1. headphone960

    Fiio E11 v. E12 for Beyerdynamic dt 880 250 ohm

    Hello I've got a Beyerdynamic dt 880 250 ohm. I got kind of cheap, and am currently running it with a Fiio e11. Works decently, I can get ample power when used through my laptop... Was wondering if it's worth the upgrade to E12 and what the benefits of that would be.
  2. lumzi23

    Need help choosing open headphones in the $200-$300 range

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a pair of heaphones to match with the O2+ODAC combo (which I will purchase in about a week). I am still a bit new to this quality   I have zero'd in on the AKG Q701's and the Beyerdynamics DT 880 Pro's.   They both seem like really great headphones from what I...
  3. Vic1ous

    Need some advice pretty fast.

    Alright, so I recently had to move my pc into the main living room where the tv/pool table is. I had my own little computer room where I used my klipsch speaker setup and was pretty happy playing games and watching movies, but all that has ended and now I have to figure out a good...
  4. Vic1ous

    Beyerdynamic DT880-PRO 250ohm questions

    Alright moved my pc in the main room and there is a lot of sound going on in here. I know the DT880's are semi-open but I was just curious how loud they would be, and if I would be able to put the headphones on and not be annoyed by the tv. And if not do you guys have any other suggestions? I do...
  5. raclimja

    thinking of upgrading from TripleFi 10 to full size headphone like DT 880 PRO 250 ohms or Philips Fidelo X1

    how does the TripleFi 10 compare to the likes of DT 880 PRO 250 ohms or Philips Fidelo X1?   is the sound quality much better?     i am also looking for any suggestion under $300     i currently use Fiio E17 as USB DAC/AMP but i might also upgrade to Audioquest DragonFly or something...
  6. qkrzazzang

    Headphones for Classical music

    Hi guys. Currently I own IE80 earphones from Sennheiser. The sound quality is amazing. However, I also want to get myself a headphones for home usage, and also for my computer sound card Essence STX. What could you recommend? Budget is $500 max.
  7. Aellius

    DT880 (250 Ohm) + Focusrite Saffire Pro 14, do I need an amp?

    Hi everyone!   I have my DT880 250 Ohm headphones plugged into my Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 Firewire soundcard and it sounds awesome right now, the volume is far more than enough for me at 40%.   Would a dedicated headphone amp make much of a difference for me? I'm sorry if this question...
  8. cakebreaker

    Schiit Vali and Beyer DT880 250

    A total noob here ;) Does anyone use Schiit Vali w/ Beyerdynamic DT880 250? I'd like to buy Vali so I can drive my DT880. If you currently have this combination can you share your thoughts/impressions? Thank you in advance.
  9. glyde71

    Which headphone amp should I get for Beyer 880 pro 250 ?

    Friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!   I have beyer's DY880 250 ohm HPs. I trying to get the best amp for it. I've researched a bit on the ones that are well reviewed.  Fostex HP-A4 (~$640), Maverick Audio D1 Plus, and some FiiOs. I've zeroed in on the Fostex's A4. Haven't checked out yet from...
  10. pb3n

    Will my Denon AVR-e300 drive a pair of beyerdynamic 880's (250 ohm)?

    I cannot find a headphone impedance specification anywhere for my AVR-e300 and was wondering if it would drive a pair of beyer 880 250 ohms.    
  11. danlee0502

    Looking for something like DT880s Punchy Bass cousin. DT770? (any owners?)

    Background Story I Got my DT880/250ohm about a month ago and initially found it to trebly and weak in the bass. After burn-in I like it more and more everyday. I mainly use this to mix in the studio but also to listen to music at home more recently so I can burn them in more.    I've been...
  12. exSpire

    Aune T1 or Audinst HUD-mx2; also DT880, Q701 or Fidelio X1?

    Yeah, best title. Hi, everyone. I'm contemplating between those in the title.   DAC\Amp: This will be my first DAC\Amp. I've read good things about both. I'm leaning towards the Aune T1 because of the modularity of the tubes and the fact that I can just upgrade the Amp in the future and still...
  13. pb3n

    Will my Denon AVR-e300 drive a pair of beyerdynamic 880's (250 ohm)?

