chord mojo
  1. alxw0w

    FOUND [FT] Chord Mojo Mint warranty. For Denafrips Ares I or II

    Hello I have mint Chord Mojo for trade. Unit was bought 28-10-2019. Sop it's still on warranty. I want to trade in Mojo for Denafrips Ares I or II DAC or maybe Chord 2qute (must be in black). Of course with additional money from my side. Feel free to contact FOUND
  2. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: Chord Mojo -essentially New In Box!

    This may as well be brand new. I'm the original owner and bought it a few months ago as a more portable alternative to my Hugo 2 but never ended up taking it anywhere. It's literally been played maybe 3-4 times! Will ship free for you in the USA. Credit cards accepted with NO additional...
  3. greenmac

    FS : Hiby R3pro & Chord Mojo stack with 3D case (UK)

    I bought all items new but no longer have the boxes Hiby R3pro - great little player Chord Mojo - everybody knows the quality of this DAC and pairs nicely with R3pro 3d printed case that holds them together as one unit and cable to connect all in all a great stack looking to raise cash for...
  4. R

    Chord Mojo/Cavalli Liquid Platinum/HiFiMAN HE1000s

    Hi all, I’ve been reading with amazement the depth of knowledge and experience in these forums. As I step gingerly into the audiophile world, I have the following question: I have a Chord Mojo and a pair of HiFiMAN HE1000 (v1), connected to a Mac Mini both high-res files and now listening to...
  5. Sehsang

    Hugo Chord 2 Vs Chord Mojo

    Hello, I have read several different comparisons between the 2 dacs, but I am puzzled at some of the information that I have read. Some users claim that the Mojo offers a sound that is comparable, or even better than that of the Hugo Chord 2. I live in a rural area where there are no hi end...
  6. Rocfort

    (SOLD) IMR-RAH + CHORD MOJO with original leather cover

    I'm selling a IMR-RHA (SOLD) with all accessory in pristine condition plus a Chord Mojo perfect with the original leather cover an the original cable set. I ask for both 700 euro + shipping +PP fee. This is a perfect combo with a very musical and powerful result. I will add pics if people shows...
  7. NYanakiev

    FS: Chord Mojo&Poly Gift Box (DAC+AMP+Streamer) 6 year warranty RRP £990

    Purchased from Richer Sounds in London in July with a six year warranty; Excellent condition- barely used. Combine the award-winning Chord Mojo and Poly with all the added extras and you get the superb value Mojo/Poly Gift Pack. All the accessories you need – in the box As well as...
  8. SilverEars

    *Sold* Chord Mojo

    Selling a well working Chord Mojo. I've had it for about 2 years with no issues. Not much usage as I have various other gear I use. Price includes Paypal and shipping. Image link
  9. NawiLlih

    Seeking custom IEMs ~$1200

    TL;DR: Recommend me custom IEMs in range of 1200$/€/£ :) Long-form post: Hey all, returning to Head-Fi after a long break blowing all my student loan on Magic cards :p I had some Earsonics SM64s a couple of years ago, but sadly after ~4 years of love and daily use, the shells crumbled beyond...
  10. leaky74

    [SOLD] New Chord Mojo (Supra USB Cable and Apple CCK included)

    Pristine/as new, Chord Mojo. Bought this month (Jan 2020), used for max 10 hours. Only selling to fund a DAP for work. Will throw in a decent Supra usb cable with it.
  11. wenbinbin2010

    [SOLD] FS: Chord Mojo + Poly

    Mint condition Chord Mojo and Poly combo. Loved being able to get the legendary Chord sound in a portable, wireless setup. In the end though, I ended up liking a pure DAP instead to keep things separate from my other gadgets. Poly comes with original packaging and documentation, but the Mojo...
  12. DoctaCosmos

    Two day old chord mojo

    $350 shipped Yes that's right right its only two days old. I was ready to sell the day I bought it. Did my Christmas shopping for the kids and thought in was done and was out of town so I splurged. Wife Informed me of some things we still needed to buy online. Would take back to speaker...
  13. royneo

