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  1. S

    Chord Mojo Battery Cheap Fix

    So the battery on my Chord Mojo died. No surprise, eh? I read how people are running them with no battery or spending a fortune on repairs. I'm a think-out-of-the box person and I came up with a cheap fix. I sourced a battery on Amazon that was 7.4V, 2200mA and 16.3 Wh and only $16.49. It is...
  2. Sunstealer

    Zen DAC V2 versus Mojo 1?

    Morning all. I've been through a clearout of my stuff recently and now have just a Zen DAC V2, with a Zen CAN on the way for the HD58X. I like the Ifi house sound but am wondering if the Mojo 1 might offer something different, either by itself or hooked up to the CAN. I would be using the Mojo...
  3. eagunn

    Upgrade an iBasso DX50 or buy a new DAP

    Hi guys, Trying to decide between upgrading my iBasso DX50 by adding a Chord Mojo as a DAC or using the money to upgrade from the iBasso to an Astell & Kern SR15. I like that the A&K will mean I can use Tidal, but I like that the Mojo could also be used with my iPhone. Any guidance would be...
  4. R

    Chord Mojo/Cavalli Liquid Platinum/HiFiMAN HE1000s

    Hi all, I’ve been reading with amazement the depth of knowledge and experience in these forums. As I step gingerly into the audiophile world, I have the following question: I have a Chord Mojo and a pair of HiFiMAN HE1000 (v1), connected to a Mac Mini both high-res files and now listening to...
  5. S

    Hugo Chord 2 Vs Chord Mojo

    Hello, I have read several different comparisons between the 2 dacs, but I am puzzled at some of the information that I have read. Some users claim that the Mojo offers a sound that is comparable, or even better than that of the Hugo Chord 2. I live in a rural area where there are no hi end...
  6. NawiLlih

    Seeking custom IEMs ~$1200

    TL;DR: Recommend me custom IEMs in range of 1200$/€/£ :) Long-form post: Hey all, returning to Head-Fi after a long break blowing all my student loan on Magic cards :p I had some Earsonics SM64s a couple of years ago, but sadly after ~4 years of love and daily use, the shells crumbled beyond...
  7. W

    Power output of Chord Mojo on max volume

    I bought a pair of Audeze LCD-XC and I just love the thease headphones. (Previously I had an Opp PM-3). The dealer also suggested to buy a Chord Mojo, and it seems that it smoothens the sound, but not much difference compared to the MacBook. Anyway, I was happily living with both until last...
  8. G

    Hiby R3 volume levels / balanced output

    Hi there, Greetings, I’m a newbie to these forums and after a bit of advice if that’s ok. Have just purchased a Hiby R3, which I’m loving. Have transferred a lot of DSD and Flac files onto the SD card and I’m playing it through a Chord Mojo into my Naim amp. Sounds fabulous - in fact, some...
  9. 64Audio

    15% off 64 Audio Bundle!

    Head-Fi Family, For those of us up here in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is just around the corner and with it the famed summer playlist. Now when you purchase one of our favorite DACs, the Mojo Amplifier, with any of our Universal IEMs, you'll save 15% on both! Many of you here are familiar...
  10. S

    Looking for a portable amp for my new headphones (budget: $300)

    Hi! I recently purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PROs and am loving them. I'm currently driving them with a FiiO Q1 Mk2 but I'm not sure whether it's sufficiently powerful enough for 250ohm headphones. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the theory regarding headphones/amp matching...
  11. O

    Chord Mojo for computer rig

    Thinking about setting up my Chord Mojo through my desktop going through the optical cable. I used to have a Schiit Jotunheim I rather enjoyed with my LCD-X, but have since sold both. How well does the chord Mojo perform through optical going through a desktop computer?
  12. O

    Chord Mojo VS Dap for IEM's

    Hello, I'm rather new here but I was getting my first set of in ear monitors which are going to be the Campfire audio Vegas, and in a few weeks my A12T I already have the Chord Mojo I am rather enjoying, but it seems to drain the battery on my phone pretty quickly. I mostly work at a desk...
  13. chihwahli

    IEM/CIEM equal / better than DT-880 600 ohm

    Hello all, thanks to your help I bought the DT-880 600 ohm. Never regretted buying it. It's a wonderful headphone for the modest prize. But now I am looking for a IEM / CIEM (in combination with a mobile DAC) that has equal or slightly better sound. - sound stage has to be the same or better...
  14. Todd

    Round 2 Mojo/Poly Loaner program

    HI All, We are going to have another round of loaner participants now that the Mojo/Poly combo is working well together. So, the normal loaner rules... accepting 5 people. Send your name and address, telephone number and your Head-Fi user name to me (Todd) at Do NOT PM me...
  15. Noobzilla

    Amplifier for KEF LS50 with Chord Mojo?