    I cannot find a headphone impedance specification anywhere for my AVR-e300 and was wondering if it would drive a pair of beyer 880 250 ohms.  
  14. GaryWA

    Worth it for me to upgrade?

    So I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm talking about, and just ask whether or not it'll be a worthwhile upgrade from an E10 to a MX-1 or even the new Geek Pulse.   I have DT 880 Pro's, M50's and Emotiva Airmotiv 4's. I know, they aren't super high end, but I will probably upgrade in the...
  15. Leeown

    Beyerdynamic DT 880, 250 ohm or 600 ohm.

    Hello Head-Fi!   I decided to buy the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Cans. I will be using them for my PC. The soundcard I have is the Asus Xonar Xense. I have been searching alot on the internet for answers on this, and with the things I've read it should drive 600ohm just fine. But I need some...
  16. Nostrom

    Proper amplification for 250ohm DT880?

    Hi guys.   Here's the deal. I bought a pair of Beyerdynamic DT880's about 6 months ago and I've not used them in about 4 months. I was looking for a pair of headphones that would allow me to hear the full spectrum of my music but at the same time be able to play loud without distortion. Now...
  17. Abovetheair

    Pairing w/ DT880's (250ohm)

    Hello,   Looking to pair my DT880's with a DAC for around $100. I am thinking of getting a tube amp to go with it. What would be my best option, the Schiit Modi?   Amps: Bottlehead Crack Schiit Vahalla
  18. Dont say beats

    Dt880(250ohm) Dac/amp

    I have a pair of 250ohm dt880s and am looking for a new amp DAC. I've been using a fiio e10 which is working pretty well. But I tried my friends modi/magni and its noticeably a lot better than the fiio e10. I see people talking about the new vali and the o2/odac is also an option. Looking for...
  19. Marmeldjuke

    Ordered Beyer DT-880 Pro 250ohm. Is my X-Fi Titanium PCI-E (non HD) up to the task?

    1994 or so I bought my Sony MDR-CD570 that carried most of my headphone experience up to this day. What I liked most with these were the comfort. For hours upon hours I could listen without any fatigue on my ears or head. The sound quality was fair and today they have become unbalanced with...
  20. DR650SE

    Need amp suggestions for 5.5G iMod. Curent amp = E17

    I just recently got my iMod back.  I was speaking with Vinnie of Red Wine Audio and he stated he wasn't a fan of Fiio amps, and suggested I looked into the Ray Samuels Audio amps.  But I also wanted to get some opinions here before I do anything.   I purchased the E17 not too long ago.  Got it...
  21. Groznyjgrad

    Best headphones for Classical music?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pair of headphones to use with primarily classical music. The biggest thing I'm looking for is DETAIL. I want to be able to hear the bow sliding across the cello strings. I prefer a more neutral presentation with an airy top end, but I'm not too set on bass...
  22. zxc00

    Best headphones for film scores/jazz/ambient/classical?

    I listen to a lot of these genres and was wondering what my best bet would be. I have a budget of around $350 give or take. I'm considering the Sennheiser HD 600, HD 598, HD 650, Beyerdynamic DT880 (250 or 600), Audio Technica ATH-AD900, HiFiman HE-300 or the Sennheiser HD 650 if Amazon puts...
  23. BassLoverDK

    Dubstep/Strong Bass On Ear Headset.

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a Dubstep/Hardstyle/Strong Bass on ear headset. I've been looking at Denon AH-D340, and brands like Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Sony, Ultrasone or other Denon headsets. My budget is 160€ (1200 Kr.) - 270€ (2000 Kr.) Hope you guys find me something good!;) (Ps. I'm...
  24. Kilroy

    Need help and information about buying the DT 700 pro 250ohm

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying the dt 770 pro 250ohm headphones hearing they are great for studio use and such. I will be getting them for at home everyday use for movies music and such and I don't know if they would be good for these things. I am coming from the  sennheiser pc 330's  and I need...
  25. xavier911

    Recommendations (using ASUS Xonar ST)

    Yo everybody, I've spent the last few weeks reading hundreds of threads and countless opinions to find a good replacement for my PC360s (they have some problems that are driving me nuts). Firstly, my budget is €200 (I can exceed it, not by too much though) and, as I've written in the title...