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100+ Head-Fier
Original MiM Dark Magician | Super Short Sound Review | What Black Sorcery Is This?! 🧙🏿‍♂️🪄
Pros: + Single Dynamic Driver Coherency Supremacy
+Single Dynamic Driver Dynamism Supremacy
+ Stupid Amount of Macro Detail and Impressive Micro Detail
+ Extremely Balanced Tuning, Letting The Music Actually Speak For Itself
+ Simply Extracts The Soul Of A Song And Puts It In Your Face
+ GOD-Tier Vocal Replay
+ Wide, Tall, Deep, Endlessly Spacious & IMMERSIVE Soundstage
+ Yuuuuuge & Accurate Imaging
+ Insanely Good Stereo Separation
+ Absolutely Dripping With Timbral Authenticity
+ The Most Intimate, Emotional, Engaging & Correct Sounding IEM Midrange Ever To Grace My Ears & It's Not Even Remotely Close
+ Perfectly Weighted Treble
+ Sounds Amazing At Literally Any Volume Level Because Of Generous Lower Mids & Complete Absence Of Treble Peaks
Cons: - Limited bass extension prohibits it from being optimal for EDM (although it takes well to EQ)
This IEM is a 6/5. Absolutely incredible, it's crazy, CRAZY good... It begs the question as to why the Original Dark Magician isn't in production?

Fit is also excellent with above average isolation. Cable is nice and is cloth weaved.
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Cool sintetic review, thank you.
I feel somehow hit by known data and details, sounding close to FAudio Dark Sky ... The Dark Magician shell looks just the same. DS has a single double-diaphragm DD and it sounds close to what you say. Though pretty bassy and overall detailed to me.
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Where to purchase one
@Acts unfortunately the OG version is not sold new any longer. You have to keep an eye out on the classifieds.
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