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Best options for portable (easy/easier to drive) closed back headphones

  1. bluebair
    Hello everyone, excuse me if there is already a thread for this. I just wanted to compile a list of good options for easier to drive closed headphones. Can be on ear or over ear, can be any sound signature, and any price range, although I feel that there are lots of info for sub $200, so above that is best.

    I personally am looking for good contenders for a portable use, easy to drive, over ear that is very comfortable, and has the best SQ possible with those requirements (price doesnt matter)

    Although as said before just compiling a list of all good options would come in handy for many people out there, any info about the headphone you suggest would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
  2. bluebair
    I just realised that this is the IEM thread. Sorry, I posted it in the full size section.

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