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Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth via PC (analog or USB)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Bkido, Oct 24, 2018.

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  1. USB-Transmitter

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  2. Chord Mojo (USB) --> Transmitter via analog

  1. Bkido
    Hello guys,

    I'm currently looking into changing my workplace headphones to the Sony WH-1000XM3 to be cordless and also have noice cancelling. I'd like to couple them to my Laptop (Dell XPS 15 9560) which doesn't have any special bluetooth features and would only be able to use the SBC-Codec which would introduce poor audio quality and audio-lag.
    That's why I'm currently looking into Bluetooth transmitters that at least support the AptX-Codec. For now I've narrowed down my choices to the Inateck BR1006 and the Avantree Priva III



    The Priva III supports AptX and can be connected via USB the PC.
    The Inateck supports AptX HD but can only be connected via analog.

    Currently I'm using a Chord Mojo connected via USB to the Laptop. Would it be better to keep the Mojo connected and feed its analog signal into a bluetooth transmitter or would a bluetooth transmitter directly connected to the PC via USB be better?
  2. SilverEars
    Personally, I wouldn't recommend going from analog to digital with the Mojo. I'd would get the best BT transmitter with the AptX HD. Just go digital to XM3, and let it's analog section be the only analog part of the path.

    I didn't like XM3's aux-in, in passive mode (without it powered up). When powered up with aux-in, it's comparable sounding to wireless. Perhaps it's processing the aux-in signal (doing analog to digital) for noise cancelling. Anyway, I didn't test the ANC with aux extensively, so take this with a gain of salt. I just didn't like the sound without ANC on, or without the headphone powered up.

    If aux-in with ANC sounds fine to you (or comparable to wireless with ANC), no need for transmitters. I'd just go with that. If you need wireless, just get the usb transmitter.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
  3. Bkido
    Do you know a Apt X HD transmitter that supports USB input?
  4. SilverEars
    I don't think anything USB exists beyond AptX (I don't even know if AptX is even possible via usb). I don't even know what codecs are possible via usb to a windows pc. Windows doesn't show what codec is active, and I assume it's SBC whatever dongle is connected.

    The only ones out there with AptX HD or LL are the transmitters with optical input. Of course your source needs to have optical out for this (which most PC's do not have). LDAC don't exist (only for smartphones or sony players).
  5. Roseval
    SBC has a bit rate of 320 kbs
    APTX 352
    APTX-HD 579
    LDAC 990

    To the best of my knowledge, they don't differ much in lag
    Your best bet is LDAC but I don't know if there is any BT transmitter supporting it.

    If you have a recent Android phone, you can connect the Sony to it using LDAC
    If this is the case, install a DLNA enabled media player on the phone e.g. Bubble UpNP
    Now you have a wireless connection between your PC and your phone transmitting lossless audio and a high bitrate lossy BT connection between your headphones and the mobile.

    Other options are using DLNA between the PC and the phone, connect the Mojo to the phone. Recent Android supports USB audio.
    You can make a wired connection between the Mojo and the phone.
    The same can be accomplished using a Mojo+Poly
  6. Roseval
    No, it depends on the dongle
    By design USB means USB audio.
    The dongle translate the data to Bluetooth using a BT audio codec.
    Of course Win doesn't know what codec is used as it sees a USB audio device.

    This is one supporting both APTX and the mandatory SBC: https://en-uk.sennheiser.com/btd-500-usb
    This one supports APT LL https://us.creative.com/p/accessories/creative-bluetooth-audio-bt-w2-usb-transceiver
    A receiver supporitng almost any BT codec: https://www.fiio.com/btr3
  7. SilverEars
    Here's the problem. How do you know if AptX is activiated when connected to usb? The headphone will not tell you. On Android smartphones, you have UI option that lets you select the codec.

    BTR3 is a receiver, not a usb to BT transmitter. I'm talking about usb to BT transmitters.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
  8. Bkido
    Hey guys, thanks for your input. I just wanted to let you know that i now decided to go with the new FiiO M9 DAP. It supports USB-DAC and can transmit almonst any Bluetooth standard (LDAC, AptX HD etc.). Like this i have a nice solution for the office and for when I'm outside.
  9. MrGrimble
    I'm also trying to find BT transmitter that supports AptX (preferably with the the latest CSR8675 chip) and I can't find it as a usb dongle. only a transmitter that connects via analog or digital cables.

    My receiver is hooked to a pc via hdmi and I currently have a 4.0 usb dongle that I want to upgrade.
    Audio quality wise, is there any difference between a usb dongle or plugging a cable?
    My logic says that if I'll plug in a cable then I won't have the benefits of my DAC on the receiver. Am I correct?

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