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Budget $150 IEMs

  1. tehsprayer
    I am from Canada looking for the best bang for buck IEMs.
    I was looking at the Shure SE215 and the Klipsch X10 (I want to get a new pair to go with my new headphones, the DT 990s and upgrade my old Klipsch S4)
    I can get the SE215 easily for $99.99 CAD
    I will be going to the US to pick something up in a few weeks and could order the X10 through amazon for $140.
    What do you think and suggest others that I can get for >$150 shipped to Canada. Not looking for boring neutral, looking for nice, relaxing, and fun sounding IEMs.
  2. Aydn
    Quadbeat 2s! They are nuts


    Better than Hifi-man Re-400 eh
  3. JoeDoe
    RE400: relaxed, slightly more fun than neutral $100
    SE215: more fun than RE400 with slightly less detail $100
    JVC FXT90: V shaped sig - most fun of these 4 $110
    TDK BA200: warm fun sound with good detail retrieval $150
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  4. ss2625
    vsonic gr07 mk2 is still on sale at lendmeurears for $130.
  5. MDH12AX7
    Yamaha EPH100's maybe. Also, Monster has their refurb Turbines on sale for $59.93 on their site.

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