1. MetalElvis

    "You should try them and decide yourself"

    Is anyone else sick and tired when you come here and ask people´s opinions about headphones and they just respond to you "you should try them and decide yourself"? I want to hear OPINIONS and how certain headphones sound and compare to other headphones. I know it´s somewhat subjective, but I...
  2. edwelly

    Could use some help on new purchase

    Hello all. I have been reading for days on this site and I am really struggling with a new purchase. I have owned a pair on cheap Sennheisers (can’t find them at the moment), a pair of Bose AE2 and a pair of B&W P3. I returned the Bose and bought the B&W P3 and then returned the P3s as I just...
  3. Nemi

    Bose OE vs Grado SR80

    Before I came to this site, I thought Bose was as good as it got. So I bought a pair of Bose OE because they looked snazzy, and damn that in store demo sounded good to my virgin audiophile ears. Now don't get me wrong, I actually do like them a lot because I can bring them to the library and...
  4. Audiomania2

    How to take out the drivers from the ring shape cylinder

    I have sr80 and I want to take out the driver from the ring shape cylinder (I want to take out the drivers like this picture) so I can put magnum drivers. Should I use super glue remover to take them out? I think grado use the super glue to attach the driver and the cylinder. Any suggestion...
  5. LiquidMusic

    Best Headphones under $200?

    Hey bros and ladies, I've been searching the market for a definitive set of headphones for all around use that cost around 200 USD and the market is absolutely flooded help me decide!
  6. westinlennox

    HiFi in Seattle Area

    Okay, I looked through the forums for a similar post, and the only ones I could find are from about 6 years ago, so I wanted to check in and see if anyone here knows a good place that is not currently out-of-business to test out Grado headphones (or anything, really) in the Seattle-Tacoma area...
  7. beatboxq

    SR-125: General Opinion

    What is your guys' general thoughts on the Grado SR-125's?? Are they the best "lower end" Grado's available? (assuming the "high end" starts w/ the 225's, which seem to be quite a step up) Also, how would you compare them to the MS-1's? You can basically get a used pair for the same price as new...
  8. puri

    Help choosing for newbie with AT ATH-M50X

    Hello   I am upgrading my computer audio system.    Current System: I play FLAC lossless audio through my computer's standard sound card with Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones and Foobar2000.   Requirements: I want warm, attacking sound with tight bass control for around £250. I used to own...
  9. justgotlucky123

    looking for home-use headphones

    hi! im looking for a can usually for home-use. here are my lists:   onkyo ES-HF300(S) harman kardon CL audio techinica ath-m50 sennheiser hd518 grado sr80e JVC esnsy HA-SR85S-B creative aurvana live! akg k240   i dont care if its open or closed back type as long as it sounds good...
  10. rolavine

    Monster Inspiration IEM?

    I bought these on sale and really like them. I looked for references to them on this site and found just about nothing. They have a very balanced tone and work well with my Classical, Jazz, Acoustic, and Folk sort of tastes. Super neutral for voice recordings, as I listen to audible enhanced...
  11. Rick_B

    Has anybody seen this comfort mod kit for Grado headphones?

    This is a prototype kit that came into my part-time job a week or two ago, so naturally I had to grab a set of Grado SR-80's and this kit to bring home and see what the kit did for them:     The kit comes with two adapters that allow you to use AKG style pads in place of the stock Grado...
  12. Munky

    Grado sr80 buzzing

    Got grado sr80's about a year ago. My first real headphones, and they were great. For awhile. Theres a buzzing on my left cup at certain low and mid frequencys. I know this happens sometimes when hair touches the driver, usually remedied by taking them off, and putting them on again. But its...
  13. themanbeast

    Grado-like IEM around $200?

    does something like this actually exist? I love the grado sound but need something isolating and portable. IEMs would be the best for me because it would be something I could easily pakc up and take with me when I leave - I do a lot of LANning for various games, and unfortunately some people who...
  14. maestrochin29

    Grado SR80E compared to the Ultimate Ears 6000

    I recently purchased the UE6K and they are great for all genres , but i doubt they lac the speed when it comes to fast paced heavy metal. How do you feel the Grado e series perform , especially when ive read that the mids there too are a bit relaxed and the bass has been cranked up a notch. I...
  15. Xerber

    On-ear, open headphones?

