1. Mrcontent

    HeadRoom Total Bithead Amp + HD555+ Xfi

    Is this amp a good combination for this combo?
  2. MacedonianHero

    Headroom Micro Amp...A very nice surprise.

    So I've had mine (2006 edition) for about a week now as part of my bedside rig and I've got to say I am impressed with this little wonder!   Don't let the small size fool you, it packs a wallup! It very, very easily drives my T1s (600 ohms) and HD800s (300 ohms) to ear splitting levels on...
  3. Student_Driver

    Headroom Cosmic - Dump or Keep

    Have been reading this Forum for several months considering my upgrade path. Have a HeadRoom Cosmic (circa 2002) and am wondering whether it is worth keeping and adding a portable DAC or whether the Amps currently offered have better quality? When I consider my home system, I'd not trade my...
  4. luckybaer

    Connecting HeadRoom Micro to Receiver

    I would like to try my HeadRoom Micro Amp with my dedicated system to see if my headphones sound better through it instead of through my Onkyo TX8555's headphone jack.   How do I go about doing this?  My Onkyo has a pre-out connectors (red/white), so do I run RCA cable from that, to a RCA to...
  5. whee

    Recommendation for a noticeable upgrade from the Headroom Microstack (2003)?

    Hi, long time lurker here. I currently own a headroom microstack 2006 version (the ones with dual 9v battery compartments) unfortunately portable audio has almost completely died out for me, for the last 2 years I've used these as a dedicated home audio setup.   I'm looking for a...
  6. fallingreason

    Loud Buzzing with specific Mini to Mini Cable?

    I'm trying to fix a problem I have with my Headroom Micro Amp/DAC stack.   When everything is plugged in (USB, Enigma Mini to Mini, Headphone via Mini) I get a very loud buzzing sound in the headphones. I am not sure what the cause is yet and is what I am trying to figure out.   Here is...
  7. ibis99

    I Need A DAC...

    I asked this question in the Computer forum but never got a clear answer.   I just purchased a set of Audioengine A5's. I'm running them from my pc laptop thru the HP out, which as you know is not the best way to go. So I've decided to purchase a portable dac, but since the A5's have an...
  8. scythe

    Which to buy first, AMP or DAC?

    Hi fellow headfi-ers First post on head-fi - though I've been reading a lot here lately doing some research - I am thinking about getting an amp and/or dac to power my AKG 271-S headphones that I've had for a while. I absolutely love these cans (I've previously owned/still own Sennehiser...
  9. JorgeC

    Ultra Micro DAC On Sale at HeadRoom!

    Hello Friendly Head-Fiers,   Just wanted to mention our sweeeeet little up-sampling Ultra Micro DAC is presently on sale at HeadRoom.   So get 'em while they last! :)     http://www.headphone.com/support/headroom-ultra-micro-dac.php     CHEERS,   jorge HeadRoom Retail...
  10. WhtShp97

    Will Old Style Headroom Cosmic Amp have enough power for AKG K340 headphones?

    So, buying a pair of AKG, k340 electrostatic headphones and looking to see if my non-reference, old style cosmic headroom amp with the base station one will drive them "correctly".  I know many people dont like there sound; mostly because they are not being driven correctly.  So, any thoughts on...
  11. snaps11

    Nuforce Icon HDP vs Headroom Micro Stack

    Im about to order one of these for my hd650.  Any thoughts?  Thanks
  12. mckinetic

    I need some honest knowledgeable advice here...