    Starting to move into speakers now that I've finished my headphones set-up. Based on reviews, KEF LS50 is my top choice and may pick up a pair for $700 used. I do not own any receiver or amp for speakers, but I have a Chord Mojo I can hopefully use as DAC. Very excited! Been reading a lot and...
  16. Bkido

    Sony WH-1000XM3 Bluetooth via PC (analog or USB)

    Hello guys, I'm currently looking into changing my workplace headphones to the Sony WH-1000XM3 to be cordless and also have noice cancelling. I'd like to couple them to my Laptop (Dell XPS 15 9560) which doesn't have any special bluetooth features and would only be able to use the SBC-Codec...
  17. I

    Rega Brio R / Chord Mojo Dac / Q Acoustics 3020 - disappointing !

    Hi all, I am a newby wanna-be audiophile (for now :) who did his research and came up with a combination of a rega brio r / chord mojo dac and acoustics 3020 speakers. Basically the typical fallpit that someone who listens to reviews can possibly do. Does it sound like what’s been promised - No...
  18. Slashn77

    Chord Mojo to iOS connection?

    I know this fiio L19 cable has been seen working directly from mojo to lightning on iPhone for iPhone 5-6 and iPad mini-mini 2. Videos shown it working up to iOS 9.3.2 and I am wondering since I have an iPhone 7 and iOS 11 if anyone has an info of experience of this working with your Apple...
  19. Manga

    Astell ak380 – EQ sliders on AK380 having no effect on Mojo sound signature

    I have managed to acquire my dream audio player second hand in the form of an Astell & Kern AK380. I’m finding the bass and overall ‘oomph’ in the music played to be missing e.g. Sting, INXS and modern soul and funk. A friend of mine connected his Chord Mojo to it using a Micro USB to Micro...
  20. Kirill Ch

    Chord Mojo sound quality issues and solutions

    Good day for every one! I bought Mojo one week ago. I like it but I have a question about sound quality. I would like to know whether it is my device has some issue with sound. Some background: I have a musical education and can hear some difference in sound. I use headphones Meze 99. I use my...
  21. 4

    Questyle QP1R vs Chord Mojo

    In looking for something to replace my current DAC and heard the Questyle could be used as one. Is there any lag in playback? I may use it for watching videos and playing games. How's the sound quality compared to the Mojo? Especially considering detail retrieval, texture, articulation, and...
  22. 4

    chord mojo + poly vs chord hugo 1

    i'm not asking for help, i wanna know what you would do chord mojo + poly = 1200-1300 usd chord hugo 1 = 1200-1300 usd on ebay if your lucky which one would you get? which one has better performance? WHY IS THE POLY SO EXPENSIVE?!
  23. W

    Why does my Chord Hugo 2 show up as "Mojo" in Apple System Preferences?

    Hello Everyone, I've owned my Chord Hugo 2 for a few weeks now, and am still perplexed as to this issue. My Chord Hugo 2 sounds great, but it showed up as "Mojo" in my system preferences on my late 2016 Macbook Pro. Does anyone know how this could have happened? I assume it's a problem on...
  24. WilliamLeonhart

    Rise of the mid-priced DAC/amps: Mojo/iDSD Micro/M9xx vs Others

    Disclaimer: I don't intend this post to be the ultimate "mid-price" buying guide. It will only include my very own impressions about the DAC/amp mentioned, there will be no graphs nor detailed reviews – many great head-fiers have done that before me. The idea only stemmed from my sudden...
  25. J

    Chord Mojo making noise when almost fully charged

    Long time reader, first time poster here! So I bought a Chord Mojo of Amazon (UK) last week, and I'm really impressed with the way it's driving my HD650s. The only issue I have is that just before it's finished charging it starts making a hissing/high pitched buzzing noise. I've read that...