1. JAYS f-Five True Wireless

    JAYS f-Five True Wireless

    JAYS website
  2. JAYS q-Seven Wireless

    JAYS q-Seven Wireless

    Audio specifications Drivers 40 mm Driver type Dynamic Driver impedance 32 ohm Driver sensitivity 98±3db Frequency response 20Hz~ 20kHz ANC type Fast forward Price $149
  3. JAYS m-Seven True Wireless

    JAYS m-Seven True Wireless

    Available this August for $129.
  4. AudioDwebe

    Will Cardas IEMs be released this month?

    Last I heard, the release was postponed until June but haven't heard anything about them in a few months.    Has anyone heard anything?
  5. KrabbyKakes

    Jay bird bluebuds question

    I'm looking at these and everything says they're good sport headphones and good for Bluetooth headphones, but how do they sound compared to some normal wired headphones? I'd use them for running but also like to use them for just listening all the time. Also any opinions on the incase sonics...
  6. 50mm

    Westone 4 or Grado GR10 ? (Birthday present for an audio nut !)

    Can someone advise which would be a better IEM, considering both are priced around the $400 price bracket ? (The Westone 4 is about fifty bucks more, but that's OK).   I am buying it as a present, for an audio nut, who loves listening to his 'full-range' (single driver) speakers, driven with...
  7. WilhelmPrice

    Looking for budget IEM

    I'm looking for a budget in ear headphone, something that's priced similarly to Koss portapro or Philips SHE9550, the problem with most cheap IEM's is the emphasis on bass, sometimes they have too much bass that it overwhelms the other good stuff. SHE9550 was good but the reliability and the...
  8. postrock

    Compact Portable Headphone Roundup (16 Phones including PortaPro, PX-100 II, V-Jays, Tracks, K430, and more)

    Introduction We seem to be in a “golden age” in terms of the number of good sounding, lightweight, portable headphones that are available on the market. Portable music players and digital music files have become the norm. And for many, such as me, IEM headphones are just not an option. In this...
  9. Hasenack

    Looking for an IEM with good sound but not so expensive

    Hey,   I've just bought a pair of headphones, but i decided i need an IEM to when i'm not home with my headphones. I'm currently using the ipod ones, but they are horrible. I listen mainly to rock, and i like a deep bass, but not too much. I would pay at max 100 for it, since i just spent...
  10. DogMeat

    Any Thoughts on Jays?

    I've read a bit about them, never had a listen.   And I wonder what anybody who's heard them thinks, and t's vs. q's?   Kind of wandering around in IE land, trying to decide on some things.     Any experiences are welcome.
  11. Flavio T

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Yesterday, Dec 10 around 7:00 pm, Lynn Kehler, Westone's CEO, posts a pic on his personal Twitter account showing an iPad and what might look like the Westone 4.   His comments were limited to "I'm testing out a new iPad...man, the sound quality is great!   The picture looks blurry and we...
  12. vcjha

    jaybird's new headphones

    Alright so this is my question to anyone who's been to CES and has tried the freedoms and the bluebuds: I love the convenience and the fact there's no need to worry about the cord splitting when working out or being snagged on a bar in the gym but I gotta ask: is the sound pretty good to the...
  13. oregon

    Do any companies make small extension cables that have a remote built in?

    I have two nice pairs of IEMs but I like to listen to audiobooks and this requires me to stop it if I take off my headphones. I have an iPod Touch which is a pain to pull out of my pocket and pause.   So... I'm looking for a cheap and compact headphone extension cable that has a remote built...
  14. HeniC

    Which IEM?

    Well my hunt for new IEMs landed me here. I had a pair of Sony MDR-EX75's that lasted me over two years and the wire snapped. I had originally thought of getting the new UE500 but they are taking forever to come out then the UE700 price dropped making them in my range. Now i am so confused...
  15. xaf

    s+q Jays combined, reshelled - r-Jays custom IEM by Rooth Labs (updated with impressions)

      The s-Jays from Jays are one of my favourite earphones. They are, apparently, the world's first earphone built around the Knowles' SR armature, which was meant to bring to the table, a compromise between a dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver. What transpired was an earphone which...
  16. pckolik13

    Which one should i select ?

    Now I have a ep-630.I want to upgrade it.But don't have too much alternative.Because of my country.(I won't buy from abroad) Sony mdr-ex300sl Sony mdr-ex77 Sennheiser cx 200 street ii / cx 270 / cx 271 / cx 280 / cx 281 / cx 350 street ii Jays j-jays  These earphones are my options...
  17. MSV_A

    [Review] a-JAYS Two

    I got the new a-Jays Two and going to share my impressions on them with you.       Package: Well not much to say here except it is world class! Good looking and well built.     Accessories: Very good line up with accessories.   The a-Jays Two version comes with this...
  18. kristoficus

    Jays a-Jays - One vs Two vs Three - Worth the difference?

    Besides the extra one or two accessories and slightly different 'finish', is there actually a noticable sounds difference between the three versions?   Looking at the specifications the one has a 95dB sensitivity. Two has 96dB and Three has 97dB. Similarly, each have a 2kHz frequency...
  19. i_don't_know

    JAYS s-JAYS Siren Armature Earphones Review [big picture warning]

    Things to take note of: a) I'm still training my ears and b) Everyone hears things differently Therefore, YMMV. Enjoy the review! Almost two months ago (sorry for the delay Peter), I received a pair of s-JAYS in the mail to review. To be honest, after reading Martin's review...
  20. shigzeo

    [Review] a-Jays THREE

      I'll get photos up on Flickr tomorrow, but for now, I just wanted to point out that the a-Jays is a good choice on the market now. For hipsters, it looks great, for bass lovers, it'll knock your socks off. It'll still keep up good extension and has a fair amount of finesse. Build quality I...
  21. kaitin44

    help a newbie!

    ok well I have been on this site researching quite a while on headphones,but because there is so many brands and opinions out there that I dont know what to get...so please recommend some   I was going to get the Bose AE but I guess they are bad so no more bose..   I want....  ...
  22. mekon

    Jays Q-jay support is terrible

    Jays support of their q-jays is terrible, beyond words.  I have a pair of out of warranty q-jays which have started having intermittent connection issues in the right ear piece (sound will go dead unless i wiggle wire, and if I move too much, then sound is lost again).  I inquired about an out...
  23. mark2410


    ive had these in my ears all day and i felt they deserve to be commented upon.   id just like to say they are absolutely stunning.
  24. SchneiderStudios

    Jays a-Jays Three Reviewed

    Update:  I have posted a review here: http://www.gadgetmac.com/gadgetmac/2010/8/20/jays-a-jays-three-in-ear-earphones.html   So far the sound quality is superb for the price.
  25. jace112

    Help me to find the right in-ear headset

    Hi!   I'm really lost in the jungle of in-ear headsets. I read many reviews but still can't find the right model.   If someome could help, i'd really appreciate !   Features of my in-ear headset :   Under $150 Microphone and full iPhone control Good noise isolation & keep in...