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  1. newToAudio100

    High end digital / analog cables

    It seems some cables are objectively better than others while some users might offer subjective experiences that differ from the objective data. I do believe cables make a difference because they are part of the chain but I think the magnitude of audible differences between cables varries...
  2. Svperstar

    Balanced solid state amp with "end game" power?

    So I am using my RME ADI-2s headphone out with Extreme Power mode on for 90% of my listening sessions. I also own an SMSL SP200 running balanced off the RME. I was at a meetup and someone had the original Hifiman HE6, I had to max out the SP200 and even then it didn't get very loud. The HE6...
  3. Original MiM Dark Magician

    Original MiM Dark Magician

  4. nhftk4320

    Pairing DragonFly Black with Kinera Nanna

    Hi, I am considering buying the praised Kinera Nanna 2.0. I currently own a pair of Shure SE425 paired with AudioQuest's DragonFly Black (+JitterBug). I use IEMs almost exclusively on public transit so buying a regular sized dac/amp is problematic. My question is: Is the DragonFly Black a...
  5. Questyle QPM

    Questyle QPM

    QPM is the ultimate DAP (Digital Audio Player), and takes the now-familiar Questyle architecture, impeccably machined from 6063 aluminum, and wraps it in 3D glass and an exclusive black anodized finish. QPM incorporates Questyle’s proprietary Current Mode Amplification and Pure Class A BIAS...
  6. Ultrasone Edition 11

    Ultrasone Edition 11

    Our portfolio has been enriched by the new Edition eleven, a set of dynamic hi-fi headphones with an open construction. These headphones are meticulously handcrafted at our production facility at Gut Raucherberg near Lake Starnberg. Thanks to their open, circumaural design, they deliver an airy...
  7. NymPHONOmaniac

    FLAGSHIP EARPHONES REVIEWS TOURS THREAD-Interested headfier+Impressions sharing

    Hi there, a friend of mine ask me to find trustable CANADIANS audiophiles who would be interested in reviewing High-End IEM from companies like 64AUDIO and VISION EARS. I think that having a dedicated thread where we can keep contact as well as sharing impressions and suggestions could be very...
  8. Johnny Golden

    Any reason to buy closed headphones

    For home use in private is there any reason to use closed back headphones?. Let's assume ideal open back headphone conditions. What SQ advantages do closed back headphones have. I can't imagine any and yet people buy high end closed back headphones for home use, even when they own other high...
  9. T

    Are Super High End DAPs Really Worthy?

    Hi all. This is the question that always bugs me. I just performed a simple search and found immediately some very contrasting views: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/multi-review-hifiman-hm901-fiio-x5-sony-zx1-hisound-studio-3rd-anv-iphone-4.709479/...
  10. M

    Any experience with Silbatone amps?

    Hi folks, I came across an amp brand called Silbatone and listened for a few tracks. It’s sounds fantastic but the price tag is scary. Their cheapest model JL107 is 10k plus. When I am trying to looks for some reviews I couldn’t find any. while this is tempting, I really am hoping some of u...
  11. M

    Best headphones for Electronic Dance Music (future house, House, Trance) in 2019 for around $2,000

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've searched and seen this question asked before, but for either lower budgets or from years ago where the landscape has changed since. I want the best headphones for enjoying EDM music. I like bass. I currently own the Beyerdynamic DT770s 250 Ohm for...
  12. monkey4054

    Endgame for Metal Music

    Hi everyone, so I’m fed up with messing around with different headphones and gear and I’m looking to go complete endgame and just set and forget for good. Willing to spend up to 3k AUD maximum. So uber high-end headphones like the Abyss 1266, Susvara, LCD-4z, Utopia etc. are just out of the...
  13. Kheadfi

    Best High End, well recorded, Music.

    please post links to your favorite High End Downloads. Here are 5 suggestions to get started: https://www.soundliaison.com/ https://www.soundliaison.com/ https://www.prostudiomasters.com/album/page/693 https://www.prostudiomasters.com/featured/genre/jazz/new#quickview/album/7569...
  14. 12lior12

    THE LIST! a list of the most expensive fullsized headphones on the market

    Hello there people of Head-fi! I have compiled a list of the most expensive headphones starting from 1100 USD and up. The List contains all in one units (such as the Orpheus) and some headphones that are just ridiculously priced as they are encrusted with diamonds or being made of gold. The...
  15. PW AUDIO 1900 cables

    PW AUDIO 1900 cables

  16. bluebair

    Best options for portable (easy/easier to drive) closed back headphones

    Hello everyone, excuse me if there is already a thread for this. I just wanted to compile a list of good options for easier to drive closed headphones. Can be on ear or over ear, can be any sound signature, and any price range, although I feel that there are lots of info for sub $200, so above...
  17. plinth

    Chord Electronics Hugo M-Scaler

    1 million taps at £3500, optical in and out, TT form factor. I guess Chord have solved the problem of the Blue 2 waiting list. I cannot wait to get mine in Q3 2018.
  18. AmirHwang

    Thoughts after Shure released RMCE-BT1, will detachable cable totally change Bluetooth market?

    Hello there, I am new to Head-Fi forum. English is not my native language therefore please excuse all of the language errors. Here I just want to share an idea about detachable cable. In this year, I have tried many products such as Airpods, Shure SE846, Bose QC30, Bose QC20 and JBL UA Sport...
  19. L

    What are other famous European high-end headphone brands beside Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic?

    I'm curious what other European high-end hifi brands that are well-known in the audiophile world? Excluding the brands that everyone is familiar with, such as Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Focal... Thank you!
  20. L

    What are the best hifi heaphones with the price tag of $2000+??

    I'm very new to this realm and very curious why some of the headphones have such a high price tags. Perhaps, I can hear from all you experts' thoughts and experiences. Thank you!
  21. L

    New Member Introduction

    Hi, My name is Peter Chou from California. I am currently an ordinary headphone addict, but can't call myself an audiophile yet. Now, I'm have the interest getting into high-end hi-fi world, so I would like to use this platform to learn more. Thank you!
  22. pichu

    I have $4,500 to spend. Open to any suggestions!

    So I have $4,500 to spend on a pair of headphones, an amp and a dac. I’ve messed around with a bunch of low fi and midfi and want to go all the way this time. I was planning on going with the Autuer Teak from ZMF with a Soekris 1541. I feel that this may be pointless as I would most likely shoot...
  23. pichu

    I have $4,500 for a full headphone setup

    So I have $4,500 to spend on a pair of headphones, an amp and a dac. I’ve messed around with a bunch of low fi and midfi and want to go all the way this time. I was planning on going with the Autuer Teak from ZMF with a Soekris 1541. I feel that this may be pointless as I would most likely shoot...
  24. RDacoustic

    Have we got used to the bad recording or no?

    We share our opinion about quality of the sound.... https://www.rdacoustic.cz/en/blog/2018/01/06/the-war-of-dynamic-range/
  25. Sebab

    Audeze LCD-3 vs LCD-X for EDM

    I have been thinking of getting either the Audeze LCD-3 or LCD-X and I mostly listen to EDM. Which one of these headphones would you guys recommend for this genre, and why? What are the main differences in the sound signature between the two?