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Grado SR 60 Vs SR 80

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tannerbnd, Nov 14, 2011.
  1. tannerbnd
    I already own the ath-m50s and triple 10s (love them both, and very happy with both), and I want to try out a pair of Grados mainly to see what the fuss is about...I'm a huge rock fan, and supposedly they are one of the best......Is there much noticeable difference between the 60s and 80s...These won't be my main cans, just want to try some and get the idea of their sound signature and clarity in the highs(which is my main curiosity) without dumping a ton of money into the 325i's and up....any suggestions?
  2. NA Blur
    The SR-80 and SR-60 use the same drivers and cabling excluding the connector on the jack end.  The SR-80 typically have a 1/4 inch plug and come with a 1/8 inch adapter.  The SR-80 has better driver matching which sets it apart from the SR-60.  This means that the drivers in each ear are more closely matched for volume / output which gives better performance and neutrality.
    I liked the SR-80 when I did my direct A/B comparision between the SR-60 and the SR-80.  The SR-80i would be my vote if you are just getting into Grado.  You have to go all the way up the SR-325i to improve on the sound of the SR-80i.
  3. tannerbnd
    80s it is!  thanks!
  4. zdkaiser
    personally, i like the sr60s better. they are bassier with a little less brightness than the 80s. to me, them just have a more "fun" sound to them. anything about the SR80s and the brightness just causes fatigue for me.
  5. doghouse
    I have the m50's and the 80's.  They both are great phones. Frankly I think you'll be happy with the 80 or 60...for a short period of time. The grado upgrade/mod bug hits hard. Every day I come to this site, I stare at the magnum/mod threads and wonder....
  6. JBAndradeIV

    I may be wrong, but I don't believe the 80 has ever come with a 1/4 inch plug.  I've never heard of that anyway, and I've seen several stock sets (and own one).  I believe the 125 has the larger plug, though.  
    IMO, there is next to no difference unamped, but with even a cheap amp the 80 outshines the 60.  I love my 80s dearly, and am glad I went with them over the 60s.  
    Also, I thought I'd be the last person on earth who would attempt to mod headphones, but boy was I wrong.  The Grado modding bug does hit pretty hard.  They sound phenomenal though.  And for less than $150 (mods included) I have a set of cans that I sometimes even prefer over my Sennheiser HD600s, which cost me $250 used.
    In summary, I'd go with the 80s, and they are a great value for the price.
  7. Clockmaker


    I bought my SR80i's less than a month ago. Sure enough, they came with the 1/4th inch adapter. 
    For the record, I love my 80's. So much so that I use them outside on my commute, despite them being open.
    edit: i think i read that wrong. either way, the cable terminates in the standard 3.5mm jack, and comes with the adapter to allow plugging into bigger and better sources.
  8. JBAndradeIV

    We are in agreement about how the cable terminates then.
    And I also use mine on commutes!  Until I can afford a pair of closed backs that sound as good, I fear my fellow bus riders will have to listen to my music along with me.  [​IMG]

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