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Having owned the aforementioned product for a few weeks now; I'd like to post some thoughts on it based on my experience with the Cowon D2+.
So far, I haven't really gotten around to buying a micro SD bigger than the stock 2GB in the box, but I've put some tracks (Ogg q5 and 320k mp3) on it to have a listen using my AD700s and CK7....and some stock Cowon buds I have lying around; lol.
Without going into what songs I played, I've got to say I'm quite impressed with the sound quality of this phone. Using the Cowon stock buds obviously yield sub-par results which just sound utterly horrible. Using the Audio-Technicas yielded very different results. I've often complained that my CK7 sound very enclosed and lacking in soundstage; but this was from my experience with the D2+ (no BBE etc..). At 50% volume, the Desire delivers a clear reproduction of my music and the soundstage "seems" larger than before, perhaps this is emulated or something; at this point in time I quite like it. SQ is just much more natural than the D2+. The highs are sparkly. However, treble detail is a little muffled - here and there (could be song dependent)...not a real problem when I just need something to listen to on the way to uni.
AD700 yielded interesting results. Songs that sounded great on my CK7 could sound a little too boring through the open cans.
I'll be sure to write a tad bit more as I continue to listen.
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I'm not sure what the Desire's audio circuitry is like, but I've go to say that's it's impressive to say the least. I have yet to sit down and have a long comparison (just a few brief ones so far) between the D2+ and Desire on similar volumes/songs/etc.; but i definitely sounds better than my previous phones by Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. 
All I need to do now (since I'm so in love with the ipod-esque music GUI in Android) is decide which one is better for playing my music on the go.
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I have the same music files on my iRiver H120 and my HTC Eris phone.  I was very surprised and pleased with the quality of the default player in the HTC phones. 
If you want to add an app that can make playlists and has a good equalizer, try the Astro Player.  It is available free from the Market. 
I like the sound of the HTC player well enough to leave my other players and portable amps at home, and just use my phone when out and about.  I am using the Yuin PK-2 with it and the sound is superb even without my iBasso amps. 
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Thanks for you impressions on the Desire.  I am considering dumping my 3GS soon and opting for the Desire, and in searching for audio quality discussion on the internet, I found that they basically don't exist.  Any further comments would be greatly appreciated, and comparison to other portable sources would be fantastic!
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Just having a brief listen now.
Playing Leona Lewis' "I Got You" sounds a little wider on the Desire; slightly more boxed in with the D2+. Instruments on the Desire sound a little more balanced and soft compared to the D2+. Bass is a tad tighter-sounding on the D2+ and seems to be much stronger (greater impact). 
I have no BBE settings on and EQ is on normal.
edit: Tried out Astro Player. It works well and seems a little bit less glitchy than the HTC music app.
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I have the same feeling with HTC's HD2. HTC has done a pretty good job on the sound output from their newer phones -- I prefer the HD2 to my older XPERIA X1, Nokia N95, N85, and N97 by a good margin. I prefer the iPhone 3G and 3GS very slightly, but the differences simply don't matter for my portable usage.
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Assuming the Nexus One and Desire have the same audio circuitry, I have to say I don't think that much of the phone's SQ. Clarity is pretty good, but it's utterly ruined in any bassy track because the lower frequencies get muddy and/or bloated.
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Assuming the Nexus One and Desire have the same audio circuitry

I could be mistaken, but I think this is not true.  They are for the most part the same phone, but not identical.  (Hoping for) Improved audio quality is one of my main reasons for waiting out for the Desire.
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The Desire only has one mic as opposed to the N1's dual mics, so I would assume that the audio circuitry would differ also. 
Quickly comparing the SQ of the Desire and the iPod Classic 6G (a mixture of Radiohead...and some Asian pop), I prefer the Desire hands down. IMO, Classic suffers from a massive treble emphasis whereas the Desire leans towards a much flatter sound. 
If anyone likes frequency graphs, here's one from GSMArena.

edit: impressions made so far on CK7, CK10 coming soon - so I'll see if I can post more when I get them. 
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I could be mistaken, but I think this is not true.  They are for the most part the same phone, but not identical.  (Hoping for) Improved audio quality is one of my main reasons for waiting out for the Desire.

The Nexus One and Desire actually have different mainboards, so it's very likely they sound different. GSMArena did get different readings from the Desire and the Nexus One.
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doesn't the desire have dolby mobile?
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I'm curious about the Desire sound qualit yas I own the Samsung Galaxy S and sound quality is just amazing. Used several audiophile headphons with plenty of good flacs and it is very impressive.Heard the Desire is good but not as good so I'm a bit worried since I'll be returning the Samsung and will probably get the Desire (the Galaxy S has no functional GPS, which I need)
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i have a desire (Uk version) and I have to say that for me the sound is spoilt by the low-level but very audible hiss at low volumes through iems which i use (se530)

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