1. jaddie

    Grado SR-80 tweak - experience

    I was about to send my 15+ year old SR-80s back for a re-build, but waited a bit too long.  I wanted to take them on a trip, no time to round-trip to Grado.  So, I took the opportunity to do a little tweaking and repair myself.   The two issues were the cord (dried out, hard, and bad...
  2. DrunkenDuck

    Questions about MS1(SR60/SR80) pad mod, DACs, amps and sources

    Hello fellow members of Head-fi.   This topic probably doesn't entirely belong in this sub-forum, but I found creating one topic asking everything more useful than spamming other sub-forums aswell.   So, first of all, let me tell you I'm a complete noob considering high-end audio. Until...
  3. yantar

    Pre-assembled replacement cable for Grado SR-80

    There is a short in my SR-80's cable on the right side of the y-joint. It still works, but I can't turn my head much while using them and have to constantly reposition the cord. I don't have the patience to put a cable together myself, and if I send them back to Grado for repair, I won't have...
  4. Matsumoto99

    M-Audio Q40 vs Grado SR80 vs Grado SR60 & other suggestions

    Hello all, this is my first post on so sorry if I lack of precision and sorry for my bad english (I'm an Italiano guy).   I'm going to have a total audio hardware upgrade and the first step to it is the choiche of the headphones. In these years i just owned a crappy pair of...
  5. tannerbnd

    Grado SR 60 Vs SR 80

    I already own the ath-m50s and triple 10s (love them both, and very happy with both), and I want to try out a pair of Grados mainly to see what the fuss is about...I'm a huge rock fan, and supposedly they are one of the best......Is there much noticeable difference between the 60s and...
  6. wicker_man

    Grado SR80 Recable Advice With iPhone Mic Compatibility (and parts in the UK)

    I have owned my Grado SR80 headphones for almost 4 years and the plastic cable is starting to peel off from use, so I have decided to recable them.However, as I mostly use them with my iPhone, I was wondering if anybody has somehow integrated a microphone and buttons to the recabling so it can...
  7. marcusgi

    SR80 versus SR225i

    I have been torn the past year if I should cave into the upgradeitis and jump from my sr80's (non-i version) to a new pair of Sr225i's. Mostly because of all the comments from the Grado shrill and everyone saying that as you spend more money in the Grado line, you don't get the value. Well, I...
  8. gore.rubicon

    SR80 driver, loose voice coil wire

    Picked up my sr80s today to find the right driver not putting any sound out, a little trouble shooting and figure out it was not the cable, alittle shaking of the headphone, and it comes back here and there but the bass is distorted, as it moves the coil too much and the whole thing cuts out...
  9. musicfreak4000

    Sennheiser HD 518 or Grados SR80 for Rock and Electronica.

    Which Headphones are best suited for both rock and electronica. I listen to hard rock as well as death metal, grunge and alternative metal.. I also love electronica like house, electro, and trance
  10. PersianMafia

    In need of some advice for Grado SR80 repair

    First, I would like to apologize about my username. I made this account in high school, over four years ago.   Now on to the story. I apologize if this is primitive for most of you but I could use some of your advice. So I have had these Grado SR80s for over 4 years now and they've been...
  11. Bossatiger

    Dropped my SR80s

    I one day dropped my SR80s which have taken a beating over the years and now there is a "worse" sound in the right ear cup. It sometimes gives a faint rattle on low bass notes, and there is a loss of detail in the high end. It is also significantly quieter.    Is there any fix or do I have...
  12. Solrighal

    Please help with a shortlist

    Hi good people. I'm looking to buy another pair of headphones and my budget is £100 or less. Here's what I currently own and how I'd describe their sound - 1. Shure SRH-840 (full size closed-back cans which sound generally neutral to my ear). 2. Sennheiser PX100II (lightweight open-back cans...
  13. Cieran

    Grado sr80 hole punch mod - is it worth it?

