1. KLJTech

    Westone UM Pro 10 or Klipsch X10? (or Westone 2's for $50 more)

    I've been using a pair of Klipsch X10's for about 2 years now with my Sansa Clip Zip (40GB & FLAC files only) along with my FiiO E11 while I'm out and about and last weekend the X10's were destroyed by our new puppy. I have a pair of Westone 4R's, Klipsch X5's and S2's but I was planning on...
  2. ubs28

    Are silicone tips dangerous?

    The silicone tips sounds best with the Shure SE535, but I'm worried about popping my ear when removing them due to having an air tight seal.    The foam tips sounds too "dark" or "muffled" in my opinion, but that's what I always uses due to worries about popping my ears with the silicone tips.
  3. tehsprayer

    Best IEMs under $200

    I am looking for a new set of IEMs for Christmas. Currently I have the Klipsch S4i and they sound great and isolation is fantastic but I am looking for a little more.   I live in Canada so some IEMs may be restricted from getting   VSonic GR07  Klipsch X10 Shure SE215 Others?   I have...
  4. danielMusic


    Hi, I am a very happy owner of some monster Beas by Dre Studio headphones .. But I want get some good earbuds so I don't always have to have the studios on my head or neck.. I mostly listen to rap/hip-hop . I have done some shopping and have come up with a couple of options .. 1- Klipsch S4i...
  5. ferraro25

    Try Comply tips or give up on the ER-4P?

    I've had the ER-4P for over a year now, and every time I try it out with the black foams or the tri-flanges, no matter how far/at what angle/etc. I put them in, they always sound stupidly thin and tinny. I need to lower ~5KHz down by 5 or more dB (obviously moving slowly up in volume to both the...
  6. cajunjay

    Need stealth/discreet earbuds for work.

    I have just started work for a large warehouse (walmart) and the job is very tedious and boring. They play the radio in the warehouse to keep us motivated but cheesy pop music doesnt cut it with me at all. Can you guys recommend some nice earbuds that are very discreet and stealth like as...
  7. Danmao

    Skullcandy Supreme Sound Heavy Medal Headphones

    So I bought a pair of the SS Heavy Medal headphones off of ebay for $30, and I've read a couple of things from the 2011 model about how they were better than the rest of Skullcandy's in-ear headphones. I figured for $30, and since it's the 2012 model, maybe I should give them a shot. They...
  8. skrobul

    Portable phones that are close to DT770 Pro?

    I am happy user of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros, but currently I am looking for something that is more portable. I like Beyers mainly because of two things -   1. Comfort (I use them for several hours a day in an office environment). 2. Good bass response.   I mostly listen to electronic music...
  9. ryanjsoo

    Klipsch X10 Split Strain Relief fix

    I`ve been an owner and fan of the Klipsch x10`s for about 4 years now and athough they are still perfectly functional, the strain reliefs have split to a worrying degree. I tried using epoxy and superglue but none were pliable enough and cracked when the earpieces bent, silicone also didn`t work...
  10. ler224

    klipsch image x10 replacement recommendation

    My Klipsch image x10 just went.  I am mostly listening with Amperior's now.  Any suggestions for a X10 replacement?  They are quite pricey now on Amazon since they are no longer manufactured.   I mostly listen to EDM (house/trance).   Thanks!
  11. impression

    looking for most linear frequency in ears

    Hi,   i am looking for a pair of in ear headphones which sound as linear as possible. I got the klipsch x10 two years ago and they are not bad, but they have still a peak in the higher frequencies. I was using them for over 2 years and of course a few days after the warranty run out my head...
  12. impression

    looking for most linear frequency in ears

    Hi,   i am looking for a pair of in ear headphones which sound as linear as possible. I got the klipsch x10 two years ago and they are not bad, but they have still a peak in the higher frequencies. I was using them for over 2 years and of course a few days after the warranty run out my head...
  13. Ripkabird98

    Need IEM Assistance!

