1. thoeny

    replace cowon D2+ with what advice please

    My D2+ is slowly falling apart. My switch broke, and now the battery connection is loose. I should be able to repair it, but fear that it will have to be replaced eventually. I love my D2+ and would prefer just to buy another one, but that does not seem likely. So my question is: What is a...
  2. metllicamilitia

    Clip+ with Rockbox still not as great as Cowon D2, so which Cowon?

    All right, got tired of trying to figure out parametric EQ's and started using my broken screen D2, so I want to know which Cowon I should get, the O2 or V5? I am looking at 16GB players and will be getting at least a 16GB SD card preferably a 32GB so I can put all my music into at least 320kbs...
  3. treal512

    RE0 coupled with 2 DAPs

    RE0 + Cowon D2+   and   RE0 + Sony E45   can anyone tell me how these IEMs will do? will either player drive them? or will something like a T4 be needed for either setup? the D2+ is mine and the E45 is a new player i just bought for my dad. he just cut his Sirius Radio subscription...
  4. xPro_MetheuSx

    Cowon D2+ vs. S:Flo2 is it an upgrade?

    Hi my dear friends. I have cowon d2+ and I'm using it with BBE+. Although I'm grateful with its sound quality, I'm looking for a new mp3 player. I have read about S:flo2, a lot of people say good things for it. Is it an upgrade from cowon d2+?(sound quality upgrade) Can u compare them only for...
  5. straden

    Recommend me amp for around 100 usd

    Hey guys I need a recommendation for portable amp purchase. Right now, I have SE 530 and I 'might' get a pair of custom IEM in the future. As for the player, I have iphone3g, ipad, and cowon d2   I'm looking for one that will be paired up with d2 most of the time, and' "rarely" with...
  6. wicked.ludicrous

    Portable players recommendations

    I'm asking for any recommendations anybody would give for portable mp3 players. I've read that the Clip+ has great sound, but nothing about anything else. The Sony E34x and S54x players also came to mind, as it's something I'm looking for. So yeah, I'm looking to get a rather small player that...
  7. FlatNine

    Any Advice Before I Purchase

    I've been a lurker here for a while. This is my first post. (Great site by the way!) After comparing notes and reviews I am about to buy the following: Cowan D2+ : I want FLAC, and prefer to have my portable folder structure match my PC. Either RSA Mustang P-51 or Corda 3Move. Shure...
  8. windowphone7

    question about cowon J3 charging and listening

    Hi   I have just got my brand new cowon J3 today. However, I am pretty surprised at realizing that i can't play the player during charging either through USB with laptop or USB with power adapter.   I search around the internet and know that it is quite common for player not being able...
  9. noteventime

    A player to replace my (cracked) D2

    Long story: A year and a half ago I got a D2 to replace my dead clix2 and now I'm looking for a new player to replace my broken D2 (some clumsiness resulting in a cracked screen making the touch screen unusable).   I'm somewhat undecided on whether to get another 8GB D2 for $135 (prices...
  10. 1audioz

    HTC Desire SQ

    Having owned the aforementioned product for a few weeks now; I'd like to post some thoughts on it based on my experience with the Cowon D2+.   So far, I haven't really gotten around to buying a micro SD bigger than the stock 2GB in the box, but I've put some tracks (Ogg q5 and 320k mp3) on...
  11. aviram84

    Portblale Mp3 player for SQ only

    Hey guys. i'm looking for an mp3 player and after reading plenty reviews and forum's threads i'm still confused. i thought about buying the Cowon's D2+ player but still succeeded to find many not-that-good opinions regarding it's sound quality. And that's all i need: Sound Quality. i'm using the...
  12. j57park

    COWON D2+ Battery Question !

