1. D

    Binaural bluetooth headset for andriod & Win10?

    I'm going nuts trying to find a headset. I haven't found a site yet that allows me to enter my relatively simple criteria and get good candidates. I've tried Amazon, Google shopping, Monoprice, and a number of other online retail outlets to no avail. Part of the problem might be my ignorance...
  2. T

    Help! Headphones Up to $20

    I am looking to get new, good headphones. I ordered the Kingstar Sports Bluetooth Headphones S5 from Amazon, a few months ago. They work okay. The sound is pretty decent for songs with singers, but it sucks when listening to instrumental music (like symphony, guitar, piano, new age, etc.)...
  3. aramk

    Air (NANO) by CrazyBaby

    Crazybaby is having another go at the wireless in-ear market. They're promising better customer service and a more refined product free from connectivity issues. Anyone else keen to give it a try? I didn't go for the Air and decided to wait for reviews, and it turned out to be a good idea since...
  4. sunshine83

    ProStereo H2 Bluetooth

    These earphones look legit, they have everything to listen to hi-res audio wirelessly but there is no info about where to buy them from :(


    We are very thrilled to announce that we are starting Black Friday this year one week earlier! Beginning today, November 16th at 6AM PST, our new partner Massdrop will be offering 20% off on our entire custom bluetooth cable lineup. Deadline to join the drop ends on November 20th. All orders...
  6. goldfilm

    Best sounding bluetooth IEM

    If cable length, battery, connectivity, design, fit & price are not an issue, which of these have the best SQ?
  7. Tubakien

    IEM with AptX <$200 for office use

    Hello I'm looking for some IEMs that I can use around the office, mostly to listen to music and tune out external noise while I work. Ideally, they would be magnetic and easily concealable under my polo collar that I wear normally. I prioritize SQ and value over all else, and I really do not...
  8. S

    Cheap Bluetooth receiver that can match RCA cable quality?

    I'm looking for some Bluetooth receiver that would be connected to my old home theater system. So far I've been using RCA cable to connect and was more then satisfied with sound quality but I would like wireless mostly because it's easier to use different sources. I've been also looking into...
  9. Alcophone

    [GONE] For Sale: Unopened Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless

    Hello, I'm selling the Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless. I received them as a gift and have no use for them, so I didn't even try them - they are completely new. Price includes shipping within the US. From Sennheiser's website: Supported Profiles: A2DP + AVRCP + HSP + HFP Ear coupling: Ear...
  10. Noobeh

    *** [SOLD] *** Bose QC35 - Good Condition - No box/Headphones only

    When I use a wireless headset, I always gravitate towards my Sony MDR-1000X, so these don't get used very much. Condition: Good condition Some small chips on edge of (right) ear cup (mostly) - less than 1mm in size One thin mark near edge of right ear cup - approx. 3mm in length These...
  11. KrayzieGSX

    Looking for wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

    Hi, I'm looking for Bluetooth in-ear headphones to use with a Samsung Gear Fit 2 watch on runs and other sports. It does not need a mic. I want something similar or better sounding than the Sennheiser CX300II (wired), which is what I currently use with an mp3 player. I like the bass and...
  12. buffalomatt

    [FS] Sony MDR-1RBT

    _SOLD_ My headphone collection keeps getting bigger and I just don't use these anymore more. These are in very good condition, just a couple very minor scratches and the pads/headband are in great shape. Comes with a V-Moda red cable and a hard shell case with matching red accent inside. It...
  13. A

    Sony WF 1000X connectivity

    Anyone else has a better experience with the Sony WF 1000X wireless noise cancellation ear bud headset?!?.. Seems like a lot of people have a connectivity issues with the RIGHT ear loosing contact with left for a brief seconds.. I tried two pairs in Tokyo this week, in two separate stores, and...
  14. L

    Looking for bass-heavy Bluetooth earbuds

    Hi guys, Lately I've been looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds(preferably IEMs) that have a clean but heavy bass. I'm trying to spend less than $250 on these and if they also have ANC, that would be great. I mainly listen to rap and hip hop but also enjoy rock music here and there. I've...
  15. husamia

    Shure Bluetooth Accessory Cable

    Shure released information about Bluetooth Accessory Cable for the SE models for $99 it supports telephony as well. I been thinking this would be the perfect replacement. Can someone share their experience. "Does it sound better or the same compared to cables?" the wireless SE215 looks...
  16. ricthaman

    Sony WF-1000X discussion thread: Truly wireless IEM with Active Noise Cancelling!

    Sony's new WF-1000X wireless IEM's. - Active Noise cancelling with Sense Engine - 6mm Dynamic Driver with Neodymium magnet - Bluetooth 4.1 with AAC support - 9 hour battery life (using the included charging case) Presented at IFA 2017, released Sept. 2017...

    PLUSSOUND AUDIO - Introducing BLUETOOTH CUSTOM CABLES - Available for 2-PIN/CIEMs, MMCX, FitEar, Sennheiser, Audeze, and more

    We are proud to announce that we now offer custom bluetooth cables - the first of its kind on the market. Convert what was once wired into a wireless! Module: Bluetooth 4.2 - 250% faster and reliable than previous versions. Balanced output design - improves crosstalk and separation. Decodes...
  18. freeride1685

    FS: Lear BTC-01 Bluetooth cables for IEMs

    Hello! I am selling my brand new Lear BTC-01 Bluetooth cables and amp for IEMs. I had paired them with a set of Spiral Ears and they worked great, but for other reasons I am moving away from Bluetooth overall. These were just about $75 shipped, so I will be happy to see them go to a new home...
  19. JarryS88

    Shure rmce-bt1 (Bluetooth Communications Cable)

    Shure have just released a new Bluetooth Communications Cable which converts existing Shure SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846 to Wireless Bluetooth with Microphone and Sound Isolation of up to 37dB...
  20. Blommen

    SOLD! Noble BT - 50$ pp and shipping incl.

    Hey guys, for sale is my Noble BT unit. It was bought here from the classifieds and I am now selling it because I no longer need it. It comes with original 2-pin cable and generic usb cable. I am asking for 50$ pp and shipping included.
  21. JChristian

    Great $120 BT headphones? In doubt between two options

    Budget - $120 Source - Bluetooth and Wired Requirements for Isolation - Not crucial, will be used at office and home. Preferred Type of Headphone - Over-ear or On-ear Preferred tonal balance - I really like Balanced, but I wouldn't mind something a bit bassy. Preferred Music - Electronic...
  22. Micha

    Astell & Kern XB10 Bluetooth Headphone Amp & Dac

    Up for sale is my Astell & Kern XB 10 : Supporting AptX and AptX HD Complete with box and all goodies Very good condition, used at home only Price : 129 Euro shipped within EU THX for considering :)
  23. XDT

    SOLD: UE/Jaybird bluetooth MMCX cable

    Great condition, have ended up using it a couple of times only. Comes with all accessories etc. Price includes shipping (UE charges $70 worldwide).
  24. O

    Astell&Kern Kann v. iPod Touch (if listened via Bose QuietComfort 35)

    Hello. Will Astell&Kern Kann provide a significtant boost in audio quality over iPod Touch if listened via Bluetooth headphones – Bose QuietComfort 35? Currently I stream FLACs from a NAS to the iPod and on to QC35. I'm looking to upgrade my listening experience, but since Bluetooth headphones...
  25. L

    Even H2 Bluetooth headphones - any good?

    Hi! I've heard of those new Even headphones that adapt to your hearing and I am pretty intrigued. Has any one of you tried them out? Would you recommend them? Thanks!