    Hello! I've been lurking around here and wanting to take the jump into high end IEM's for a while now, but never did. However, I really am now. I had made this account and then never asked for help, but I am simply getting tired of the poor performance of the earbuds you find at Wal-Mart.  ...
  14. ohcrapgorillas

    My IEM Problem...six pairs in my hands now, and feel just "eh" about all of them. Mini-reviews on each inside.

    So, I've been looking for a pair of IEMs for a while...actually a few pairs, but that's beside the point. I've gone through a few of these things and the best I've thought about any of them is "hey, this isn't bad" which is not exactly a glowing endorsement. Anyway, I thought y'all folks might...
  15. Acer15

    Fake Klipsch x10 details

    I recently bought a pair of Klipsch x10 off of ebay. The x10 series are discontinued so my only option was to buy from either Amazon or ebay. There was one thread years back detailing the physical features btw the real x10 and the fake x10. Understandably, it was kind of hard for me to tell even...
  16. h8uthemost

    Westone 3 and Klipsch X10

    Hey guys, Can anyone tell me if the Westone 3's are going to be a huge step up over the X10's? I love the X10's(probably my favorite of the iem's that i own). They have great clarity, build, and overall sound, but I've been itching to try out a pair of Westone's, and the 3's are currently at a...
  17. Acer15

    fake Klipsch x10 details

    I recently purchased the now discontinued Klipsch x10 IEM. I bought it on ebay. I read a thread started years ago that detailed the physical differences btw the real vs fake x10s. It was hard for me to tell the differences from pictures alone so I decided to contact Klipsch and ask them if they...
  18. shisnitty

    Upgrade in soundstage and clarity to Klipsch x10s?

    Looking for my next IEM an I was wondering what I could get in the price range of $200 or less that might fit the bill?   I listen to a wide variety of music but value soundstage and clarity over things like bass. I don't really have a sound signature in mind , but it would be nice if it had...
  19. tstarn06

    Klipsch sale @ half price

    Just received an email from Klipsch. They are selling their entire lineup for half price, so it's $175 plus free shipping for the X10s, etc. U.S. buyers only, it says. Wonder if this is to drive sales or to clear out inventory for new models. Not sure, but here's the basic email I received ...
  20. KingCzar

    Headphone recommendations?

    I listen to hiphop, some house, and metal. The Audiotechnica ath m50s have caught my eye. I like a good amount of bass and clear music obviously haha. I listen to oldschool hiphop if that changes anything. I can soend about 150$ I can't go much higher.. Thanks!
  21. thope

    Are there any good hi-output earphones out there.

    I am looking for earphones that are fun sounding with a lot of impact. All the ones I have are starting to feel too clinical.    Currently own: EX1000 (too clean),  X10 Klipsch (distort too quickly), UE700 (not enough sound pressure)
  22. tehsprayer

    Best IEM <$200 (not over-ear)

    I want an easy IEM where I can easily hook up comply eartips and go without worrying about the wrong fit or the cord being too thick for over-ear.     Some that come to mind are: HiFiMan RE-400 TF10 (not sure if over-ear or not) X10  HF5 Monster Turbine         What is the best bang...
  23. tehsprayer

    Budget $150 IEMs

    I am from Canada looking for the best bang for buck IEMs.   I was looking at the Shure SE215 and the Klipsch X10 (I want to get a new pair to go with my new headphones, the DT 990s and upgrade my old Klipsch S4)   I can get the SE215 easily for $99.99 CAD I will be going to the US to pick...
  24. ucrime

    Time for something new, Senn or UE 900s

    Hi everyone,    The advice here is always great, so I thought I would ask since I'm about to jump to something new.   Currently what I own are   TriFi10s with Fiio cord and Comply tips Etys hf3 I think. Audio Tech M50s (the straight cord)   I've problems will all of them, the...
  25. davehutch

    Looking for an upgrade to my Klipsch x10s...50th birthday present?

    Hi everyone, my big day approacheth and, as the strain relief rubber on my Klipsch X10s is starting to split, I thought I ought to start planning a replacement set as a treat to myself. I've tried Shure 535s and found them to be a bit too coloured and warm sounding for my liking. I love the...