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Will Cardas IEMs be released this month?

  1. AudioDwebe
    Last I heard, the release was postponed until June but haven't heard anything about them in a few months. 
    Has anyone heard anything?
  2. Andy Regan
    Hello all,
    Andy from Cardas here, We will not make the June date as we are in the middle of some really groundbreaking work on the Ear Speakers. As I have said previously George Cardas has designed every piece of these devices from the ground up. Cardas has never been driven marketing dates or forecast and will only put a product out when it reflects our best efforts. We have too much respect for our customers and the music itself to act any other way.
    So please understand they will be out soon and you will all be very pleased at the end result. 
    Andy Regan
  3. audionewbi
    I hope the price is not impacted with all this new innovation Mr Cardas putting in :-D
  4. audionewbi
    Two more months, cant wait :)
  5. Andy Regan
    No we are still working. New developments will be posted soon.
  6. audionewbi
    Please let us know about the new development and the possible release date. 

  7. sashaw
    Keep waiting.
  8. AudioDwebe
    I've decided to clear the Cardas from my mind and just be surprised when (or if) they're ever released.  No expectations; no disappointments. 
  9. Burma Jones
    Just like the Sleek Audio SA7 and the Jays X-Jays.
  10. Sauntere
     Is there any news on these ? I have been searching the web and have found nothing except the same reports that have been up for months. When are they being released ? Where can they be bought ? Any proper reviews anywhere  ?
     Might have to by the Heir audio instead.
  11. AudioDwebe
    It's best to just forget about them.  Cardas?  What Cardas???
  12. audionewbi
    They will be release, from what I got in a respond they have found new tweaks that is will justify the wait. 
  13. AudioDwebe
    Isn't it almost cute how none of the manufacturers (not singling out Cardas) will ever say, "Sorry, we screwed the pooch on this one."?  They're always bettering something, somehow, to justify the wait. 
    I generally don't get too excited over gear, but man, was I ever excited about the Cardas offerings.  I would have picked one up the day they dropped, and I almost never do such a thing.
    I may still get them if they come out, but I'll wait for some reviews first.   
  14. fuzzyash
    im still waiting to hear about them, after being captivated by the sexy cable
  15. AudioDwebe
    It's supposed to use Cardas Clear! I mean, come on! That's what's used in my Merlin Master TSM. That's the good stuff!

    I'm starting to get excited again...let me stop.

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