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Looking for an IEM with good sound but not so expensive

  1. Hasenack
    I've just bought a pair of headphones, but i decided i need an IEM to when i'm not home with my headphones. I'm currently using the ipod ones, but they are horrible. I listen mainly to rock, and i like a deep bass, but not too much. I would pay at max 100 for it, since i just spent 200 on my headphones.
    any suggestions?
    Start here, :) http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-156-iems-compared-maike-mk-el5031-sentry-ho642-added-03-24
  3. High_Q
    ^That should be a default link for new people that are in search for IEMs.  Joker has created a pretty comprehensive reviews for reference.  That link should be stickied somehow so that we don't get gazillian headphone suggestion threads being created everyday.
  4. Redmetal1897


    +1, that and ClieOS's thread about understanding sound sigs
  5. Foress
  6. SpecterJin
    RE0, xcape, S4
  7. akacoke
    brainwavz m2
  8. yello131


    brainnwavzm2 is identical to DBA02 . why to bother? just get DbA02...
  9. Confispect
    Well since your looking for Deep bass not "base". I would suggest the Hippo's Vb, Fischer Audio Eterna. I don't prefer the Eterna with rock though and I didn't try the Hippo's with it when I had it. Panasonic HJE900 is good with rock while reaching low the new Atrio Mg7 is another option reaching even lower then the Pana all within your price range.
  10. akacoke
    thats b2 you are talking about


  11. Hasenack
    So, i'm in doubt between the RE0 and the SE215. Which one is better for rock?
  12. High_Q
    That true?  They have the same drivers?  If one is the cheaper, I would go for the cheaper.[​IMG]

  13. ClieOS Contributor


    Same question here.
    yello131, did you hear both before as I have yet to see any comment about B2 = DBA-02?

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