    Hello, I would like someone to help me out with this issue. I have a 2006 series Headroom Micro Amp for sale, with clear color glossy photos, and while folks are viewing they aren't a PMing. Perhaps someone who has time and inclination could view this post and tell me whether it is priced...
  13. Ivy

    beyerdynamic T1's back in the house--- write about 'em!

    beyerdynamic T1’s are now in stock!  We are having a customer review contest to celebrate these excellent headphones.   Best Product Review gets a free HeadCase and headphone holder.  Winning review will provide most informative details and content about the headphones' characteristics...
  14. Ivy

    beyerdynamic T1’s are now IN STOCK-- And we're having a Customer Review Shoot-out!

    beyerdynamic T1’s are now in stock!  We are having a customer review contest to celebrate these excellent headphones.   Best Product Review gets a free HeadCase and headphone holder.  Winning review will provide most informative details and content about the headphones' characteristics...
  15. ibis99

    HeadRoom BitHead or Nuforce uDac

    I'm in the market for a low cost quality dac. The two that seem to fit the bill are the Bithead and the uDac. Although reviews of the udac are promising there is a recurring comment thru all that mentions a imbalance between the right and left channel. This is most unappealing to me.   So...
  16. cifani090

    Solid State Company Comparable To Woo Audio

    What is a SS amp comapny that has such a reputation like Woo. I was thinking Meier, but what do you think?
  17. dlei6

    Best Setup for All-Around use: DAC/Amp or Soundcard for HD600?

    Hey guys, I currently have the Asus Xonar D1 -> HD555 setup, but is looking to upgrade the cans to HD600's being a newbie to the audiophile world can be pretty intimidating, so I need some advice on the best setup that would get the most out of my new cans :P   I do gaming/movie/music on...
  18. BenThiede

    HeadRoom Ultra Micro DAC Sale!

    Hey there Head-fi'ers, Well, the time has come that we are seeing the last of the Ultra Micro DACs.  We have decided to clear out our inventory and offering a killer sale on the last of our units, now only $449.  So, come get 'em while they last!   Please Call the helpful HeadRoom Sales...
  19. Sycraft

    My Fiio E7 review: An unfortunate waste of $100

    To understand this review, first we need to start with my situation/requirements. I decided to get some IEMs for nice, portable, listening. In particular, I decided to get Shure SE420s. The SE series seem to get good ratings and Amazon was selling the 420s for just $160.   Well when I got...
  20. Spikey115

    HeadRoom SendStation iPod Pocket Dock Line-Out Mini-USB

    I have a Total BitHead amp that I use with my new HD-595's with high quality AAC files from an iPod nano as source. I was wondering if HeadRoom's SendStation iPod Pocket Dock Line-Out Mini-USB would improve the quality of the iPod output enough to warrant the investment. Has anybody tried this...
  21. karthikdh

    Best Portable Amp for Shure SRH440 required

    I am looking for a good Portable amp for my new Shure SRH440.   Looking for anything good under ~$130. The options that I am considering now are PA2V2, Mini3. The Mini3 definitely looks better than PA2V2 from the reviews here. But not sure how both of them go along with the Headphone.  ...
  22. Zack916

    Musical Fidelity V-DAC vs. KingRex UD-01 DAC + PSU vs. HeadRoom Micro DAC

    I'm looking at all three but am at an impasse...anyone have some experience with them?  Thanks!
  23. Packgrog

    Poll: Who uses an iRiver H1x0 with digital out?

    After some research on the Rockbox forums, I decided to start looking at the code to see what the limitations were on the digital output.  This lead to me wonder, just how many people are using an H1x0 player as their source, using the digital output?  The Rockbox developers think there aren't...
  24. Thaddy

    DAC/Amp for home listening

    I'm looking to purchase a home setup after giving this hobby a break for quite some time.  I want to purchase a DAC/Amp to be used at home.  Sources will be my computer (USB or optical) and iPod.  I initially started looking at the HeadRoom Desktop Amp/DAC combo since it's the only thing I could...
  25. JLai

    DAC for Mac OS

    Been looking at some DACs...It seems like the weakspot in my chain as I'm no longer using the ThinkPad as my main computer source, thus no longer using the Indigo DJ as my DAC. My current home setup consists of iMac --> Cardas HPI --> MisterX SwitchBox w/ CrossFeed --> Monster iCable -->...