    Hi guys, I was hoping you could offer me some advice and / or suggestions. Recently I've been using IEM's and headphones when working overtime at the office. I'm currently using my Momentums, but since I'm usually the only person left on my floor (or the last person to leave the building), I...
  16. floresjc

    Looking for the next High end purchase

    I have two headphones, some Magnum V4's from Martin Custom Audio (Amboyna burl cups) and a pair of Sennheiser HD598's. Love them both, although I think the high end is better on the Magnums, but I listen to the 598's more because they are super comfy and fun.   The 598's are my first...
  17. german103

    Grado SR80 over ATH-M50?

    Will game a lot so soundstage is important i suppose?  Other than that mostly trance music.   M50 for 129$, SR80 for 140$.   Thanks.
  18. filch

    Beyerdynamic , Grado , AKG , MR speakers

    Hi to all ... I looking to buy a decent pair of head phone for the new year . I'm a iem user for the longest time and I think it's time for me to get an over ear head phone. I'm considering grado sr80, Beyerdynamic 770, mad dog or AKG q701 . I like my music to sound wow ( I don't like flat...
  19. Melvins

    Where to get wooden shells(outer) (grado)

    Hey guys,   So I was reminiscing on my old sr125i's that I had modified with wooden cups (that I've since sold), and I'm really thinking that I'm going to go ahead and pull the trigger and get some new wooden cups to put on my 325i's. I'm sort of out of the loop so who/what companies still are...
  20. NotaLefty

    Having trouble loving headphones...why?

    I'm kind of upset that I can't fall in love with a pair of headphones. I've owned HD598s, Momentums, HD600s, DT990s, SR80s, and now have HD700s. Sure, they sound great. The 700s beat everything I've owned so far. However, when I unplug them and listen to my Audioengine A2 speakers...
  21. Mizzle17

    new headphones?

    Long time lurker just wanted some advice before pulling the plug. I want to upgrade from my current phones (dt770 80ohm and grado sr80s using a fiio e7 to power them) I was looking into getting a senn hd600 and a O2 amp/dac (UK equivalent). I'll be listening to music via my laptop with most...
  22. WiZoRZ

    Any alternative to Grado SR80 for Hard rock / metal? Can't stand the confort..

    I own a pair of Grados Sr80 (sounds great) but I really can't stand the non-comfort I feel when I use them. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD449, but I find them lacking in someways... Overall they are fine but I can't compare them to the Grados. I mainly listen to Hard rock, Thrash metal...
  23. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Fostex TH7BB : REVIEW * New FOTM ! Best Sub $100 Full-sized

    Heey Head-Fiers ! I will be reviewing the Fostex TH7BB! If you have never heard of them then give them a chance because they are good and really they impressed me!  And I would like to give Fostex a big thanks for sending me a pair of these! So lets get started ! :)   Isolation &...
  24. TheUltimateEye

    Best headphones for movies and video games? (Preferrably under 400 bucks)

    What's up head-fi'ers. So right now i'm looking for a good set of headphones solely for movies. My Grado SR80i's are great for listening to metal/hard rock music but as far as movies go the treble is a little harsh and there's not enough bass. Even with the bass boost turned on the highest...
  25. Kenaikingmt

    Next logical upgrade?

    Hey guys I have been using a pair of Sennheiser hd25 and Grado SR80’s. I like them both depending on the situation but I feel I’m ready to try something else.   I listen to mostly jazz and classic rock with a bit of hip hop mixed in. Don’t care for large amounts of bass.   Any suggestion?