    Hi, I purchased a new D2+ 16gb about a week ago, and decided to do some test because I found the battery to be running out rather quickly.   These were the test enviornment. 1) Fully charged via Macbook USB 2) 750 songs; about 300 FLAC files and the rest in 320kbps MP3 files. NO sdhc...
  13. bubbagump

    Teclast T39 and Cowon D2 - Under the Hood

    I noticed the Teclast T39 being suggested in some recent threads- I missed this player altogether when deciding what player to get before purchasing my D2 (it didn't fit my requirements anyway). Hardware-wise these players have very similar layouts. The D2 was released in Korea in November...
  14. neozengar

    Fuze+ LOD vs Cowon D2/D2+

    I am thinking about wether to sell my cowon and use that money to buy a fuze + lod.  I am planning on using the headsix along with my RE0 for the portable setup.  I was wondering for those who have both, which would produce a better SQ.  Are the differences noticable? thanks!
  15. LJN

    Replace Cowon D2 with the new Cowon J3 ?

    Today I have Cowon D2 and UE Superfi 3 and I like this combination. Soon I get a new pair of UE TF10 and I hope that will be at least "one step" up in SQ.  But, I am at the age of 50+ and if I dont wear glasses I have some problem to see the screen details on the D2. Therefore I look at the...
  16. profusion

    Cold and warm sound?

    How do you describe a cold and a warm sound? comparing D2 and sony? A just cannot figure it out what people mean?
  17. SonOfFree

    DAC with SDHC reader

    Hi, it's my first time here; I'm looking for something like a DAC/amp that can read SDHC. I'm not searching an intere Hi-Fi system, only a compact "thing" that can read mp3 or flac from the card and make sound well my headphones. If it has a usb to plug my pc, it will be fantastic. Is it...
  18. Bassboost

    Getting My 1st Rig: Need Your Suggestions

    Hi, I'm new here and I just need some advise in setting up my first rig. Any suggestions about which PMP, headphones, and amp should I get will be much appreciated. :)   Btw, I listen to bassy-type of music most of the time (R&B and club, not really into hip-hop :)), so I'm wondering if a...
  19. Zacorias

    Portable Source Woes

    I am currently playing flac through my Cowon D2 to my Sennheiser HD 25-1 II headphones. The sound is amazing but I still see one major flaw. With only 4 gigs to use I can only fit about 7 albums of music. What am I supposed to do once my music library gets to 70+ gigs of memory. Keep switching...
  20. g1981c

    talk me out of getting J3

    as somebody who runs four rackmount digital sound processors in my home system i am a bit partial to gear with FUNCTIONAL equalizers in it.  which my iphone 3GS does not have.   i need a player with maximum ability to customize the frequency response, especially in the bass.  i need a unit...
  21. hyyam85

    High capacity player that plays FLAC

    Hi. I am looking for a portable player that support FLAC playback, with high capacity. I know a few players such as cowon, meizu, teclast that can do that. I just want to know what options I have. Actually cowon D2 appeals to me most because of its SD slot, but it is a lil overkill as I don't...
  22. mrarroyo

    Portable DAP w/ Special Requirements

    I am trying to set up an small portable rig but I want the DAP to meet the following requirements.   1. Must have a line out as well as a headphone out. 2. Must accept SDHC cards (not the micro). 3. Must play FLAC files. 4. The smaller the better. 5. Minimum of 12 hours of play time...
  23. cam94z28

    For those that have had a vaio pocket...Any current players with similar SQ?

    I've had my Sony Vaio Pocket VGF-AP1L for several years now. It has been a very good player overall, when it works, but I'm sick of it's quirks. It will randomly fail to spin-up (or freeze, I'm not sure which) when changing tracks if the drive has powered down. The battery is is also dying, and...
  24. tiantan

    Cown D2 & Apple iMac Users

    Hi, I am contemplating buying a new DAP, currently I have the Cowon D2, it was an excellent player and still is, however when I made the switch to Mac, all of sudden my Cowon D2 is not being recognized. When I plug my Cowon D2 into the usb ports, it charges my Cowon D2 instead of recognizing it...
  25. steelglam

    Sansa, Nationite, or Cowon digital audio player?

    The headphone jack in my Sansa Fuze is basically caput (and the power button is on its way out), so I think I'm going to buy a new digital audio player. I like the Sansa and can buy another refurbed one for pretty cheap, but I'm kind of PO'd at the shoddy construction. I've only had it for about...