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Hand Built Grado Cans

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by markutis, Aug 10, 2012.
  1. markutis
    I recently purchased 3 different sets of headphones from eBay - some Grados 60's, 80's, and 80i's.
    I have been the proud owner of SR325is for a year now, and love them very much.
    My question is this:
    I completely dismantled the 80i's with the intention of hand making wood cans for the drivers to go in. Can anyone recommend some good tone wood that would sound the best?
    I've read a lot about mahogany and ebony as good choices.
    Has anyone gone down this route with "sound" as their primary objective? 
    I know the fine gentleman at headphile.com is a true artist, but I don't know if he's taken into account sound as his motivating factor.
    Any suggestions are welcome. This is my first post, so please, be gentle:)
  2. tzjin
    Try Cocobolo. It is a pretty popular tonewood as well.
  3. jackwess
  4. markutis
    Well, here is the progress on the project in photo form:
    The Mahogany Cans:
    The Supplies:
    The Work Space:
    SR80i Drivers
    Stripped Grado Headband
    Canare Mini Quad (1.5m)
    RCA connectors for cans (maybe will use them, maybe not)
    Heat Shrink
    Neutrik 1/8" terminal
  5. Rav
    Looks like you're making a good job with those wood cups, i know first hand how tricky they can be as i'm making a set myself right now, except i have a pair of magnum drivers to go in mine. If you're interested, my build diary is at http://www.head-fi.org/t/626114/diy-woody-grado-symphones-magnums-a-build-diary
  6. markutis
    Wow, they are beautiful. Well done.
    That Mahogany is fantastic.
  7. markutis
    I've made some progress!
    They're all wired up, and currently borrowing my 325is headband. I'm making a leather headband for them - a black and brown two tone which is going to look SWEET - pictures to follow.
    They sound amazing. I'm still trying to decide on what to make the grills out of - I'm thinking black, to go with the black and gold/brown theme.
  8. markutis
    we have grills!
    we also have the top half of the headband complete:
  9. markutis
  10. stocker1
    You don't want the wood to make any sound, you want to be as neutral as possible.There's a misconception about this, wood is good for musical instruments that have to produce a certain sound, timbre and tone.Using wood adds vibration and smears the sound and cuts down the dynamics of the music
  11. stacker45
    Very nice work, let us know how they sound.

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