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Jun 29, 2001
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Listening to stuff.

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  • About

    Listening to stuff.
    Stuff I can listen to.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Been quite a few all these years.

    Just check the current Best Buddies on the signature; They come and go, but the best tend to stick around and those currently listed are the ones I enjoy more often at the moment.
    Over 17 years at Head-Fi. Been a long, fun ride!

    Not a native English speaker, so expect some Engrish here and there. Yeah. Some of the bull**** I write won't make sense. But corrections by PM are welcome!


    Bitching about it not sounding quite right for over 16 years now... :|
    Some recent listens:
    Sony MDR-CD3000, MDR-R10 and MDR-Z1R | Sennheiser HD800 [unmodded] and 800 S (in that order) | MDR-EX1000 | MDR-1000X | MDR-EX1000, CA Andromeda, Havi B1 Pro1, Shure SE846
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