1. briank996

    AKG 701 vs modded Grado SR80

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a pair of SR80s ($106) and have since recabled them because I hated the quality of the OEM Y split ($50) and bought a new headband from Fatman ($52) I now see that the AKG 701s can be purchased from reputable sources for just over $250, no need to recable and...
  2. daronharvey

    Grado SR80 to AKG K701 (an upgrade?)

    PART 1 - DAY 2 I have taken delivery of a used pair of AKG K701's, which are in mint condition and have possibly therefore not had much of the recommended breaking in. I bought these to replace a pair of Grado SR80s. I have had the Grados for about 4 years, and they are therefore the model...
  3. btar93

    Totally new to this world, looking for some advice.

    Hey there, ive recently become fed up with poor quality gaming headsets (which i used for games and music) after I received my current headphones, which im in the process of returning. After spending the last 3 days going over various websites and reviews for headphones im in need of some...
  4. Centinul

    Grado SR-80 Re-wire Question

    I've had my Grado SR-80s for a number of years now and recently they stopped working. I suspected one of the wires had come disconnected from the plug. I replaced the original with a Neutrik NTP3RC plug. The left channel was still dead and the right channel worked a bit but when I moved the...
  5. FlobHobNob

    Grado is Working on Closed headphones!!!

    Ok so I emailed grado for some reccomendations on some closed headphones, this is the email, " Hello, first off I'd like to say I have been a long time fan of your headphones, and I have yet to find any headphones that are as enjoyable as yours. However, I have a slight problem. I can't take my...
  6. doobooloo

    Quitting Head-Fi...

    So. It's been a fun ride so far. I've tried many different phones, some out of my budget and some within: Koss PortaPro Grado SR-80 Grado SR-225 Grado SR-325i Alessandro MS-1 Alessandro MS-2 Alessandro MS-2i Alessandro MS-Pro Sennheiser EH-2270 Sennheiser HD-580 Sennheiser HD-600...
  7. Mercuttio

    Admit to it: you wear headphones in public that you shouldn't!

    Admit it! You wear gigantic, probably-not-best-suited for public, or open headphones in public. You probably shouldn't, and you get lots of funny looks, but you do. Sound trumps fashion, of course! I can't be the only one wearing rediculously large headphones around. I know there are...
  8. baka1969

    Review: Grado SR-225 vs Grado SR-80 Hi fellow headphone freaks! I just received my Grado SR-225s that I purchased from another Head-Fi member in the mail on Monday. This is in addition to the Grado SR-80s I also possess. I want to do a review that will directly...
  9. SillyHoney

    Why Grado is for rock?

    People say Grado is the best option for rock. Why? Since a lot of my listening is rock (metal, hard rock, R&R, blues, alternative...) and STAX is kinda a risky purchase when it comes to rock, I'm thinking of getting the first Grado in my life. SR80 or SR125 I think. But I'm curious to know...
  10. mbeno13

    Best Xbox 360 Gaming Headphones

  11. stonedchef

    Alessandro Music Series One "2009 improved version" question

    So im thinking about purchasing some MS-1's and i'm just wondering if anyone has had any hands on experience with the 'improved' version. If so, what are the differences between the two and is it worth the extra 10$? -sc
  12. [S]uds

    Best Prog Metal Cans for ~$250

    Just as the title says, I am looking for the best set of cans for Progressive Metal/Rock and Power Metal(The majority of my music). I've read around quite a lot and there seems to be no definite answer(Of course, sound is objective though). ATM, I am leaning towards the Grado SR80's(or 60's if...
  13. Gerbil

    Upgrading from Grado SR80, listening to Progressive Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, Classical

      Around 250$-300$, what would be best for Progressive Rock/Metal, Jazz, Acoustic, Classical? I currently own a Grado SR80 set. For ordering from Israel, the prices would be as follows: hd598 290$ a900x 305$ ad900 275$ q701  324$ etc...   Any absolute best choice for my music...
  14. AudioLost

    advice on amp for nexus 7. music and movies.

    From what I have gathered getting a DAC/amp for my nexus 7 or s2 phone is not possibly. So for now am looking to buy a amp that works with grado sr80 or audio technica ath m50. So I at least watch movies And play music with good volume. I am using MX player for video. And demoing poweramp and...
  15. AzraelDarkangel

    A review/comparison of the inexpensive Audio-Technica ATH-M2X

    For comparison, I have previously owned; Sony MDR-V6, Koss PortaPro, Grado SR60 and SR80. All without any dedicated amplification usually straight out of my Optimus CD3400 cd player (raved about in Stereophile 15yrs back). Primarily listening to industrial and metal. Anything from Metallica to...
  16. kefalo81

    upgrade from grado sr80?

    Hi all I  already have  grado sr80i and denon dn hp500 headphones. My source is xonar dx and my amp is cmoy. My music preferences are old rock like beatles, zz top, queen and  jazz like bill evans, mstislav rastropovich and some others jazz artists with more piano and double bas and less...
  17. my2crazy

    Portables to replace my Grado SR80

    Been using my Grado SR80 for travel but they are falling apart and dont fill the portable roll well at all.   I am looking for portable headphones which are durable, comfortable and sound nice. I prefer to spend around 100-150USD but I can go up to around 250 if the gain in quality is good...
  18. kefalo81

    g cush for grado sr80 in europe

    First of all, quest is , is it possible to put g cush on grado SR80i. If it is possible, question is where to buy it in europe? Online sales of course
  19. buttons252

    I ruined my grado SR80s.

    about 10 years ago, i purchased my first quality set of headphones... the sr80s and i really love their "punchy character"  I used them so much that the foam ear pieces started coming off in chunks about two years ago.  i didnt know about the cheap 414 foam pieces at the time and was to cheap to...
  20. Brainmatter

    Tinnits headphones

    I would like us with delicate and sensitive ears to share our experiencis as to which headphones work for us and which ones do not. Give examples of both the worst and the best headphones for us proned with tinnitus and hyperakusis. I developed severe tinnitus and hyperakusis after having bougt...
  21. MonoMood

    Are HD 598s a great starting choice for headphones? Or..?

    I've been lurking head-fi for quite a while, and the forum quite influenced me on my last pickup of IEM's (GR07's) and I've decided to make an account And now, I've decided on getting a full-sized pair, and I'm currently looking at the Senn HD598's Would these be a great pickup, or are there...
  22. stocker1

    Modded RS 60

    Modded Grado RS 60 with PVC faux woodies                      
  23. gradojunkie

    ALESSANDRO MS-1, 2, and pro?

    Hey I've been wondering about alessandro headphones for a while now. Can anyone help me out here? Anything about them, let me know, how they sound, and what are the grado equivilent's? Thanks
  24. maddox6912

    I need some help replacing the connector in my SR80

    So the connector was giving problems and i decided to replace it. I cut the cable and the wires look like this       I just brought a Neutrik 3.5mm TRS connector. But that accepts just 3 wires. How do I connect this to a TRS plug?
  25. JennaFF

    Grado SR-80 Recable

    Hey, I am looking for advice on recabling my headphones. Does anyone know a place that will do it for me, and if not, where can I get all of the parts I need? I want nylon sleeving and possibly a 1/8 inch connector that screws into a 1/4 inch adapter.