    FS: Topping NX4 DSD (Sabre ESS9038Q2M) - free shipping worldwide

    Selling a well-maintained Topping NX4 DSD which has been used for a total of less than 30 hours for the past 2 months. The physical condition is 9/10 with 1 light white mark on the top of the NX4 DSD as pictured. The sound quality is not affected in any way and the battery life is as good as...
  14. jawks

    SOLD [USA]: CHORD MOJO portable DAC/headphone amp

    FOR SALE: I am selling my Chord Mojo portable DAC and headphone amp in excellent condition. This was my main DAC until I recently upgraded to an iFi iDSD Pro. I am the second owner. I do not have the original USB to lightning cable. Comes with the original box and packaging. Asking $250...
  15. fpantalone

    SOLD - Chord Mojo/AQ Pearl cable - 200 euro (Spain)

    Excellent condition c/w AudioQuest Pearl cable and original box. Works perfectly. I get good battery performance. I typically get 4 hours of use. If I am using my 600 ohm DT 880 at louder volumes, it will be closer to 3 hours, and if I am using my AT-MSR7's then usually a bit more than 4 hours...
  16. ChrisIsAwesome

    Chord Mojo, mint. Australia. (SOLD)

    Hi, i am selling Mint condition chord mojo. 2 battery cycles, less than a month old. Reason for selling is that i'm moving to a DAP, and compatibility with other gear. Purchased 9/10/19 Pickup Eastern suburbs, Melbourne. Postage within Australia at buyers expense.
  17. W

    Power output of Chord Mojo on max volume

    I bought a pair of Audeze LCD-XC and I just love the thease headphones. (Previously I had an Opp PM-3). The dealer also suggested to buy a Chord Mojo, and it seems that it smoothens the sound, but not much difference compared to the MacBook. Anyway, I was happily living with both until last...
  18. royneo

    FS: iFi Nano Black Label BL (Free Worldwide shipping) - Price dropped!

    Selling a 9/10 condition iFi Nano Black Label (BL). Comes with full accessories. This was bought about 6 months ago and has been only exclusively used with my laptop. Due to this, battery life is very close to original capacity as it's been running off my laptop rather than its own battery...
  19. royneo

    FS: iFi Nano Black Label BL (Free Worldwide shipping) - Price dropped!

    Selling a 9/10 condition iFi Nano Black Label (BL). Comes with full accessories. This was bought about 6 months ago and has been only exclusively used with my laptop. Due to this, battery life is very close to original capacity as it's been running off my laptop rather than its own battery...
  20. G

    Hiby R3 volume levels / balanced output

    Hi there, Greetings, I’m a newbie to these forums and after a bit of advice if that’s ok. Have just purchased a Hiby R3, which I’m loving. Have transferred a lot of DSD and Flac files onto the SD card and I’m playing it through a Chord Mojo into my Naim amp. Sounds fabulous - in fact, some...
  21. mashuto

    SOLD: Chord Mojo+Poly

    Adding this here as well since it seems this fits in both source and amplification categories. I am selling my chord mojo and chord poly. They are both in fine working condition and excellent physical condition. I have simply moved on to other things and am not using them and would rather not...
  22. mashuto

    SOLD: Chord Mojo+Poly

    For sale is my Chord Mojo + Chord Poly. Both are in good condition, but I have just found this combo is not for me, and have since moved on to a dedicated DAP. Poly is on latest firmware. Included is the chord original hard case, plus a very very nice valentinum leather case. Photos...
  23. Daanvand

    [Sold] Chord Mojo with AudioQuest Cinnamon USB 75 CM [EU]

    Because it's always nice to try something else once in a while my Chord Mojo is up to sale. Have always used it with my laptop with the also included AudioQuest Cinnamon USB cable. Tried it portable yesterday and got 2 hours out of it before the led battery indicator went blinking. The Mojo...
  24. JohnPham

    [SOLD] FS: Chord Mojo

    Selling my Chord Mojo that is still in good condition (see pictures) for $300 (edit: price drop from $340 to $300 on 09/16/2019). Includes the Mojo itself and a USB A to dual micro-USB cable so you can charge and connect to it through one cable. Price covers for shipping anywhere in the US and...
  25. JLW654

    Chord Mojo with Case

    SOLD.... .... Thanks for looking.