation is really great! I work in a pretty noisy office, where people sit a meter away from me and...
  5. Sivga M200

    Sivga M200

    Specifications Transducer type: Dynamic Transducer size: 15.4mm Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz Sensitivity: 114dB ± 3dB Impedance: 32Ω ± 15% Cable length: 1.2m ± 0.2m Connector: 3.5mm Weight: 24g Packaging 1 earphone 1 carrying case 1 clip 1 pair of earhooks 2 pairs of sponge covers
  6. Zoom F6 32-Bit Float Point Recorder

    Zoom F6 32-Bit Float Point Recorder

    CAPTURE THE CALM AND THE STORM The Zoom F6 is the first professional field recorder to feature both 32-bit float recording and dual AD converters, providing an unprecedented amount of dynamic range. With 6 inputs, Zoom’s solid time code, multiple power options and wireless control, the F6 is...
  7. Rorik

    Headset cable (1xP3) -> Splitter cable (2xP2) -> Headphone cable on DAC -> Microphone cable on PC -> Noise from motherboard (Help!)

    SOLVED! AnalogSteph from another forum gave the solution: "By connecting headphone and mic ground at the headphone, you are completing a ground loop. In your case, that happens to be particularly large, and you have the entire voltage drop over USB power return included. I would suggest keeping...
  8. VirtualBoost

    Looking for a new sound setup for gaming and music

    Hi there Head-Fi! It's been a while since I posted on these forums, as I have now sold the previously recommended Hifiman HE-400s as I moved to Japan for almost two years ago. Now I have been using my gaming headphones (Razer BlackShark V2), which are honestly decent but I am now looking for an...
  9. A

    Earbud wired or bluetooth with good mic

    Hello everyone, I need help to choose an earbud for work., it can be wired or bluetooth. I already tried - Anker Liberty Air 2: good microphone and sound, but unfortunately the one that I bought presented a problem with hiss , so I returned the product and I don't want any more products of...
  10. Dobrescu George

    Microphones & Recording Thread [Rode, Lotoo, Zoom]

    It just occured to me that we don't have much of a microphone thread, despite Head-Fi being one of the largest audio webbies and forums out there So I will start. I made a video review about rode NTG 2 Mic, recorded with Rode NTG3B mic, but with examples of both in the video
  11. K

    Purchase advice: Which ear-fitting headphones meeting these criteria should I buy?

    Hi there, hello, My current headphones are falling apart more and more, it's time for new ones! In the search for the right model I have a rather restrictive catalog of criteria, so that best lists and recommendations found on the Internet are only moderately helpful (even the otherwise very...
  12. E

    AUDIO INTERFACE | Microphone + Headphone

    Hello, I'm pretty new to hi-fi and audio but I was wondering what good audio interface would be good for under 100$usd. I have currently an At2020 Microphone + HyperX Cloud Core Headphone. If you guys have recommandation that would be appreciated, if not I was thinking about buying one of...
  13. B

    Adapter to join L+mic/R

    I have some HifiMan Sundaras and they have separate L/R 3.5mm connections, so ideally I'd like a boom mic similar to this (https://www.audeze.com/products/lcd-gx), that has 3.5mm connections and doesn't cost £100. I was thinking of purchasing one of these for the left...
  14. B

    Inline boom mic without cable?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get a 3.5mm inline boom mic, like the v-moda or antlion (it doesn't have to be world beating though), but without the cable attached, so it just slots into one connection of my headphones, then I can just plug the normal y-cable into that and into my source...
  15. AJCxZ0

    BT 5.0 Circumaural Headset with Boom Mic for Calls in a Noisy Environment?

    Robust circumaural Bluetooth headset with Active Noise Cancelling and a boom microphone capable of handling calls in a fairly loud data center environment needed. Priority is that wearer can hear and be heard clearly and that noise be reduced sufficiently on the microphone to not trigger...
  16. dh0licious

    Looking for a 3.5mm MMCX (or QDC/2-pin) IEM cable with inline MICROPHONE

    As the title suggest, looking for a good quality IEM cable with microphone so I can use the same pair for work + play. Volume controls would also be a nice-to-have. Doesn't have to be balanced, but that is a plus (although rare on 3.5mm). I know there's quite a few on Ali, just wanted to see if...
  17. Andreeww

    Any recommendation for a ucb-c microphone with 3.5mm out for voice monitoring?

    I found the Byerdynamics FOX but are there any other alternatives? Thanks
  18. MonoJon

    Bluetooth adapter or headphones to use with iPhone for *calls*

    All, My partner complains on the microphone on her IEMs with inline mic cutting out during conference calls on her iPhone 8. She wants to get bluetooth headphones so that she can continue to delay upgrading her phone. Questions: Is the TRRS configuration on iPhone 8 jack actually compatible...
  19. Takstar GM200

    Takstar GM200

    A bass-heavy version of the famous Takstar Pro 82, providing great bass response all the way down to 20Hz. The bass is very close to Fostex TH900 MK2 in both quality and quantity. Perfect comfort for long listening and gaming sessions. Features: • Ø40mm NdFeB driver unit features high...
  20. Tadeas

    Earbud for making calls while on the road

    Hi there! My job requires me doing a lot of calls. I have a trusty old Sennheiser on-ear headset with a superb mike at home, but it's too flimsy for travel, and it's connected through USB, so I can't use it from a phone (3.5mm jack). I don't like talking with IEMs in, because of the in-head...
  21. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    3,5 mm / Powered USB hub

    Greetings, Because the back side of my PC is hard to access, I have been looking for a way to provide myself with easy access to USB & headphone / microphone 3,5mm ports. Therefore I have been looking at different models of 3,5mm / USB hubs. Can you recommend some good model that will have...
  22. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    Wellcome to the Zone...

    Greetings, :warning: First of I would like to excuse myself for starting yet another "what do you recomend" thread, but as someone who has just started to deal with a problem of sound on my computer, I would like to hear your advice. I am looking for a set of headsets/headphones that will be...
  23. cyph3r

    need advice on replacement cables with inline microphone

    Hi all, I have several IEMs (2 pin termination) and look for a replacement cable with a proper inline microphone. There are a lot of cables around, cheap, not so cheap and ridiculously expensive. I am particularly interested experiences with durable good quality cables and microphones with...
  24. sonicx2218

    Do I need a preamp for my XLR dynamic microphone?

    UPDATE: Solved the problem! Ignore! Can't find where the delete thread button is. Got the AKG D5 mic the other day, and as an XLR noob, have only been met with problems. First it wasn't producing any sound at all - then I got a phantom power device even though it's a dynamic just to see. And...
  25. C

    Help with rock zircon microphone

    hi, i have a amazing pair of rock zircon, amazing sound for only $10, but i have a little problem, when i use the microphone when calling or whatsapp note voice, the volumen of my voice is so low, anyone else is having the same issue? any idea of what can i do thanks in advance.