    Just got hold of some 2nd hand Grado sr80's (not the i model) and while I like their overall detail, I can't help feeling that they have a lack of bass compared to my smooth Senn PX100-ii's.   If i do the hole punch mod will it make a significant difference and get them somewhere close to my...
  14. KFredo

    Grado SR-60 modded vs SR-80 modded

    After reading several threads, I'm still stuck deciding purchasing one out of the two models. There are tons of posts specific for the SR-60 mod thread, but no such thread for the SR-80 mods. Given that the two models were modded with the same after market parts would they sound identical?  ...
  15. Buntudor

    Stax Sr 80 Pro's Missing Components? Help!

    Hi Everyone.  I have been trying to fix an Imbalance on a pair of Stax SR80 Pro's for 6 months now. I have dis-assemble the earspeakers and looked inside.  I cannot see any varistors or components of any kind in the earcups.  Have they been modified?  Are the components missing?  All the...
  16. moofs

    Amp for SR80's and PK3's. $100 budget.

    I own a pair of yuin PK3's and just purchased some grado SR80's. I'm looking to get a nice little portable amp for them. My budget is $100 max. I will be using it with my macbook and also an iphone 4 or ipod classic when on the go. When I say I will take this amp out with me, I dont mean running...
  17. purrin

    Grado SR-80 and RS-2 Impressions / Comparisons

    Well to start off I'd like to say hello to everyone as this is my first post. I can't believe that I didn't know of the existence of these forums until recently - even though I had purchased several products from HeadRoom over the years. I purchased a Grado RS-2 after some research on these...
  18. Bradrj1029

    I want to put a new cable on my SR80s

    Are there any guides out there that will show me fully step my step, pictures preferred, to show me how to recable correctly.. If possible can you help me find one that lists the exact things to buy needed for the recable.. Thanks
  19. gguerini

    Help needed: AKG Q460 Quincy J. or Sennheiser HD 238 or Grado SR 80i or Sennheiser PX 200-II ??

    Hi guys, this is my first post here at Head-fi. I've been reading the forum for a long time but today I decided to create an account.   I had a Sennheiser HD 238 Precision and I really liked it. Good design, kind of comfortable and a reasonable sound quality. Last week my dad used...
  20. llamatimelord

    Grado Sr 80i 0r 225i/Amp?

    I am going to purchase either the Grado SR80i or SR225i. I've decided that they fit my preference of rock music well. I, however, don't know if it is worth it to buy the SR225i. I've never owned any good headphones before so I don't know if I'll be able to tell the difference between the two. I...
  21. sashaw

    [Review] The charming Sunrise Charm 3 (SR80)

    After being quiet for a year, Sunrise HIFI introduced their new earbud Charm 3. For their enthusiasm on earbud, their previous products, such as, SWD2 and Feeling 2 were very successful. However, many fans were not satisfied by the look of them, since the products were using common shells. By...
  22. MalVeauX

    HE-500, LCD2, D5000, DT770, SR80, on a speaker amp (Emotiva mini-X A-100) Project

    Heya, Acquired all equipment; links to jump through entire thread listed below. Links to jump ahead (will be added as they occur): Custom cable commissioned via BTG Audio for Hifiman HE series. *See speaker taps or banana plugs. Universal adapter for use with any XLR balanced cable to...
  23. markutis

    Hand Built Grado Cans

    I recently purchased 3 different sets of headphones from eBay - some Grados 60's, 80's, and 80i's.   I have been the proud owner of SR325is for a year now, and love them very much.   My question is this:   I completely dismantled the 80i's with the intention of hand making wood cans...
  24. The Big East

    One of the worst reviews of all time? USA Today on the Grado SR80's
  25. buhd4life

    Really like my SR-80s, but has left me wanting more!!! Recommendation sub $200

    Ever since I bought my SR-80s I have been left craving more. The detail is awesome and I really love the grado sound, but I'm not exactly sure what it is that it's lacking...I like headphones that I can kind get lost in and I feel as though its hard with the openess of the headphones...But I am...